Guido Cante – Mars opposition to the North Node, the aspect as a new socio-economic paradigm

Detailed Earth. The northern U.S. states and Canada

Pandemic from Covid yet another confirmation.

Tracing what were the intuitions of L. McWhirter (“Astrology and Stock market forecasting” of 1938) on the economic implications related to the position in the various solar signs of the North Node, in 2010 I published a study where I perfect the indications of the American astrologer. In my work I had underline how, from 1928 to 2010, all the great economic crises of the past began precisely with the exact opposition of Mars to the North Node. (Casualità o causalità. Connessioni tra i mercati azionari e le posizioni astrali. Di Guido Cante Tullio Pironti Editore 2010). 

In the book I also report the precise starting date of the 2011 summer crisis: July 22, 2011. This is to specify that, to show the validity of my hypothesis, I did not limit myself to an analysis of the past, but I also provided a forecast, that given the events of July 22, 2011 (the US Senate hinders Obama’s actions to raise the American public debt ceiling), for accuracy and probability of occurrence it should have at least aroused interest and curiosity in the reader. But let’s get to the present day. My hypothesis has found recent confirmation also in what are the events connected to the virus corona.

This I wrote on my facebook page finance and astrology on February 16, 2020:

Martedì 26 febbraio opposizione Marte Nodo… Al solito l’aspetto potrebbe favorire condizioni di stress e panico, ed essere associato ad un minimo azionario significativo su Dow Jones…. Ergo nonostante tutti gli indicatori dell’analisi tecnica siano orientati al rialzo cautela nell’ avvicinarsi ai mercati… Possibile crollo intorno al 26“

Tuesday February 26 opposition Mars Node … As usual, the aspect could favor conditions of stress and panic, and be associated with a significant minimum of value on Dow Jones. … So although all the indicators of the technical analysis are oriented upward caution to approaching the finacial markets … Possible collapse around 26 “

fig.1 Graph showing the performance of the American SP500 stock index from January to April 2020


In essence, with astrology I went to define the possibility of a stock markets collapse, despite all the news of the economic reality in the United States was positive, and nobody in the finacial world highlighted this possibility for the markets. Not only that, I also have indicated, always using the opposition aspect Mars Node Node, the period (day!) of triggering the crisis. To be precise, there is no noticeable disruptive effect on the picture fig.1 on February 26 (retrograde Mercury in Pisces helped to confuse the message), but those who operate on the stock exchange know that the violation of certain price levels are the cause of subsequent reductions. 

And then on February 25 something happens that no world state, outside China and neighboring countries, perceived as a concrete possibility until this date, in fact, the Italian government is forced to issue a DCPM to deal with the sudden extension of the virus on the Italian territory. In other words, the risk of virus extension beyond Chinese borders becomes a reality in Italy. This is not the place to further investigate the succession of events, but being a recent report, everyone can reasonably assign the right emphasis to the date of February 26, as the moment when the virus is perceived as a global problem.

On the same Facebook page I indicate, always with adequate advance, when the markets would have hit bottom, that is on March 18 (in reality there was a rebound on March 19 and a temporary deeper minimum share occurs on March 23). 

In 2012, on an article published on Linguaggio Astrale “L’astrologia Finanziaria: una prova “scientifica” della connessione astri individui, ma anche un utile strumento di verifica delle previsioni astrologiche” ( Astral Language “Financial astrology: a”scientific” proof of the connection between humans and stoks markets, but also an useful tool for verifying astrological predictions”), I clearly define the meaning of the opposition Mars- Node North and I speak about a new economic paradigm that is ALWAYS determined in conjunction with the passage of opposition from Mars to the North Node. Astrologically we could summarize everything in: the action (Mars), minimal (opposition), which are necessary for the position of the North Node. This new world economic paradigm sometimes imposes itself with a drastic change in the economic scenario, and therefore the opposition occurs with panic on the stock markets (28 October 1928, 11 September 2001 just to mention some dates known to the general public), while sometimes the paradigm shift occurs slightly or with a marked increase in share prices. But what is certain, if an economic crisis must occur in the period between the two oppositions of Mars to the Node (about 18 months), it will do so on the day of the aspect!

