Jelena Lemot – Astrology applied in a group workshop


Each person’s natal chart is the labyrinth of his or her unconscious patterns and, fortunately, the treasure of his or her solutions. The astrologer is there to offer keys, the client will take them if he or she is willing, in order to search for his or her own treasure, to discover it and to make it known. But can we use the dynamics and energy of the group to accelerate this process?

Jelena believes that astrology is a quantum discipline and that, as we are multidimensional and interconnected beings, our charts are also of this type. In her astrological practice, she experiments with this idea by working with small groups using the phenomena of the group’s unconscious and its own dynamics that accelerate the process of finding solutions and of letting go.

In this presentation, Jelena will explain her concept created in 2015 called “Astro-Coaching 3D®”. This concept is based on the process of group dynamics and the person’s experience with their natal chart presented in a playful way. Only after the person has expressed his or her own feelings about his or her natal chart does the astrological interpretation take place.  By giving the native the opportunity to express what he or she feels in the astrological context, it can be proven that astrology works.

You are invited to discover the basis of the concept of group astrology coaching proposed by Jelena Lemot.

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