Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for August 2019

dancer in the moonlight

Venus in the leading role: Leo New Moon

After an eclipse season, we are now in the mid-Summer celebrating Sun’s sejourn in his own sign. The new moon on the 1st of August highlights a strong Venusian presence, which can be entertaining and flamboyant especially when some leisure activity or romance is concerned during this period. The degree of this new moon happens to be on the Venus term rulership. Indeed, Venus will be in superior conjunction with the Sun by the 14th of August, just before the Full moon in Aquarius, which can be seen as an important time for relationships, about the things we value and cherish as well as much stronger place for women figures. New Moons in Leo tend to be extravagant, radiant with energy and certainly passionate and expressive. The new moon aspects with both Uranus and Jupiter, thereby bringing excitement, risky endeavours, and surprises in our daily life. Meanwhile, the square from Taurus could be financially fluctuating and sometimes annoying due to increasing waste. However, Saggy Jupiter trine also encourages joie de vivre, enjoyment for new discoveries and flowing opportunities. For example, the new moon Jupiter will be rising around the Ascendant for the eastern parts of Australia, closely Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane which also puts the Sun in the 9th house of exploration, international activities thus bringing certain euphoria and excitement for the down under. (See new moon chart for Melbourne, Australia)

However, conditions for Caracas, Venezuela, displays serious problems and setbacks for the current government as Saturn-south node and Pluto combination closely hovers around the midheaven. Economic crises and administrative failures can be much more wearying and repressive for the people around this time. Moreover, the public demonstrations can be much more destructive while Aries rising with its ruler Mars in Leo in the 5th house. There is too much fiery activity along with this new moon. (See below new moon chart for Caracas, Venezuela)

Fiery characteristics of this new moon are also accentuated throughout Eastern Europe down to Greece and Turkey as the planets in Leo seem to be rising along this line. Literally, strong Leonine activities such as plays, festivals, celebrations as well as more destructive ones like fires and nature events due to rising temperatures can be much more prominent in the region. (See below ACG lines for Eastern Europe, Balkans, and the Middle East)

Growing hostilities and disputes

The full moon on the 15th August will occur at the 22 degrees of Aquarius thereby highlighting much more martial energy around these days. As the full moons are times of reconsideration and evaluation, the second half of the month can witness reactionary attitudes especially in the relationships and in our dealings with others. Mars is still in the late degrees of Leo thus produces much sharper and probably destructive nature of himself. During this period, we might expect rising disagreements, disputes and threats among leaders and also growing unrest in the public atmosphere. Venus/Mars in opposition to the full moon purports tension and war-mongering attitudes in politics as well as certain hustle and bustle in the public domain.

Aquarius full moon brings late degrees of Leo, hence Mars, just on the Midheaven for London while Scorpio rises. After the Brexit referendum, there has been a growing division within the UK domestic politics and the current leadership struggle seems to be short of fulfilling public opinion, which has been left drifting for a long time. Hence, the Aquarius full moon in the 4th house, which is harmed by Mars for London, UK this time around, is an apt astrological symbolism for matters arising. It is interesting to note that natal Mars in the UK 1801 chart is just in the opposite degree in Taurus.  (See below full moon chart for London, UK along with UK 1801 chart in the outer ring)

It needs to be noted that the planets from Saturn to Pluto, mainly all outer planets, are in retrograde motion during August, which briefs that collective issues remain still intact to be dealt with a later time. Especially ongoing issues related with Saturn-south node conjunction in Capricorn, namely breakdown of administrative structures and shortage of wise leadership, need to be addressed at a much later time.



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