Isabel Guimarães – Medical Astrology as a means of preventive diagnosis (part I)


These articles are part of the Professional Astrology Training Course continuous training of Faces Isabel Guimarães. This is an Astrology school that I maintain with the DGERT certification since 2015 and the ISAR certification since 2018. This is in keeping with high training standards and rigour, which attributes credibility and structure to whom intends to follow this professional path.

Medical Astrology has always been the area that has fascinated me the most. For the last several years I have been taking certified professional training courses in order to understand an universe of multiple causes to certain effects. I’m always trying to research what causes specific pathologies and in what way Astrology may help in looking at the art of interpreting its symbology and being able to give a preventive diagnosis.

With an extended training in Psychosomatics, Multifocal Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Systemic Constellations, a master’s in Complementary Medicine, Naturopathy and Alternative Therapies, the last concluded in the end of 2018. These were the keys that enable me to go deeper into one of the oldest specialities in Astrology, which take us to an Ancient wisdom, too precious to be banal. As it is well known, nothing can be invented in Astrology, which is not properly investigated, tested and statistically proven. So, in this research I tried to respect our ancestors and pass this knowledge to you, the reader.

I bring to you in this issue, the lifting of the veil, just because we are astrologers with knowledge in Medical Astrology. Furthermore, I would like to take the opportunity to bring to you a reflection on the several areas that tend to be associated to Astrology, which are nothing more than marketing strategies. So, dear reader, please investigate, research the grounds for the names given to Astrology, being this properly studied and statistically proven practice. Do not fall for trends or for an area that sells a lot all over the world.

Part 1 – Fundamentals of Medical astrology – History and its founders

Astrology and human body go back to ancient times, when infirmities were a constant and there were no medicines in those days. Plants were the existing remedies, used with a planetary connection. Let us briefly talk about the History of Astrology, its connection to the human body and its creators.

Most certainly, the most important work on Astrology was written during the first half of the second century A.D., by the Greek philosopher Ptolemy. It is an immense compilation of several works from previous centuries, divided in two parts: the Almagest and the Tetrabiblos. The Almagest deals with astronomy and the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the planets, whereas the Tetrabiblosdeals with the astrological interpretations of such movements.

As many ancient works on Astrology were destroyed in the terrible fire in the Great Library of Alexandria, books became the most complete record of ancient Astronomy and Astrology.

Astrology always played an important role in the ancient and traditional systems of medicine all around the world, and the Greek-Arabic medicine was not an exception.

Since the current perception of the universe is ruled by “rational” principles, that is, we tend to see the world surrounding us in terms, such as “what really exists”, a rational way of trying to determine all information about the disease; the Ancient planets and star observations may seem a little odd to some of us. But the ancient way people used to look at the world and see it was different from the one used today. They understood and perceived the world around them as a reality, meaning, as they experienced it, both objective and subjectively. The ancients did not have problems in accepting the correlations between themselves and their own experiences; and the big cosmic clock of planetary cycles. To them, using Astrology to predict later development of diseases was not unusual.

There are many things, which can be argued in favour or against, both the modern view and the ancient world viewpoints. To consider our ancestors as a bunch of primitive idiots and ourselves as profoundly enlightened would be a terrible mistake. There are certainly many things in our modern “rational” and “scientific” perception that ancient people would find rather “irrational”, because they blatantly contradict thier personal everyday experience.

Let us now look at the principles and the practice of Medical Astrology.

Please note that this in only a generic and basic view. Astrology is a deep and complex subject, who demands for a great amount of study and knowledge; this article is part of the continuous Astrology training of the school Faces Isabel Guimarães.

The main function of Medical Astrology is to provide indications on the cosmic influence on an existing disease, weather if it is susceptible of bringing advantage or disadvantage to the patient, in terms of:

Probable severity of that specific illness;

Probable duration of the illness;

Probable result of the illness in the end;

And additional means, which may be applied by a doctor to counter the advance of the disease, thus, facilitating the restoration of the patient’s health.

