Hakan Kırkoğlu – Theresa May, A look at her prenatal eclipse


Even we do not have the birth hour of prospective UK prime minister yet, We may sketch few lines of thought by looking at her prenatal eclipse chart. Indeed, prenatal eclipse charts would provide us with important clues on life themes and they seem to be all encompassing.

It is seen that Theresa May’s prenatal eclipse occured in the sign of Gemini and in the South node direction. South node eclipses work rather for change and deviation instead of securing existing patterns. These souls like failed at their exams continuosly seek for disintegration ann are fans of renovation. This chart with rising sign Capricorn (responsibilities, seriousness, planning and matters related to the state and hierarchy) we find Gemini in the house of service and work. In a way, to be selfless service and to be useful play an important role in her soul purpose. Moreover the sixth house represents working behind the scene rather than executing at the top. We understand that May who has a long years of working experience could be self depreciating especially when communicating herself in coordination of work matters. In addition to that, having Asc ruler Saturn in Scorpio in the eleventh house, (in the late degrees!) she seems to bring rigid, much hard line and ruthless attitude into political circles. However, the same Saturn is also seen to be aspected by Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Leo via superior square which clearly denote her strong motivations in politics.

Another noteworthy aspect of this chart is Venus critical position at the Dsc point in Cancer. Despite her Capricornian stiff manner, this would highlight her capacity to foster private, closer, much nurturing personality in her relationships. Harmonious aspect between Venus and Piscean Mars can be another facet of her protective but passionate relationships.



No doubt, another crucial factor in this chart is Mercury which is also the prenatal eclipse ruler. Mercury being in his sign and the 6th house but at the same time stationary direct and at the very first degree has been seen aspected by Mars in superior position. (Mercury also seen within aspectual tolerance with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto). Such superior square from Mars might indicate a tense, argumentative, agressive style of communication with high up and downs (Pisces). Probably, she is very sharp at work, however it would be quite wearing as well. We are going to witness more visibly how Mercury would function in the days to come. Yet her natal Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, too.

In addition to all these signifiers, Mars is also posited at the north lunar bending. Pisces Mars at the bendings could show her ambitious and challenging style especially when it is also the ruler of MC and the fourth house. As a matter of facts, she is already been called as second “iron lady”.

Finally, as a further note, Chiron in Aquarius is in aspect both with MC and the eclipse degree. Chiron in this sign would indicate isolation in her early years but also the desire to be part of a group and to realize her talents through different and independent ways, sometimes being an outsider. Her succesful education in state schools could be an indication of such Chiron Aquarius theme. It appears that the issue of adoption of her social policies can be bring further questions about her next steps in UK politics.

In the near future, transiting Neptune is in Accord with her prenatal Venus. However, in late November and early December we are going to find Saturn just in opposition to her prenatal eclipse degree. In the couple of years, Saturn’s transit into the first house would be more confirming and stabilizing, however Saturn will also be in oppostion to her Venus, which could signal ensuing discontent or dissatisfaction in regard to her decisions in political arena.



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