Graham Ibell – Astrological Extremisms: working with polarities in the horoscope


Life is made up of polarities, and for the astrologer these are very important: day – night, rising – setting, Sun – Moon, Aries – Libra, 6th house – 12th house. We also encounter them in planetary aspects, particularly the opposition. As a Southern Hemisphere astrologer, who has also lived in the North, I am acutely aware of the polities that the different temperate worlds experience (warm – cold, summer – winter), and wrestle with their implication for astrology.

In this session I would like to explore how we can better work astrologically with polarities, and explore what this might open up in our attitudes towards the chart. How might we identify polarities? How can we help a client to navigate extremes? How might we usefully apply Jung’s idea of a ‘reconciling third’ position? What are the dangers, but also the potentials, of polarities?


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