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The importance of the element Air in health, how this element influences the planet Earth, human beings, and entire species. We will talk about the change of Saturn and Jupiter to the Air element, and how we can benefit from this cycle in our health: Air element 2021 – medical astrology

“Just as there are stars in the sky, there are also stars within man. Therefore, nothing exists in the universe that does not have its equivalent in the microcosm. The spirit of man derives from the constellations, his soul from the planets and his body from the elements.” Paracelsus. 2

In this world, as vast as the wealth of knowledge in astrology is, the specialty of Medicine Astrology can help us understand many pathological processes both in individuals and in society, assisting in how we can use the means to combat certain symptoms. For example, with complementary medicine associated with traditional medicine, we can release symptoms and understand the developmental trend at certain times, through the cycles of social planets in the elements and in a certain signs. Let’s see:

In medical astrology, air indicates us a link to signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, related to the third, seventh and eleventh houses. This air triangle connects with the breath, and the air we breathe, which connects us to the lung, the nádís, the left and right hemispheres and to gas exchanges.

By the way we take into our brain the learning and knowledge we received during and from our childhood, and how we project it into relationships with others, we acquire a sense of belonging to the group, the support of friends, and hope.

All this triangular bond connects to how our neurotransmitters receive the information and pass it on to the synapses in a chemical production of serotonin and dopamine, to the rest of the body.

Our health depends on this whole process, on our strengthening of the immune system, and how we feed our endocrine glands, especially the thyroid glands, the adrenals, and also how we transmit the necessary flexibility to our knees. Thus, we can adapt to the invisible forces on which our lives depend. The AIR

But let’s see how we can use planetary cycles so that we can make the best use of the air we breathe, and how we can relate to previous cycles. Of course, for this, we have to understand the planets that are in the AIR signs, and as we all know, Jupiter and Saturn have just entered an air sign after 20 years. So, how can we make use of it? What happened 20 years ago? What sign were they in? And when was the last time these two social planets, which are the last rcognized in traditional astrology, connected in Aquarius? What lessons can we learn to improve our bodies? And on our birth chart, how does this relationship with medical astrology work?



Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius – January 20th, 1903

Cases of Bubonic Pandemic increase



Saturn and Jupiter in Gemini – May 9th, to 1942

The cycle of malaria pandemic begins


Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius – January 3th, 1962

The 7th cycle of cholera pandemic begins


Saturn and Jupiter in Gemini – April 21th, 2001

Nipah and Cholera virusesDengue – Nile Fever


In any of these examples, these placements did not make any applying conjunctions in the same degree, as they do currently. We can go back in time and we find these two planets together, but without them being in exact conjunction, which was on March 25th, 1108


Let’s see what these two planets of fire and earth represent in medical astrology


It is linked to: sciatic nerve, liver problems, cirrhosis, abnormal development of organs, problems of arterial circulation, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, sclerosis, congestion and indigestion. Muscle strains. Abscesses. Foot disorders.

Metabolic functions: it governs sugars (along with Venus) and oily acids, fatty tissues and arterial circulation. Liver, pancreas and supra-renal glands. It governs the entire growth process and also the digestion, all processes that result/derive from the synthesis of simple building blocks, into more complex molecules. It is the great dilator, and has excessive reaction to any stimulus, especially overfeeding and obesity.


It is linked to: chronic diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis. Teeth, bones, knees and joints problems. Calcifications (kidney and vesicle stones), obstructions, catarrhals, infections, skin and hair problems. Eczema, caries, warts, acnes, skin allergies, nail deformations, degenerative diseases and of difficult healing.

Metabolic functions: mineralization of the body, skin, tooth, bones, joints, bladder, right ear. It is the ruler of protein, carbon dioxide, urine, feces. During digestion, it is responsible for all processes that convert complex substances into simpler substances. All aging processes. The cell wall. Saturn represents the inability to react to the body’s threats relates to growth, hypertrophy, underdevelopment. It governs the smallest organ in the body.


