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What it means “coaching by the Sky”? Simply, it means to be coached by Astrology, we also call it AstroCoaching. This practice is very current in the Anglo-Saxon world, and is becoming more and more widespread in the French-speaking world. AstroCoaching corresponds to 21st century Astrology: a more accurate look that can shed light on its deep meaning and show her true place.

But why create this mixture between Astrology and Coaching?

In reality there is no mixture, it is the same thing: the deep meaning of Astrology is to coach, to accompany people. In the same way, the Sky that accompanies us is the reflection of who we are at a given moment. 

Thus, I believe that everyone has already had this experience. Somehow, we’re all some kind of coach, we’ve all coached someone before. This probably corresponds to an innate need in human nature, a natural need to help others. 

There are many coaching techniques for each area of life, especially in personal and professional development. 

So perhaps that, we astrologers, have finally found a true form of astrological practice that simply meets the needs of the 21st century Collective, which has no clear direction and is in search of meaning in life. 

To be accompanied by the Sky means to be on our quest already known to the world of Antiquity, to the Greeks, creators of Western Astrology: ” know yourself and you will know the world”.

The etymological and mythological meaning

To better understand, it is always good to start with the etymology of words. 

The term “astrology” comes from the Greek “astron” and “logos” which means the science of the stars or the discourse on the stars. 

On the other hand, it is very surprising that the term “coacher” does not come from the English language, widely used in the world, but from the French language “cocher”. 

More precisely, this term comes from the Hungarian “Kocsis” which means a rider who leads his horse. The coachman is the one who drives passengers from point “A” to point “B”, he does not choose his passengers or their destination. 

It is therefore the “travelers” (clients) who choose their coach: the driver who will help them reach the “destination” they have wished for. 

In the etymology of the word “Coach”, we find an analogy with the astrological sign of Sagittarius: the one who targets an objective (point B) or “the destination” which is man’s journey towards himself. That is to say, the philosophy of coaching is analogous to Jupiter, the guide. 

There is also a link between the sign of Sagittarius and the Centaur Chiron, the first Astrologer in Greek mythology. 

Astrology shows us that all things in life have a symbolism, a representation linked to its celestial language. 

Astrology itself has a symbolism represented by the sign of Aquarius: the image of man who spills the water of knowledge for all those who are “thirsty”. It is the image of a friend or an Astrologer, of someone who helps. 

In Babylonian astrology, Aquarius is represented by an Angel, in other words, the man with wings, a strange being of the human race. This is perhaps why people born in this sign are very often characterized as different beings, from elsewhere. 

The planet that represents Astrology, the invisible domains and the implicit world, is behind the limits imposed by the god of Time Chronos or Saturn as well as behind the fears and prohibitions expressed by Uranus. 

The sign of Aquarius represents the path of individuation, liberation and awakening. 

Who, better than a wise astrologer, can guide people wisely into this “invisible area”?

Greek mythology tells us about Chiron, the Centaur in the image of Sagittarius, who represents the archetype of all knowledge. 

Chiron was accidentally flesh-wounded by Heracles with a poisoned Hydra’s arrow, and his left knee injury caused him pain. This wound could only heal if Chiron became mortal, that is, when he would be able to let go of his role as an immortal, his position, his ego.  

Zeus (Jupiter) helped him by replacing him with Prometheus! The latter had been condemned to suffer his act of stealing the fire (Light) from the Gods for men: Zeus had promised to deliver Prometheus from his ordeal on the condition that an immortal agrees to “die” for him. It was Chiron who decided to let go of his pain, which was greater than the desire to remain immortal (to leave his position, to abandon his ego).  

This wisdom is well represented with the image of Chiron, the first Scientist, the first Astrologer. His example shows us the way to this wisdom.

Integration before interpretation

I think a good AstroCoach is one that integrates the following 3 pillars into his/her own birth chart:

– Symbolically represented by the path to SELF (Sun sign).

– Represented in the physical body – ME (Rising sign). 

– Guided by the little inner Light – I (Moon sign).

Astrological interpretation is the most important and perhaps the most difficult, because it is not only constituted by rationalist knowledge: Left brain -Yang (Sun), but also depends on creative, intuitive and imaginative quality: Right brain – Yin (Moon).  

This balance is found in the symbolism of the sign Aquarius in its Androgynous nature. We know that the Sun is in exile in Aquarius where man is furthest from his glorification and radiance of Self. Thus, the Aquarian Moon easily detaches itself from its emotions if necessary. 

I think the most difficult thing is to find this inner balance between Yin and Yang, that’s what an AstroCoach must develop in himself/herself. This requires a lot of work on oneself, the first step being, working the process of individuation. Then he/she must integrate the symbolism of Aquarius and the planets that govern it. So before helping others, an AstroCoach must know how to help oneself (Chiron). For this, he/she has to pass a test and cross a road from his/her ego (Saturn) to the Astrologer’s wisdom (Uranus). This, in analogy to Chiron (the planetoid Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus), is what we call “integrating Uranus, Saturn and Chiron” from one’s own birth chart.

5 senses of interpretation – 5 forms of coaching by the Sky

As the sky is in constant motion, each astral birth chart is in motion, unfolding and development and each moment is an opportunity for change. An AstroCoach must live up to this understanding in order to know how to guide others. It is also the great working plan for each human being, for everyone. Ultimately, human consciousness is what makes, knowing and understanding oneself, possible. 

Overall, in Astrology or AstroCoaching, there are 5 senses of interpretation – 5 forms of accompaniment by the Sky: 

1) Deeply philosophical and spiritual (understanding your journey, your personal development and finding meaning) 

2) Psycho – emotional (understanding one’s unconscious mechanisms) 

3) Relational (understanding others)

4) Forecast (understanding the possible futures, the possible consequences in order to plan one’s actions now and to inform) 

5) Mundane events (understanding what is happening at the level of the collective, the world, of the whole, from which we are not separated)

An AstroCoach researches for his/her clients

An AstroCoach provides the possible solutions to the analyzed problem, and motivates the coached client towards concrete actions, allowing him to obtain the desired goal, thanks to his mastery of Astrological techniques and coaching techniques. 

With a good astrological analysis, an Astrologer can easily find where the problems are hidden, and above all he/she must find remedies, solutions for his/her client. That is to say that, if one can find the problems, the unconscious undesirable mechanisms in a birth chart, one can also find the possible solutions for one’s client. Then motivate him/her to enter in action towards his/her path and accompany him/her with Heaven’s messages. 

The aim of Coaching using Astrology is to find the solution (the cure), to enlighten and accompany the client on the road of his/her life by using the many astrological techniques adapted to his/her needs. Here, there is no better technique overall, there is only a better approach for the client. 

Look and find in your client’s birth chart expressions, sacred messages from the world of archetypes. Because behind each problem, at least one solution can be found, and behind each solution, at least one action awaits.


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