Isabel Guimaraes – The life of Nikola Tesla in the light of astrology


Along these issues we intend to take the life of Nikola Tesla in a link to the astrological patterns in order to invite the reader to immerse myself in this ancient language that helps us to identify patterns and find life cycles that help us understand how to connect with all.

This article is about the last times of your life, with various literatures I was finding in the polls that I performed and prediction techniques that I mentioned in the previous article to take the reader to a correlation with astrology.

I begin by concentrating on the controversy that was created at the time of the inauguration of the plant being one of the chapters of the “war of currents”, with the dispute that dragged on for years between Tesla and Edison-who didn’t believe in alternating current and was campaigning against the same.

Due the controversy, the two inventors had a friendly rivalry, says Seifer. “Contrary to what many people think, they weren’t enemies. They exchanged letters for years “. Confirmed also by Bernard Carlson, professor of history of technology at the University of Virginia and author of Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age (Tesla: Inventor of the age of Electricity, in free translation).

So, we can check through the Astrology if there was some tension in support the fame that has been developing over the years that both had this rivalry, searched the data in Thomas Edison’s Astrodatabank and use the techniques of comparison between maps, with the technique of Synastry and Composite map.

Nikola Tesla (left) and Thomas Edison (right)

In a map of Synastry, let’s look at what are the contacts that exist between the planets of Nikola and Thomas. It’s like the planets of a were chatting with each other. Sometimes, even if there are some difficult contacts, certain interactions that generate a lot of harmony can ease those tense aspects, creating greater tolerance between two people.

As I’m checking two beings with great popularity at the time, and as history shows us two rivals, will observe the Sun/Moon, identity/popularity, Mars in the conflicts, disputes and even initiatives that may indicate good relationship, and the Venus by the side of the money and valorisation of work that each invested.

The Sun of Nikola makes no aspect with the Sun of Thomas, and the other connects as the Trine to Mars are favourable interaction in their initiatives. If we put the Sun of Nikola on a map of Thomas although no aspect terms, the area of life that influence is the home of the depth of the plutonic waters, bringing a profound transformation to Thomas, forced to review their investments. However, if we put on the contrary, the career and the popularity of Nikola was very “illuminated” by Thomas allowing the same give more energy and vitality to your work.

The tension that exists in Synastry is among the moons, but that can be parsed as the challenge that cared at the time, in terms of popularity that each enjoyed. Let’s take a look at:

Moon in Pisces set the Neptune in the area of life X and the Moon in Sagittarius Mars set in the area of life II Thomas, help to conclude that he had more need to create conflicts and attacks on reputation of Nikola that, since Tesla like living in is world, in connection with the great dream I had and that you can support with this astrological connection. However, the quadrature created can always lead to an illusion of bringing to the public the idea that were rivals “fierce”.

The Venus of Nikola is very well connected to the Thomas, however, not always in the good links can bring Sinastrias the expected results. Sometimes we make on trust we earn with each other and are not on alert. Here, we can say that the Venus of Thomas makes many adjustments to the map of Tesla, however, it seems that both enjoyed the popularity created in order to have even more visibility.

Looking at the map, the midpoint of the shortest arc joining each point on the map, and cusp angle within the inner two base maps becomes the position of that point in the new map.

The main reason for the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla was the patent applications of direct current and alternating current, which would change the way electricity was used. The registration already belonged to Edison and it was applied in the scientist’s inventions. Tesla already patented your discovery of alternating current to use it on machines that had already invented yet in Paris, as the turbine that earned your name, induction motor and high voltage transformer. Check on the map the connection with the occupation of the area of life III, with connection to the sign of Taurus, where Venus is domiciled and, in the FC,, the roots of your relationship.

The strength of Mars at the MC, domiciled in Scorpio, indicates the initiative and individuality of each action, and may lead to conflicts in the way each exposed their inventions, with the modern conductor in area III. However, the dream was to both, leading often to confusion and misunderstandings that would both boost each, structuring your way to expand his inventions. The “Conflicts” is notorious, but I believe in order to create a greater purpose. I might even say that the relationship between the two, at most, as “business rivalry.”

It is very complex to point one of the two as more important than the other. Edison’s inventions have changed the daily life of the human being at the turn of the 19th century to the 20th, while Tesla is responsible for a revolution in the way we use energy.

The story mentions that Tesla had no girlfriends, never married or had children, but gathered a legion of friends with whom he exchanged letters, including Katherine Johnson, wife of writer Robert Underwood Johnson, and Corinne Roosevelt, sister of President Roosevelt.

In 1901, Tesla starts the your most ambitious project, which never managed to accomplish. With a $ $150,000 loan from Banker John Pierpont Morgan, bought a large plot of land on Long Island, built a laboratory and erected a tower, called Wardenclyffe.

The inventor died on 7 January 1943, in suite 3327 of the hotel New Yorker, USA, in 33 floor, he had questions about the number 3 and its multiple. Poor spent the last years of living in the suite of the hotel thanks to Westinghouse. “He had made a fortune from Tesla patents, who threatened to sue him if he didn’t help him.”

The pain of Tesla in your loneliness is felt by the activation of your Natal Saturn, at the time of your death in the area of house XII in is life. The wound felt by Kiron binding the Mercury leads to Uranus, where is activated by the Moon in Taurus on a map highlighting his inventions and progressed leaving a valuable legacy to humanity. The nodes are enabled by the regency of Mars in Sagittarius form a conjunction between them and increasing weakness of your vitality, showing your weakness and at the same time the fulfilment of the purpose of your life.

Pluto on the day of your death activates the conjunction in Thomas Sun/Venus in crab, showing in conjunction to your Pluto progressed in Thomas, where the regent Venus turns to the Kiron, the transmutation is visible and in the match of his dimension. The regent of Moon the natural planet of the Sun and this setting activates the XII life area, and connects to the house IX in Aquarium bringing the link to Juno and mercury leaving your legacy for humanity.

The technique of the Solar Arch is the activation of the Yod, the Finger of God, by the planet Mars in Capricorn connected to is South Node, Moon and Uranus, the exact degree 18, renounce the past to enter a new phase in life, which is directed to Neptune in the MC.

Much to write about this map which turns out to not be a death of life, but the physical body of Tesla, keeping the activation in is map in how it works in still very much alive in the year we live.

In your honour, in the year 1960 in October, created the “Tesla”, a unit of the International System for measuring magnetic flux density or magnetic induction (commonly known as the magnetic field “B”). The crater Tesla on the far side of the Moon and the minor planet 2244 Tesla are also named in your honour.

When looking at the map of this height, it activated the Saturn in crab, as well as Mars giving initiative and the force structure to work legacy for Tesla. The South Node in Pisces activates the conjunctions between Thomas Moon/Neptune, rescuing the past of a remarkable popularity and well-deserved. The ruler of the MC activates the life area VI the work of Tesla at the service of others, and the conjunction of Venus/Mercury in Scorpio reveal your appreciation and depth.

A work of great pleasure that allows each astrologer can develop the life and work of a public figure in order to connect to justifying and made more credible Astrology astrological analysis.



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