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Every story contains three parts: the beginning, the middle and the end. This rhythmic movement seems so natural that we would take it granted. However, if you would ask what is astrological rational behind this natural phenomenon, I would like to mention a whole set of practice which was essentially employed in the helenistic period, between the late 2nd BCE and 6th CE centuries.

Indeed, I have been long wondering about additional horoscopes (which is called Continuous Horoscopy) exemplified in the texts of helenistic astrologers. These additional charts are called the 3rd, the 7th and the 40th days of the Moon. Some time ago, when I chose the topic of “reading life according to ancient sources” for my series of summer seminars,  I began to probe into Valens’ Anthology and came across with this mysterious expression below. Perhaps by an inner enlightenment or intuition, these three special days of the Moon made me think of three stages of life: Our youngster years, maturity and old age. The first period of life corresponds to more or less to the time period before Saturn return. The second period shows our adult years, especially when we struggle and toiling in our career. The latest period indicates the old age.

Then I checked The Greek Horoscopes (of Neugebauer) in which several examples of Valens speaks of these additional horoscopes. Bearing in mind that such horoscopes might reflect fortunate and unfortunate conditions of one’s life’s episodes, I searched for several biographies casting their 3rd, 7th and 40th days horoscopes. Then suddenly all appeared to my eyes that these charts in fact are parts of “continuous horoscopy” which were often employed by helenistic astrologers.


Valen’s Anthology Book I writes the following:

“The third, seventh, and fortieth days of the Moon as follows: assume the Moon is in Scorpio 7°; the third day will be in Sagittarius 7°. [It is necessary to investigate the day in this way. Sagittarius 7° has become the third day.] In the nativity chart the seventh will be found in square, at Aquarius 7°. The fortieth will be at Taurus 7°. (Some add 160° to the Moon’s position at birth and count off this amount from the Moon’s sign. Others add to the Moon’s position at birth <its positions> on the third and seventh and fortieth days, then after calculating, they interpret the Moon at those places.)

In general they note the fortunate, unfortunate, and average nativities according to the third, seventh, and fortieth days: if these locations are beheld by benefics in operative places, and not by malefics, then you can predict exceedingly great good fortune. If two of these locations are beheld by benefics and one bymalefics, then you can predict average fortune. If three are beheld by malefics, with the benefics turnedaway, then predict misfortune. If the situation is mixed, say “average.”


In the calculation of these derivative charts, Delphic Oracle moves the natal date 2 days forward for the 3rd day of the Moon, while keeping natal hour and the place intact. For example, Hitler’s 3rd day chart (natal 20 April 1889) gives 22 April 1889. However, for the 7th and the 40th day charts, the natal date is moved forward full 7 and 40 days thus giving 27 April 1889, and 30 May 1889, respectively.

Before I am going to provide you with some working examples of this approach, I would like to dwell on the meanings of these numbers, and their astrological signification in our practice.

The 3rd day of the Moon corresponds to the phase of the crescent Moon whose light became visible on the third day after new Moon. Its paralel can be found in our youngster years when we begin to discover ourselves and more or less it lasts usually until the first Saturn return, around 30 years of age. The 3rd day of the Moon seems to be the marker of experimentation, learning, trials and errors. Indeed, the Moon is often in the next sign on her 3rd day. Astrologically speaking, the next following sign has always been complementary in nature but very different from the previous one. For example, Pisces is complementary of Aquarius but totally different from it. Likewise, Gemini is complemantary of Taurus but again is wholly different from it. Hence, in our younger years we urge to live totally different facets of our lives, accumulating first time experiences. It is our age of discovery and experimentation. In other words, the 3rd day of the Moon resembles sprouting of our essence.

Looking in this way, the sign and house position of the 3rd day Moon, its aspects and translation of light, as well as its phase in relation to the Sun need to be interpreted as prevailing conditions of our youngster years. Valens and other authors, probably transferring knowledge from Babylonian sources, draw attention to the aspects to the Moon. While aspects from benefics (Venus and Jupiter) can be seen comforting and fortunate, aspects from malefics (Mars and Saturn) could be signs of hindrances, perturbations and unlucky conditions.