It is a sort of entrance ticket to the new scenario. From the crisis of 2011, only in 2013 did I express my opinion on a scarce possibility of a new collapse of the markets. That because since then the world economic situation has improved, as the North Node moved towards the sign of Leo (as shown 100 years ago by L. McWhirter!) and in recent years I have not reported any possibility of market collapse. In other words, since that prognostic event of 2011, I have not followed other alarmist indications in these years, until the beginning of February 2020, when the virus emergency had exploded in all its power only in China, but the date of the February 26 was near and the new paradigm could only be that induced by a Pandemic from Covid. The news, this time, was that in addition to indicating the possible date of the stock markets collapse, in spite of the thriving world economic situation, were also clear also the reasons were we have a global collaps. Obviously the position in the zodiac signs of Node and Mars can suggest to us also the areas involved, in the specific case of February 26, 2020, on the Capricorn Cancer axis, can be interpreted, as in 2001, with the need for a new balance between the action politic (Capricorn) and the people (Cancer), in the case in question, then, there was also the concomitant quadrature of Lilith joined to Chiron (Man-doctor) in the first degrees of Aries. In the case of the crisis of 1928, instead, on the Toro Scorpio axis the issues were only of an economic nature. Then we had to wait for President Roosevelt to flood the system with money to resolve the crisis. So in the last economic crises, 1987, 2001 and then 2008, the response of politics is always the same, to introduce money into the system (to the news of the Trump’s support plan for the economy of 2000 billion dollars, bitcoin (cryptocurrency) had a sharp surge in value because it “perceived” more concrete than real currency!). However, in addition to Trump’s decisions, there have also been proclamations at European level, but to be in line with the astrologic message of the North Node it is not only the economic aspect that needs to be reviewed in the next 18 months.

But also the need for a rebalancing of the action of power towards the people. A power that not only targets the economy, but that also puts human health at the center of attention and the ability to manage any future pandemics organically and promptly.

In this regard, also Bill Gates had expressed himself in these terms in unsuspected times, in 2015 in fact on youtube you can see:

A study by the University of Southampton established, in fact, that the spread of the virus in China (and consequently in the world) would have been reduced by 95% if it has act with three weeks in advance ( .uk / news / 2020/03 / fbclid = IwAR3v3ZivqtlL2B056X31Abx0oAzB7_bgdt-tiDNtb8a35uvgpwGbeaBkGlk) 

In other words, if China, during the terrible full moon in early January, had not decided to silence the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, but it had taken seriously the alarm that the doctor had launched, we would have had nothing of what it happened. Poor Li Wenliang died in early February, he was born on October 12, 1986, with a conjunction Lilith Chiron which made him, among other things, very resonant with the current condition.

Someone defines the current economic crisis induced by the crown virus emergency as a “black swan”. By way of clarification, I recall that the metaphor originates from a passage by the Latin poet Giovenale “rare avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno”. In other words, the statement: “all swans are white!” it was based on the erroneous presumption that what scientists observed was a complete survey sample. But the subsequent discovery of the Australian black swan later showed the error in the statement. I would say that, always metaphorically, and considering current medical and statistical knowledge, rather than a black swan it was a “gray” swan, in the sense that using the arguments of the founder of Microsoft, politics could imagine such event development. Still using the swan metaphor, the philosopher Popper went further, introducing the concept of falsificationism. The inductive approach to knowledge for science has basically relegated to marginality. That is, the fact that I only observe white swans does not mean anything from a scientific point of view, it is pseudo science. And so today all the deductive disciplines prevail, also as regards the human being. Science today prefers a black or white approach, true or false, and all the individual inductive observations that do not have a deductive system willing to accept them (what would be the physical laws for which the position of the North Node influences the collective behaviors of human beings? ) are rejected a priori, or branded, by some in the scientific world, as a pure mental projection of astrologer. We make clear that modern science is the most powerful form of domination, because it is the most powerful form of prediction. But denying the contribution that astrology can provide, albeit with varying degrees of uncertainty (and today unfortunately the sensitivity of situation is in the hand of the single astrologer, that could not have the right experiance to manage it ), in defining possible future scenarios, is a mistake!

In the most advanced modern physics, in conclusion, they go in search of dark matter, which could radically affect what we today call objective reality. Insist, therefore, with a only deductive approach to knowledge can be limiting, the good Socrates said “I know I don’t know”, therefore, we accept the fact that the explosion of the world Pandemic from Covid happened in conjunction with the opposition Mars Node North, and the new socio-economic paradigm that derived from it, as happened dozens of other times in the past, began precisely with the opposition Mars Node, and we open our minds to a scientific study of astrology.


McWhirter L.,“Astrology and Stock market forecasting” di L., 1938 ristamato nel 1977 e nel 1988.

Guido Cante, “Casualità o causalità. Connessioni tra i mercati azionari e le posizioni astrali.” Tullio Pironti Editore 2010


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