Jelena Lemot – Saturn in Aquarius in the spring of 2020


In spring 2020, the path of individuation becomes lighter for the collective (Sun in sextile to Saturn), just two days after the spring equinox, day of balance between darkness and light, between Yin and Yang, Moon and Sun.

As Saturn loves balance (exaltation in Libra) he reminds us of the importance of seeking at the same time harmony of inner (Moon) and outer (Sun) balance. It is very symbolic of the sign of Aquarius, which is androgynous. It is a question of integration and coherence between freedom and responsibility because to free oneself from the Capricorn system of control, the previous sign, self-responsibility is a must!

The next few years with Saturn in Aquarius are not very promising for those who prefer to leave the there’s responsibilities in the hands of others. 

Saturn is a planet in analogy with social life, he is the architect of human civilization, the master of incarnation, the provider of many important messages and significant lessons always best to listen to. In addition, it brings energy of challenge, of task, always oriented towards maturity. 

With Saturn, nothing is easy, and although it is a gaseous planet it is heavy in its astrological symbolism: one does not make jokes with Saturn. It represents rectitude, stability, objectivity, structure and discipline. It is the master of time, of limits, known since ancient times as the “Chronocrateur”. 

Saturn represents the cycle of integration of structure, the aging process, taking responsibility, practicing discipline, endurance and experience of effort. It is the planet of crystallization, realities and truth. But it can also bring obstacles, suffering and fear if we do not listen to its messages: of reality, discipline and perseverance. 

This year 2020 is the number 4 (four) in numerology, which means the cross, the incarnation, which are in analogy with Saturn. On the other hand, astrologically, Saturn dominates this year because he is the dispositor of the great triple conjunctions between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

The differences between Saturn in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius 

As we know, it takes about 29 years ½ for Saturn to go around the zodiac. For the last 2.5 years or so, it was in Capricorn (December 21, 2017 to March 22, 2020) on its territory and this will continue in Aquarius until March 8, 2023, with a period of retrograde movement. He will therefore travel through his “territory” in about 5 years and 6 months. 

Then we should understand the difference between this position in its two signs. It is not the same Saturn! 

Saturn in Capricorn represents: 

Responsibility for others and outside world, control, fears, panic, pessimism, discipline, strategy, rigidity, realism, effort, rewards, ambitions, structure, stability, construction, self-respect, integrity, endurance, persistence, tenacity, resolution, visible power, order, obligation, impose oneself, etc. 

Here are some affirmative sentences from Saturn in Capricorn: 

“I must manifest my authority” 

“I commit myself to reach this goal” 

“I take my place as a leader” 

“I assume this position” 

“I prepare my strategy”.

“I control my emotions and my fears””

 “I am very patient and I take my time”

Invisible zone in Aquarius 

Saturn in Aquarius enters into the invisible zone of URANUS, it is the zone of his father and in the sign of Aquarius it is the quest of individuation. It is a very important period of life colored by the differentiation (from the father), which is very important to find oneself and to walk towards the next sign of Pisces, towards forgiveness and towards the universal love where Venus or Aphrodite the daughter of URANUS is exalted. 

For the sign Aquarius, differentiation is the key word, the differentiation of the mass, the system, the group, the friends, the family, the belief system, false structure, etc.

Saturn in Aquarius represents: responsibility towards oneself and one’s freedom, also the coldness, the distance from the system, from the family. Very often this represents the loneliness and silence but in order to find oneself, to be more in authenticity. It represents social intelligence, human science, the system at the service of humanity, the system of sharing and solidarity.

His first ingress into Aquarius on March 22, 2020 is very powerful, as the Ascendant is in Aquarius. Saturn is the Master of the chart and in square to his Ruler, Uranus in Taurus. Very strong symbol of change, revolution, repression, economic crisis (Uranus in Taurus), of conflict within neo-liberal capitalism, and situations of shock that can invite us into a great awareness or collective awakening.

The special tests of Saturn in 2020

At the global level, we might say that Saturn prepares, verifies, clears, tests the ground for its Great Conjunction with Jupiter and this “Mutation Trigonalis” in the Air element, especially with its retrograde movement from May 12 to September 30 and its return to the last degrees of Capricorn from July 1 to December 17, 2020. Symbolically, it will prepare the atmosphere and stabilize the new, more human and progressive constructions without the heavy past of Capricorn. 

With this change of sign, from Capricorn to Aquarius, it is a great opportunity to become more conscious in order to free us from any form of absolutism and outside control, from the fruitless compromises, from the dependency of a system which has no values and which does not preserve long-term life on the Earth. At the global level Saturn in Aquarius may herald a leveling of bureaucratic structures that may be very upset and stunned and in changing, especially if they are dehumanized and very rigid, which comes from the previous sign – Capricorn.

The Saturnian system of Aquarius where “one-size-fits-all” will no longer exist, where authenticity becomes the major concern, where human qualities win over the quantity of conventional opinions, where new structures of innovation, progress, equality, pioneering and discovering new horizons (especially with Jupiter in Aquarius) take on their functionality and importance.

But we shouldn’t overlook that Saturn is testing us right now (in 2020)!

A brief summary of the messages of Saturn in Aquarius 

Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 and in the next 2.5 years shows us that we have reached the edge of the abyss, it is time to learn to accept our vulnerability in times of doubt and to look for the most reasonable and humane solutions. After that, our society as a whole might be profoundly transformed and ready for a new, more humane period announced by the first Great Conjunction of the Jupiter/Saturn and the mutation into the Air element. 

For some people, it will be the Saturn return, first, second or third, which is very important for the construction or reconstruction of an individual on a very personal level. 

“I look myself in the eyes, I assume, I love myself, I free myself from all forms of judgment: from you, from others, from me, I create my new projects where I express my authenticity, I find my place on Earth for Earth”. 

For some it will be the call to the quest for individuation, outside of the Capricorn control system. 

We also have a very strong message with the Corona virus or Covid-19 (invisible one- Neptune) which has connected people all over the planet in analogy with the 7th chakra – the “Coronal” chakra, the heart of our consciousness which makes the connection with everything and everyone, the universe, the totality, chakra on which Saturn reigns. 

And finally, what are the most important integrations and constructions with Saturn in Aquarius and here are some affirmative sentences: 

“I understand that my freedom is first of all my responsibility”

“I accept the responsibility to live in freedom and in my place in this world and to change, exchange and share with it” 

“I create my system, my rules, my structures” 

“I take my time” 

“I will do what I want, when I want, where I want and with whom I want” 

“I don’t care what others think of me”

“When I am authentic, everything is fine, that is to say I know that with my responsibility towards myself and with my path of individuation I find myself in the cosmic order” 

“I give my contribution, small but very important” 


” Yelena “Jelena Lemot ISAR CAP professional astrologer ISAR GD for France


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