The 7th day of the Moon represents maturity and peak times of our lives. The Moon arrives her first quarter phase and this phase is about action, struggle and building ourselves up in our life course. If the Moon is in an operative place (the places, houses which can see, or aspect the sign of Ascendant) with supporting aspects from benefics, it would be much easier and luckier for one’s struggle for achievement and reaching prominence.

I often find that Moon’s phase plays important role in this regard. Striking examples frequently show that new Moon phase is a firm quarantee for good reputation and attaintment of goals, provided that Moon is under favourable aspects from the benefics. We can also infer that those born under last quarter phase probably arrive at their new Moon phase by the 7th day of the Moon. Naturally, this could also confirms success potential of those born under last quater phase, in their lives.

Accordingly, the chart for the 40th day of the Moon reflects the conditions of our old age and death. In many cases, I have seen that difficult and poor position of Moon along with high presence of 8th house matters usually punctuate early exit from life. This is the chart for reflecting our conditions just before we die or circumstances surrounding our late years. These may be smooth, easy and fluent under fortunate aspects of the Moon. Heavy Mars activity might point out to accidents, operations or violent conditions.

However, there are cases which people exit life by accident or illness before they got actually old in usual terms. Generally speaking, this could be related with the inauspicious harmful conditions in the chart of the 7th day of the Moon. For example, Princess Diana’s 7th day chart shows the Moon in balsamic phase in the 7th house with an approaching square to Mars. In fact, the Moon first make a conjunction with Venus which denotes her marriage, but later she makes a square to an angular Mars in the 10th house.

Three case histories:

Adolph Hitler

Hitler’s chart for the 3rd day of the Moon shows Moon in the 5th house/Aquarius. Not surprisingly, Moon in Aqu/5th house is a good example of his strong-head character and clashes with his father over his ambitions to become an artist. (the 5th house) In this chart, the Moon heads to an opposition to the Saturn (in Leo), translating light from the Sun. This is also the last quarter phase of the Moon which highlights of striving hard and being ambitious. As the Moon falls into the 7th house in relation to the Fortune, it does not favour well for young Hitler. Moreover, Saturn (father) seems to obstruct Moon’s approach to Venus, his retrograde Asc ruler. (in square aspect) Mars also accompanies to Venus in crisis in the 8th house. Another salient feature of this chart is Mercury in the last degree of Aries. Planets in the 29th degree of any sign speaks of crisis in transition and malfunctioning. Later in the 7th day chart, we are going to see that Mercury will be combust.


Hitler’s chart for the 7th day of the Moon gives Moon in Aries in the 6th house. Martial energy in one’s occupation is evident but the 6th house is not a profitable place for any planet, being cadent (apoklima) from the 7th house. However, in this case, she reflects Jupiter’s light (in ambitious Capricorn) to the Saturn, however, in detriment. She is in partile trine with the degree of MC. All these imply certain expansion and enthusiasm (Jupiter) to be solidified under Kronos’ gaze. Since both Jupiter and Saturn are diurnial planets, and the Sun trines to Jupiter, this passage of time promises marked actions. However, having Moon in balsamic phase, the things are not easy as it seems, especially under dissolutioning nature of balsamic Moon. Furthermore, dispositor of the Moon, Mars is in his detriment and situated in the 7th house of open enemies and battles. Both Moon and Mars are not in favourable places in relation to the Fortune’s house. Stellium in Taurus/7th house signifies much concern and opposition. Mercury and retrograde Venus are in combust as well.

Hitler’s 40th day chart gives a New Moon in the 8th house in which Mars is situated exacly on the midpoint of the lights. Needless to say, this is the death itself. Rising of Scorpio continues from the 7th day chart and Asc ruler Mars is in the 8th house. What is striking to see that Mercury (dispositor of the Moon) finally arrived into the first degree of Cancer (It was in the last degree of Aries in his younger years) as well as Venus finished off her retrograde motion. The Moon which is in the 7th place in relation to the Fortune, is void of course, translating light from Mars. Her next target would be Mercury. I think, this could be seen as a tragic message, or a sinister struggle to be understood by masses (0 degree Cancer) in his life story.


R. Hakan Kırkoğlu DFAstrolS- ISAR CAP



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