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Before moving to Pluto’s Capricorn transit and other major progressions, the most striking astrological significator seems to be the ingress of progressed Jupiter in Aquarius which will take place in April 2010 and certainly it will be conjunction with the Moon between the years 2012 and 2016 which is an important period itself indeed.

Furthermore, this progression unfolds in parallel with the the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which will be occured closely at 0 degree of Aquarius. Jupiter in Aquarius means many things but Aquarius, being the rising sign in the natal China, reflects the core state of the Chinese people, their circumstances, attitudes and morale. The first house in mundane astrology represents the major characteristics and the underlying mythologies of the people, of the folk. In a way, progressions of Jupiter from Capricorn to Aquarius presents us that a more optimistic and technologically advanced, rational and liberal outlook is about to dawn. As Jupiter in his fall in Capricorn, Jupiter’s ingress to Aquarius seems to be a better equipped with a forward looking society, a freed country from the poverty and heavy restrictions as it can be portrayed by Capricorn.

I guess, both Jupiter’s advent in Aquarius and next Jupiter-Saturn synod in the same sign gives us a strong impetus for a more decentralized government structures and spreading democracy. Moreover, Sun’s progression in Sagittarius will have already completed its two  thirds and the progressed Sun’s aspect with  both Saturn and Pluto reminds that a deep transformation taking place.

We should closely watch Pluto’s transit through the 12th house/Capricorn. Capricorn is the 12th house of Aquarius rising naturally and it certainly prerequisite of the necessary steps in order to arrive in Aquarius which represents a well established, rational and lawful societal fabric. Capricorn 12th house inherently shows the didactic, restricted forms and bureaucracy as a governing style. The 12th house in traditional mundane terms, is where the outsiders and hidden enemies are. This is the house of institutions such as prisons, hospitals, but also sponsors of suberversion and underground. It seems that Pluto’s passage through the 12th house/Capricorn, hints us the inevitable transformation of bureaucracy and shattering of  restrictions on liberties and further loosening power on state owned enterprises. In a way, Pluto will uncover the most feared situations and it will pave the way for necessary process of disintegration of the current state of administration. Corruption and Nepotism as well is evident when Capricorn cusps the 12th house. Both these phenomenon are much rooted weaknesses of the rigid government systems as in China.

However, it seems that this won’t be an easy transition as Pluto will hit Uranus and the Sun square during this process. This major transit implies that current politicians and leaders will be strongly and fiercyly challenged in their thrones.

When Pluto enters in Capricorn, in the first instance, it is going to hit the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint at 2 38 cardinal signs. This will be completed throughout the year 2009. It is interesting to note that China in her natal has already had Pluto=Jup/Sat midpoint structure. In sociological correspondences, Ebertin says for this midpoint as follows: Teachers of Law, clergymen, civil servants of the administration, also government officials, politicians. Pluto’s contact with this midpoints may imply that a total change in governmental and social orders. In 2008/2009 China will have its 12th house/Capricorn yearly profection as well. It seems that the events in this period could give strong signal of the upcoming Pluto-Sun/Uranus transit which will be perfected between 2010-2012. This year Saturn which is also becomes the year lord due to profections, completes its return cycle and is posited in the 4th house in the return charts. Gemini/5th house rising gives us the astrological symbol for summer olympic games and we could say that, current openness and public awereness in the international area due to olympic games would ignite internal problems.

Between 2010-2012 transiting Pluto will be hitting Sun/Uranus square in the natal chart of China and 2012 will be the first year of Uranus-Pluto square which will last until 2015. Needless to say, between these years, we can surely expect tremendous change and upheavel will take place in terms of mundane events. This will be years when we can expect strong clashes between individualism, liberties and restrictions and rules of government. Pluto in Capricorn represents us a major redefinition of  the relationship between individiual and the state, the government machine. Apparently that China will be central this huge transformation and great upheavel. Pluto’s transit in the 12th house/Capricorn, as we can expect, could be the process of irreversible changes in the bureaucracy machine in China. However, in the mean time, these changes can also be the crises of capitalism.

Theoritically, the clash between capitalism and socialism can be observed via the relationship between USA and China during the next Uranus-Pluto square. While China transforms her economy by loosening the administrative power of strictly regulated state enterprises and providing more freedom to her citizens, USA will have Pluto in the 2nd house, has to redefine her material resources and economy. USA was established when Pluto in the same sign in the previous cycle. Hence, throughout this passage, whole spectrum of capitalism will be transformed as in the previous cycles.

Chart 8 Outer wheel Progressed full moon on Jan 2015, inner wheel natal China

Along with this process, in the progressed chart of China, there is going to be progressed full moon at 13 Gemini/Sagitarrius axis and please note that this special degree is at cross with Saturn in Virgo in the natal chart of China. Within the same period, in the year 2012, Saturn will have reached Scorpio, the 10th house of natal China. Between 2010-2012, the pre Uranus/Pluto square and the time interval when transiting Pluto will cross China’s Sun/Uranus, Saturn will be crossing over China’s 9th house/Libra and in conjunct with Neptune/Mercury. As we already, touched Neptune/Mercury conjunction is one of the striking symbol which has been inherited as a core mythology in Chinese culture and social order. Neptune, the great dissolver, is the planet of socialism. It is also interesting to note that USA’s natal Saturn which is at 14 degrees of Libra is also here in the picture. In the second half of 2010 and the first half of 2011, Saturn will be hovering on Neptune while returning the same place in the USA chart. So we might assume that, these period will have special importance for China. These times would be expected to be the most transformative periods in terms of mundane economic trends and China’s performance.