The eleventh sign of the 4th quadrant. Usually there is difficult breathing, which can also impair circulation, since oxygenation of the blood is very important for circulation, and may trigger problems in varicose veins or leg muscles. People of this sign tend to be good eaters, like good food, drinks, fun and sleeping; hence the tendency to obesity. But there is a good elimination of salt, urine, and sweating can be abundant. Not prone to physical activity, however, requires outdoor exercise.  The nervous system tends to somatization, which causes muscle stiffness, due to excessive pressure in the mind, the legs end up carrying the entire weight of the body. Another important aspect is the assimilation of food, which eventually accelerates digestion, and strategies are needed so that one can give food time to distribute itself in the body.

How elements are connected in medical astrology

Air: it corresponds to blood and circulation to “sanguine temperament”, hyperreactive.

Water: it governs lymph and “phlegmatic temperament”, hyporeactive.

Fire: corresponds to the liver and the “choleric temperament”, dystonic.

Earth: the spleen and the “melancholic temperament”, anergic.


Also, and according to Jung, the four “functions” have to do with the four elements:

Thought: Air – sanguine.

Perception: Earth – melancholy.

Intuition: Fire – choleric

Feeling: Water – phlegmatic.


Or also, according to the relationship with the body:

Strong, mobile, yet unbalanced nervous system. Inhibition predominates = Choleric = Extroverted/Unstable – hot and dry = Fire

Strong, balanced, yet inert, nervous system = Phlegmatic = Introverted/Stable – cold and moist = Water

Strong, skilled, vivacious and mobile nervous system = Blood = Extrovert/Stable – hot and moist mid = Air

Weak, sensitive, delicate nervous system = Melancholic = Introverted/Unstable – cold and dry = Earth


How to start looking at a map in medical astrology:

The first thing we will look at in a map is the position of the Sun and the rising sign, and the aspects formed by them and with them, by the other planets. The quality of the sign in which they are is also important, for example: cardinal, fixed, mutable, masculine, feminine, exalted, exiled, etc. – which is actually the same principle of Traditional Astrology. This is important, so that we can see, first and foremost, what the vital quality of the individual is.

Cardinal – Head – Impulsive

Fixed – Torso – Stable

Mutable – Limbs – Movable

Tense aspects to the ascendant and the sun give us a view of a person’s physical endurance and the power of recovery.

Then, we must observe the rulers of the 1st, 6, 8 and 12 houses, as well as the signs in which they are placed, and the aspects triggered between them, which are of paramount importance because we can, through them, detect what deficiencies and pathologies to which one is inclined.

1st house and its ruler symbolize the patient;

6th house and its ruler, to what kind of diseases one may be inclined to;

8th house and its ruler may represent life risks as well as the type of death (along with 4th house – beginning and end of life) and should be considered, especially in cases of surgery;

12th house and its ruler, which represent what can cause the disease, the psychological aspect (as one reacts mainly in a moment of crisis or the disease itself), the subconscious. The 12th house also represents hospitalization in case of surgery.


All aspects involved with these rulers and cusps should be analyzed.  

We cannot fail to emphasize the importance of the 7th and 10th houses in a Medical chart.

The 7th house represents the doctor or therapist, the person to whom we associate to in order promote healing;

The 10th house could be classified as “escape” or “healing “. This house may indicate the type of therapy to be used, or the type of medicine or treatment most appropriate to that individual.

It is important to analyze the qualities involved both with the signs and the houses. In a medical astrology chart we will mainly analyze the signs involved with the cusps of the 6th, 12th and 1st houses.

Let’s look at the chart of the ingress of Jupiter and Aquarius calculated with the coordinates of Portugal.

Recapping some basic aspects of astrology, let’s review the rhythms of universal dynamics. The cardinal or impulsive signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The fixed or stable signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. The Mutable or common signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Each group has its own way of dealing with diseases. The cardinal group, for example, is the one that knows most about dealing with health problems.