Medical Astrology has been around thousands of years ago and is an essential piece of medicine. Despite culture perspectives having changed over the years, the reality of cosmic influences over the natural has remained unchanged. Today we listen to time predicters, who use careful observations and complex mathematical models to give us a prediction, which will help us to plan our lives, and that keep us from being caught by surprise in potential harmful illnesses, or even so life threatening situations. We tend to forget that climate patterns are because of, and mostly due to cosmic influences.

In the past, the focus was a much broader framework, both the “planets” influence and the meaning of the position of the Earth relatively to the Universe. However, despite todays popular belief that our ancestors thought planets and stars firmly controlled their lives, or caused diseases, that was never really the case. They wanted the same way we want, to know the influences they could deal with, so that they could plan and adapt their lives accordingly. Needless is to say, that the fact that Astrology is not currently viewed as a “politically correct” scientific matter makes it not to be an undisputed truth or a nonsense.

The accumulated knowledge from thousands of years “based on evidence” must certainly bear some weight. All in all it falls to all of us to decide what moves us the most: a truly open mind or a strong need to “fit in” to the standards and norms of society as perceived.

Important Names to Know:

Giorgio Piccardi (m. 1972), lead researcher in the Institute of Physical Chemistry the European University in Florence, where he dedicated several years of study to the interface and surface phenomena and their applications to the biological field.

Nick Kollerstrom, has a B.A. in the natural sciences from Cambridge University. He conducted excellent studies on the relation and behaviours of plants and metals accordingly to stars’ movements and nature.

Frank McGillion, gained his doctorate from the University of Glasgow, in Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology with a post-doctorate from the University of Oxford. He is an eclectic and controversial researcher in the fields of Medicine History and ancient wisdom.

In Medical Astrology, that flourished in the seventeenth century some well-known exponents include Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) and Richard Saunders (1613-1675). The latter two names will be the work base of this research.

In the next articles, the study will be as followed in these tables:

Português English
Anatomia fisiológica Physiological anatomy
Medicina convencional Conventional medicine
Alopática Allopathic
Corpo Biológico Biological Body
Baseada no equilíbrio fisiológico Based on the physiological balance
Saúde Health
Sistemas corporais Body systems
Enfermidades Diseases
Fisiologia corpo humano Human body physiology
Sistemas Systems
Ossos Bones
Circulação Circulation
Nervosa Nervous
Respiratório Respiratory
Digestivo Digestive
Patologias Pathologies
Tratamentos Treatments
Medicina complementar Complementary medicine
Holístico Holistic
Fisiologia Physiology
Sistemas médicos complemetares Complementary medical systems
Biologia/Física Biology/Physics
Ser Humano Holístico completo: em áreas… Complete and Holistic Human Being: in areas..
Física Physical
Mental Mental
Emocional Emotional
Ambiental Environmental
Sociocultural Sociocultural
Espiritual Spiritual

Table created by Isabel Guimarães

Mapa Astrológico – Diagnóstico Astrological chart – Diagnosis
Mapa Natal Natal Chart
Elementos Elements
Temperamentos Temperaments
Dispositor Dispositor
Regente Regent or ruler
Casa astrológica Astrological house
Diagnóstico Diagnosis
Mapa Progressão Secundária Secondary Progression Chart
Eixos Axes
Saturno Saturne
Lua Moon
Marte Mars
Mercúrio Mercury
Neptuno Neptune
Lua progredida Progressed Moon
Tratamentos Treatments
Trânsitos Transits
Atua / ciclo Acts / cycles
Ativação planetária Planetary activity
Sistemas acionados Systems activated
Tratamentos Treatments
Astrologia meio de diagnóstico Astrology means of diagnosis
Causa/Efeito Cause / Effect
Memória Genética Genetic memory
Meio ambiente Surrounding environment
Melhor altura para diagnóstico e tratamento Best time to diagnosis and treatment


Part II is to be continued in the next issue – Principles of analyses – based on classical Astrology



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Psychosomatics Training Course and Psychology at Mental Systems Intelligence

Neuro Linguistic Programming Training

Master’s in Complementary Medicine, Naturopathy and Alternative Therapies from the Juan Carlos University in Granada, Spain

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