Furthermore, Jupiter-Saturn opposition which will occur between 2010 May and 2011 March will also be effective on China’s natal Neptune. Both planets closely represents the economic and social cycles and this would be the high time for the latest Jup/Saturn cycle which started in 2000 May in Taurus.

Looking at this crucial opposition, we also find Pluto at the apex of the T-square. Jupiter/Saturn economic social repercussions and the role of Pluto. China’s Jup/Sat=pluto

Main points

Pluto Capricorn 12th /Bureaucracy, restructring old patterns, state owned enterprises, corruption and manipulation

(in terms of absolute longitudes) 2 38 Pluto=Jup/Sat, transiting Pluto 2009/1,2  2009/5, 2009/12

4 58 – 6 22 Uranus=Pluto/MC=Sun/Uranus   2010, 2011,  Pluto squa Sun 2012

China-USA relations (synastry)

Chart 9 Synastry between China and USA

Chart 10 Composite chart of China and USA                   

Looking at the both national charts, the presence of the square aspects between the two nations’ Suns sets the underlying tone of this relationship. The square aspect implies that there may be continious struggle and conflict of interest between parties. Both charts have a preponderence in their own Sun signs and Mercury is one of the planet of these. Furthermore, China’s Mercury is in partile square to USA’s Sun. As Mercury represents the contacts, dialogues and negotiations, different approaches may hinder a smooth dialogue between countries thus widens the gap between the interests. USA’s Cancer stellium is an a superior position in relation to the China’s planets, having a tenth house relationship, hence USA’s achivements and aims can be seen as a benchmark for success for China. USA’s use of rich investments, material abundance through others and her credibility brings pressures on Chinese administration. In other words, the poor China needs to be get rich and is required to use capitalistic forces in order to compete with USA.

It is interesting to note that USA’s MC/Saturn midpoint is in conjunct with China Sun’s position. MC/Saturn can be interpreted as disciplined establishment of the goals and formal rules which can be used  toward one’s drives and China’s Sun can easily recognize and is well aware of USA’s political and economical machine. However, China’s Uranus which is in square to USA’s MC, represents a very different, an uneasy point of view in terms of USA’s major goals. Hence China’s Sun-Uranus square which means many uprisings and upheavels in Chinese history, has not been easily welcomed by USA’s aspirations.

Furthermore, USA’s Saturn in Libra hovers on China’s Mercury, another striking symbol that, an easy and flowing communication cannot be established due to many other restrictions and conflicting realities. A similar version of this is the square between China Saturn between USA’s Sag ascendant degree. Saturn in Virgo as we earlier mentioned is the central theme of the Chinese proleterait and working class. USA’s grand schemes and national identity is at cross with Chinese realities.

The most striking element in this synastry of course is the Saturn-Neptune contact between the charts. These planets are the opposite ends of the same reality. Saturn is down to earth and pragmatic while Neptune is idealistic and dissolving. Neptune emphasise the collective rights ignoring the personal values, but Saturn brings personal achievement and is more closely related with capital owners. This is the usual dilemma between Capitalism and Socialism. Certainly, Pluto-Uranus square will hit degrees around 2015 can be expected to bring major economic and sociological changes in the whole world.

Finally, in the composite chart of the two nations, Capricorn rises and the Sun is in the 8th house of crises and transformations. The Sun’s position in the 8th house Leo, can be seen that power and authority issues between these nations are not easily solved creating imbalances as the Sun has no major supporting aspect. However, the Moon in Aquarius is trined by Uranus and sextiled by Jupiter. The two folks, when they combine their forces can pay the way for more technologically advanced, and liberal communities and build up a mutual understanding at least through communication and science. Altough this won’t be a warm combination, it may related with social bonds and customs of the future generations and their habitat.

The presence of Mars in Cancer in the 7th house, the house of open enemies is quite agitating. Mars in Cancer is naturally defensive and unreasonably hostile. Jupiter-Mars square in the chart is another testimony that, different outlooks, philosophical, ethical, religious backgrounds cannot be smoothed naturally.

Once again, when we consider the Pluto transit in Capricorn, Capricorn rising composite chart implies that whole perspective of treating ewach other in this relationship will have to change and transform. As Capricorn, reflects the global organization and use of the material, economic forces and the goverment styles, evidently it’s passage through Capricorn will immensely change the current status. Pluto can demonize and bring out the worst motives and urges, let us hope that eventual differences settle down and bring a new wisdom for politicians and leaders of the countries.


R. Hakan Kırkoğlu  2007-2008

All charts use Whole Sign Houses.


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Charts data

All countries chart data from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicolas Campion

Hakan Kirkoglu – Biography

Hakan is a leading figure in Astrology in Turkey as a consultant, teacher and writer. With a Bsc. Management Eng and an MA in Economics, he became a full-time astrologer in 2000. A prize winner of FAS (1997), he works with a wide client base and has also been the editor of Milliyet newspaper. Established Wisdom of Sky (1999), a 3 year teaching course, and pioneered an association in Turkey. He regularly gives lectures, organize seminars and creates astrological events.



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