Hakan Kirkoglu – Hermetic lots and their use in the natal & Solar Return charts


The lots (parts) are secondary indicators however they provide with additional informative details in natal interpretation. The most well known lot has been the Part of Fortune, which in fact belongs to the Moon. However, all seven planets have their own lots and these lots are like individualized, our specifically tailored points which can give further interpretative dimensions as they are linked to our ascendant degree by definition. In this lecture, I am going to cover and expand the definitions of these 7 planetary lots. Along with part of fortune, part of Spirit (The Sun), part of Nemesis (Saturn), part of Victory (Jupiter), part of Courage (Mars), part of Love (Venus), part of Necessity (Mercury) will be discussed and shown by examples. Since each planet are being taken as universal significator, then in return, each part can be evaluated as a specific significator in relation to its universal principle. Moreover these parts can also be used in various ways such as return charts.

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