The second group is fixed signs, usually experience the problem for a long time, because they do not have the necessary flexibility to transcend them.

The third group is of the mutable signs. They can get on with life, living with the problem and not facing it directly.

Since we are referring to Aquarius, the problem is harder to overcome.

Let’s also review the signs of vitality and signs of moderate vitality.

Signs of vitality: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius are signs that promote health. Signs of moderate vitality: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, which determine less vital energy.


However, perhaps the most important factor is the vitamins, minerals and microminerals deficiency, signaled by the Natal Chart and transits that the individual crosses. Each planet is related to a vitamin, an enzyme, a trace element (micromining), the marked difficulty of some natal planets can hide deficiencies in the body, giving the person, consequently, a certain temperament, personality or physical fragility.

It is necessary to see the human being holistically in order to reach a conclusion about the individual. Eastern Medicine has been using this technique for thousands of years, as well as homeopaths. Nothing could be more fitting than we astrologers, using the tools we have, who can make a great contribution in such a vast and unexplored area as the human “machine”, the most sophisticated of computers.

We must keep in mind that cell salts act on the body cells; which are radioactive and anything seeking to stimulate cell activity should be radioactive. The particles of the cell salts become an integral part of the cells, acting in the core, the center of the cell.

The position of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, lunar nodes, ascendant, the 6th house cusp, and their opposites can reveal us what chemical elements are missing in our organism.

The Sun represents the vitality of the individual, consequently, the exact opposite degree represents one’s major weakness. Whatever the person problem is, the salt of the sun sign and its opposite must be administered to restore vitality. As I usually use only one at a time, I prefer the salt of the sun sign, thus strengthening its inherent and natural characteristics, obviously without failing to observe the physiological symptoms of that individual.

Throughout the year we live 12 experiments of salts, according to the position of the Sun every 30 degrees.

Then we can observe the sign where the Moon is placed. The Moon always represents our subconscious and we can hit psychic processes, using a lunar salt. It would be more complex to analyze in a collective astrological chart due to the moon cycle, but we can observe the annular Eclipse.

Saturn has the same nature as the south node (dragon tail) that vibration can indicate us the process of energy retention in which the person is involved, by unlocking it we can achieve best outcome. We have been experiencing this Node in the sign of Sagittarius, which intensifies the action of Jupiter in Aquarius.

We can also check the cusp of 6th house, paramount in Medical Astrology, and the sign involved in it, which may indicate us the pathological symptoms and the diseases themselves. Often, the cure is also in the sign that occupies the 10th house, because as we have mentioned earlier, the 10th house usually signals escape or healing.

Whatever the salt used by the astrologer in Medical Astrology, it will certainly generate results that should be analyzed and observed carefully, because, depending on the patient’s reaction, we may prescribe other salts, then, if necessary.


Some Cellular Salts, Vitamins – Linked to this workshop specifically, Aquarius, Jupiter and Saturn

Simila Curantur Similibus. Like cures like.

B-complex vitamins – Jupiter

Raw soy, white beans, lentils, carrots, peas, grape, banana, walnut, sunflower seed, avocado, plum, peanut. Tuna, salmon, beef and chicken liver, white meat. Wheat germ, skimmed milk, dried fruit. Seaweed, yeast, rice fibers (whole wheat). They should be taken with B-complex and C vitamins, magnesium and sodium.

It relieves premenstrual symptoms. It acts on the metabolism of amino acids and assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Deficiency can cause depression, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue, cracking and flaking of the lips, sometimes itchy spots. Excess can cause psychomotor difficulty, neurological disorders, loss of mobility of the feet and hands.

Recommended daily dose: 2 mg, the equivalent of two slices of melon.

Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C – Saturn

All citrus fruits. Cauliflower, tomato. Herbs: bardana seeds, pepper, tussilage, elderberry, clove, oregano, chili, parsley, acerola, chicken and ox liver, skimmed milk), C vitamin forms collagen. It is good to fight allergies and bacterial infections. It helps to transfer iron and plasma to the liver. It should be taken along with B-complex, calcium and magnesium. It fights scurvy, flu, colds and hemorrhages, it is necessary for the production of collagen and cellular activity.

