Hakan Kırkoğlu – An astrological note on failed coup in Turkey


I’m taking these notes while my mind is still fresh with fearful and bewildered moments of 15 July night. I was chatting with friends over finding a date of celebration of my recent graduation and a friend’s birthday. At first, we supposed that incoming news of blocking the bridges must be a warning and caution for terrorist atack which we are used to have it frequent times. However, it turned out to be a coup in its development around 22:30. I check out from several news sources that blocking up of the bridges and jest hovering close over Ankara might begin around 22:00.

Here, I’m going to go over several time lord techniques and mundane charts to understand astrological signatures on this failed coup so far. But before discussing these details, it has been said that military agents of this attempt are actually persons who gathered around religious community of interest whose center figure is religious leader Fethullah Guven, currently residing in Philadelphia in the States.

Indeed this religious content is well understood when yearly Asc profected sign is investigated, the ninth house Pisces profection for 2015-2016 period. (Turkey’s natal chart October 29th, 1923, 20:30, Ankara).

The ninth house is related with international affairs, legal ratifications as well as ideological issues which have been on Turkey’s agenda especially since last October. This house also bears importance as Midheaven (MC), south node and also Uranus in the same place. Midheaven pertains to things related with government and administration and the current year lord Jupiter (Pisces) is in Mars ruled Scorpio (heavy influence of army over administration) in the fifth house, the place of popular vote (as it trines to Asc) as well as young people, tourism, entertainment and etc. The fifth house of natal Turkey is full energy as both benefics are here, along with the Sun and part of fortune in Scorpio, a potent, passionate, thrill-seeker sign. However it needs to be mentioned that Jupiter also rules the sixth house, and army is signified by this house. So we find both Mars and Jupiter are quite highlighted during this period of time.

In terms of monthly profections, we arrive again into Scorpio fifth house for the period of 29 June – 29 July and Mars becomes monthly time lord and it is posited in the fourth house Libra which is related with land, security and country at large. Mars in Turkey’s chart seems to be very critically positioned, it is in his detriment (though this is a nocturnal chart) and in the same sign with Saturn in its exaltation. At least, Saturn’s presence here helps Mars get under control in terms of state issues. However, Mars is Mars and it is not coincident that currently Mars also transits monthly profected sign making it more visible and active. Moreover, profected monthly sign Scorpio does also contain Jupiter, the year lord. In the technique of profections, it is always noteworthy to watch the period (here between 29 June- 29 July) the place where current year lord is. Interestingly enough, we also arrive the ninth place (Pisces) again ruled by Jupiter in terms of daily profections. I think, the beginning of the next day, the 16th which daily profection shifted to Aries is also striking highlighting Mars in the fourth house in Libra. I think that Saturn’s exalted placement in this house helped to suppress court attempt in the following hours.

It would be also necessary to check out where Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the current solar return chart for 2015-16. It is clearly seen that Mars (monthly lord), the signifier of army is in the house of secret enemies and plots, the twelfth house. It also rules the seventh house, open enemies. Jupiter the year lord is also in the twelfth place. However, Saturn is located in the third house in Sag and the press, TV and social media had a supportive role in hindering military uprising. Just another quick note, transiting Sun in Cancer was in aspect with Mars around 15th of July.

Lastly, we can have quick glance at the Cancer ingress chart for this period for Ankara. This chart is so striking that it is almost self-explanatory.

Aries rising with Uranus inside, stationary Mars in the eight place, house of crises, fears and death. Additionaly debilitated full Moon is next to conjunct with Pluto and the Midheaven. All these significators plus the ruler of the twelfth place Jupiter in its detriment in the sixth house (army) reveals current dynamics in Turkey.

For a note of future times, Turkey will have yearly tenth house Aries profection for the upcoming period, 2016-2017 and the winter ingress chart for Ankara again shows Aries/Uranus rising with Mars in Pisces in the twelfth place. Mars in the SR 2016-2017 sits in Capricorn but conjunct with Pluto and in square with Uranus. Simply, Turkey have tumultous times ahead and seems to be dealing with repercussions of this unfortunate event.


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