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According to André Barbault 2020 is the year of the fall of humanity (Traditional Editions: L’astrologue 92, page 39).

“At the heart of this configuration, the dissonant Saturn-Plutonic tendency is more in affinity with dull and heavy values of fall and abyss, or with a lifting of an obscure force of a destructive nature, and where man, seized by a frisson of denial with all its haunts, degrades himself, regresses and sinks into darkness. Another way of being affected with degradation of the heritage of humanity.”

Are we in the dark zone of humanity? Well, I see that Barbault was right with his previsions. It is very obvious that we are living in a period of degradation of the heritage of humanity, perhaps the darkest of this century. Consequently, let’s go; let’s look for the light!

For me this research started with a lunar eclipse on June 5th, 2020, when my natal lunar position was “hit”. Now, in the last quarter of this year 2020, I have asked myself the following questions: What’s going on with us? Why we have so much fake news and finally what’s the point of the “Media”? I realized that we are really in a huge, a thick fog searching for the truth.

Astrologically, the Main Stream Media (MSM) is analogous with the planet Neptune and the axis 3/9 or Gemini/ Sagittarius. Seeking understanding and logical thinking in the media, let’s try to find reasonable explanations about their purpose.

So, maybe mainstream media exists in order to inform, to have a fun, to learn something, or to create a conventional or unique opinion, make influence, maybe to control us, to divide us, to poison us with false information, to indoctrinate us or contrary to all – tell us the truth?

In the United States, the highest paid bosses do not work in Wall Street banks, but in media companies. This is a constant in the American business world. According to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, average compensation of the bosses of the companies making up the S&P Index of the media and communication sector (which includes Facebook, Disney and AT&T) was $22.6 million. This is more than any other sector, and twice as much as the average for all S&P 500 executives, which was $12.4 million. If you want to know the quality of information just inform yourself who owns the media companies.

Is everything about the money?

Money can explain why the MSM exist, but also for control of the masses too: who controls the opinion of the mass, controls the mass, millions of people, billions of them!

The MSM did not exist previously in the form it exists today, but we’ve already known that. In human history there were so many instruments for controlling the opinion of the masses, to speak, to wright, to express, always and always together with censorship. Just remind yourself about the ancient time of astrology when astrologers were persecuted and censored. The aim was always to destroy anything that threatened the control of the human beings, the masses.

Are we living in the “Matrix” today? I think, yes, we are! For sure the Media makes people live in their dreams. The media tells you what to buy, what to wear, what to eat, what music to listen to, what movies to watch, who to love, who to hate, who to condemn, etc. Whatever the ones who possess media want; he can reach it very easily because they can influence the mass. It’s called marketing, but we could say its social engineering as well.

Finally, the MSM tells you what to think and what to believe. So, say goodbye to critical thinking. I will repeat it: In astrology, the planet that runs the Media, either the MSM or alternative, is Neptune. He represents mass, invisible mass and invisible connections. Also, in mundane astrology, if there are aspects with other slow planets, as it happens this year 2020 with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, this may indicate changes or important forwards, steps in the media field. However, one must keep in mind that good aspects between the malefic in mundane astrology can bring the expressions of the bad sides of the planets, which depends on the state of the collective consciousness. At an individual level, it is good time to work astrologically on one’s Neptune, on his insights in order to understand its messages.

I don’t think astrologers should be in MSM games and manipulations even in Alternative media’s manipulations. I strongly believe that as astrologers we should look above and beyond out of the boundaries from this Main Stream Framework. If we do not, we won’t help our clients and students to think freely and rationally, but we will feed the same matrix created by those who try to hold all of us in “boxes”.

The Lunar Node Axis (true)- Gemini / Sagittarius (May, 5th 2020 -January, 18th, 2022)

The major subject about this important transit of the Lunar Node Axis is between the world of information, logic, openness, and curiosity from one side and our beliefs, knowledge, ethics and convictions from another side. It’s very important to observe what’s happening with this axis and especially with their planet rulership’s Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury is the fast one, intelligent and curious and changes signs very quickly (without forgetting its retrograde motions). While Jupiter is slower and actually (2020) in the sign of his fall in Capricorn, so we can say very week Jupiter where all hopes felt down, especially in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. The situation will change on collective level when Jupiter change its sign, when he enters in Aquarius which means the opening of new possibilities in the realization of personal freedom and new visions as a preliminary condition on the path toward individuation. For sure, in these uncertain and turbulent times, it is very important to be well informed in order to make the right decisions and take the right actions. With a lack of good information, it is very easy to be guided by false beliefs, be misinformed, manipulated by one’s own convictions, or even one’s knowledge. And this is exactly what the astrological configuration indicates, Neptune in Pisces squaring Axis of the lunar nodes Gemini / Sagittarius.

So, where is the TRUTH?

From September 2020 to March 2021 Neptune in transit will be in T – square with the axis of Lunar Nodes and in January 26th, 2021 this square will be exact, only 6 days after Inauguration day in the USA!

Let’s see the chart of this configuration.

In this chart the ruler of North Moon’s node in Gemini, Mercury will be at 25°04’ Aquarius in large trine with North node itself which probably means that some information can bring the shocking news and liberate something from this Uranian field. There is a contact with Pluto at 25°02’ Capricorn in aspect of semi sextile: maybe we will have some very heavy information which transform a lot of things without possibility to go back or to avoid it. From the other side we have Jupiter the ruler of South node at 08°47’ Aquarius too and in conjunction to Sun 06°53’ and Saturn 04°38’ in Aquarius and in square to Uranus 06°47’ and Mars 09°43’ in Taurus. Very strong square in fixed signs. This might be a fight for the truth or to free from false believes strongly structured in our lives. It looks like a “collective burn-out”. But don’t forget that Mercury is the fast one, intelligent and curious and it changes sign very quickly (without forgetting its retrograde motions), while Jupiter is slower.

And then with Jupiter in Pisces the expansion of the new horizons of spiritual awakening and finding the inner faith in order to connect to oneself and to everything.

Free your mind and search the truth by YOURSELF! This is the world of Mercury (especially in Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo)

As astrologers, we should turn on our critical thinking more than any other. This involves: analysis, research, listening, explanation, flexibility, fairness, objectivity, and evaluation.

Take care of your Critical and Independent Thinking.


Jelena Lemot Astrologer ISAR CAP GD ISAR for France


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