Deficiency: stress, fatigue, smoking, alcohol, diabetes, pneumonia, bleeding gums, tooth loss, worsening, healing difficulty, swollen joints, infections, anemia, respiratory and intestinal infections, fracture injuries that cost to heal, nosebleeds, aging (free radicals), joint pain, scurvy.

Iron can only be decomposed with vitamin C (vitamin C is an antidote for mercury, cadmium and lead poisoning from air pollution), it fights nitrites (sausages, bacon and canned meats), anti-corticosteroids, alcoholism, phlebitis, stress, arteriosclerosis, stones in the gallbladder; it should be given against arthritis medicines.

Recommended daily dose: 1 g, equivalent to 2 glasses of orange juice.


When Jupiter and Saturn are together in a conjunction – some natural orientations

Sulfur – Saturn/Jupiter

Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, leeks, okra, beans, nabiça, radish, onion, dried peas, cabbage, chard, watercress, soy, walnuts, oysters, mussels, meats, cereal bran, eggs, cheese and cereals. Herbs: fetid assa, gesta tip, calamus, Irish moss, tussilage, euphrasia, fennel seed, garlic, strong root, verbesco, anise, nettle, cocoa, mineral waters. Amino acids that contain sulfur: cystine, cistern, and nitionin.

Sulfur repair the cartilage of the body, being vital for collagen synthesis, it helps to maintain the health of nerves; the allies of sulfur are: biotin and thiamine, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. Lack of sulfur can cause arthritis, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis.


The 12 Schussler Sailers
There are 12 mineral salts that can be used either unitarily or in combination to help
in a variety of common conditions. Are:

  • Salt No. 1: Calc fluor – elasticity salt
    ·       Salt No. 2: Calc phos – the salt of bones and teeth
    ·       Salt No. 3: Ferr phos – the first-rate salt
    ·       Salt No. 4: Kal chlor – the salt of the mucous membranes
    ·       Salt No. 5: Kali phos – the salt of nerves and mind
    ·       Salt No.  6: Kali sulph – the salt of chronic inflammation
    ·       Salt No.  7: Mag phos – the salt of pain and colic
    ·       Salt No. 8: Nat chlor – the salt of the water balance
    ·       Salt No. 9: Nat phos – the salt of acid-base balance
    ·       Salt no. 10: Nat sulph – excretion salt
    ·       Salt no. 11: Silicea – the salt of beauty
    ·       Salt No. 12: Calc sulph – or purifying salt.

Adults: dissolve 2-4 granules in the tongue or sublingual 3 times a day.
Children from 4 to 12 years: let dissolve 2-4 granules in the tongue or sublingual 3 times a day.
Take the tablets out of meals (1/2 hour before or 11/2 hours later), and preferably keep them in the mouth under the tongue until they slowly dissolve to allow better absorption.


Minerals and their Relationship with Some Pathologies – Here I will mention some rules:

– Generally, stress may be associated to low calcium, magnesium, zinc and chromium levels. – The low level of zinc may be related to the inability to deal with stress.

– Low magnesium and potassium are associated with diabetes.

– Heart diseases were associated with the deficiency of the following minerals in their order of importance: magnesium, sulfur, calcium, copper, selenium and chromium. But excess of calcium and magnesium is also related to increased risk of heart problems.

– People with osteoporosis or heart problems may have low silicon. – When the calcium/magnesium ratio is high, it can often be associated with arthritic problems.

– Violent behavior may be related to increased calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in the body. – Increased sodium, potassium, iron and manganese associated with a low copper may be related to violent personality.


So, this was a small synthesis of how these placements of Jupiter/Saturn in the Air element now in the sign of Aquarius, can influence society in general and your natal chart, in such an immense world of knowledge as Astrology is, within the specialty of Medical Astrology.


Isabel Guimarães


Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP

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