Isabel Guimarães – Astrology: The New Pandemic and Astrological Correlations


According to the basics of medical astrology, we observe that we are, and have been since last December, under a strong presence of the element Earth, which needs Water to be fertilized and cleansed.

According to the theory of Empedocles and Hippocrates, Empedocles taught that the world was composed of four primary elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. These elements were indivisible and present in all things. Hippocrates applied this teaching to the human body, insisting that if the universe was made of these four building blocks, the same would occur with people. (Hippocrates, book IV, p. 11)

In accordance with this basis of medical astrology, we observe that we are, and have been since last December, under a strong presence of the element Earth, which needs Water to be fertilized and cleansed. We know that the name of the virus represents the crown, which leads us to connect it to the King, where we find the Fixed Stars Regulus and Algol. To give the reader a general idea, each fixed star moves one degree every 72 years, both being in signs of Earth; Pluto and Mars are in Capricorn, element Earth; and in December the Sun, the main King, activates this element even more – at which time the first case appears, but this was still very “enclosed”. And with Jupiter entering into the sign of Capricorn, after its 12 year cycle, we can say that the Earth has been expanded, and without its main support, because it is on the opposite side of the Crab’s Water – so, in its detriment.

Furthermore, and still in the Earth element. but without any connection to the “King” we have Uranus and Saturn, which is called the Lord of Time, the planet that represents our direction, and the structures. So, how can we connect these cycles? I will only focus on the last century, and History shows many more epidemics, but the logic of my analysis is related to the most recent action:

SPANISH FLU – 1918 to 1919 – Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Leo conjoining Regulus, Uranus in Aquarius, and Pluto in Cancer

YELLOW FEVER – 1960 to 1962 – Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Leo, and Pluto in Virgo

MEASLES – Until 1963 – here I analyse what comes from the cycles of Yellow Fever, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Virgo, and Pluto in Virgo

MALARIA – Since 1980 and AIDS – Since 1981, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Libra, and Uranus in Sagittarius

If we do a synthetic analysis following the order of the planets around the Sun, which people are more accustomed to (instead of the Chaldean order) we observe that Jupiter –  the planet of faith, ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, representing both Water and Fire (elements that do not match). This planet does expand whatever we have, whether if it is good or evil.  With a cycle of 12 years, remaining for 1 year in each sign, it makes a polarity with the planet of Earth and Air. Saturn, the Lord of karma, is the one who makes us gain wisdom in our actions followed by the return, increasingly being faster and more immediate after our actions.

Saturn also tells us about the structures, whether they be from Earth itself or from institutions and governments. It belongs to Capricorn and Aquarius, the latter since January 31st, receiving Ceres, the asteroid that represents the Great Mother, the one that welcomes, and whose symbol takes us to the harvest. It will remain here until almost the end of April.

The planet Uranus speaks of the need for freedom, represented by Aquarius, a revolutionary freedom. It is one which wants to show who it is, how it really is, without being obliged to be restricted to the excessive rule or to values already obsolete. It has already learned, thus this planet gives air to groups, to associations, protecting and taking its example as a peaceful revolutionary, in a cycle including the next 6 years. And Pluto rules Scorpio and Water – the one that feeds the depth of the Earth. It is the planet of catharsis and of the power that leads to the profound change of death and rebirth, until 2026.

At this time, when the Earth element is with such a great strength and feeds on water, we can be lead to a global behavioral relationship of knowing how to look at the roots, our ancestry, and feed it with the due respect, being able to prune the Earth and remove what is creating the toxicity that does not lead to proper growth. In this way, and due to the permanence of this element earth, it leads us to the Melancholic temperament that needs food coming from the earth, a strengthening the immune system, knowing how to feed on what one needs, and not resulting in excesses. After all, excess of water destroys both a tree, and a plant. The same may occur in humans.

At this point we can observe the behavior of Uranus, who calls for a radical change in the way we feed, in several ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and how our environment leads us to grow together. After all, Uranus is free. And Pluto, despite being in its underworld and the one that feeds the roots as a Water planet, it needs an improved quality of the three states that Water can provide.

In simpler language, I can say that these cycles lead us to a major change in the way we treat our BEING because it will be a reflection of our surrounding environment. And how we will be able to change our worn-out and meaningless economic policies? After all, cycles are repeated throuhout history. But must we repeat them as if we were living them for the first time? Are we “cleansing” the roots of our ancestry? Do we need to experience isolation in order to live in unity?

With the entry of Saturn, after 30 years, to the sign of Aquarius the rulership will be activated and we will see the change to the Air element, the one who gives life, and the one who is called of Sanguine temperament. With the entry of Mars, planet that represents the Central Nervous System in Medical Astrology, we see the blood’s action in the body. This planet represents the Fire and Water elements. Starting at the end of March, Mars will be activating Uranus again because it enters the sign of Aquarius and joins Saturn. Everything can be taken to a reading as a change in the earth’s structure and how we are feeding it, but in a responsible and slow action.

At this moment, all foods coming from the Earth are essential, mainly in using the food preparation methods involving steam. Also important is the increase of Water, and its use should be the purest way possible, in order to purify it as much as possible, weather it being boiled, or with the help of Himalayan Pink Salt. Strengthening the Skeletal System, the system that represents the Earth element, is paramount in order to give you proper protection and the Earth’s structure, especially with the energy that you will burn out with the Fire.  But that needs to fortify the Water element, your immunity, and theendocrine system.

Can it be said that that the virus will spread through the air? How does Saturn evolve, along with Mars, in the first weeks of April? I would say that it can be contained if we know how to respect our roots, and in a slow process we can have initiatives that bring the ancestral wisdom in our life direction. And will this virus drastically alter the world economy? If our rulers are able to make the root changes that have been requested long ago, and observe and pay attention to their peoples and feed them with Clear Water, an effective transmutation can be made, with the help of Pluto. And with Neptunian food – each one’s faith and spirituality –  we will be able to cleanse the Water so filled with memories that make it obscure, thus transcend to the miracle, to LIFE!


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