Gaye Alkan – Letting the Chart Reveal Itself: Multidimensional Chart

In this article, I want to make a thinking about how a chart can be read in many levels, how is the multidimensionality of a chart? I think it’s important to define all to be sure for an accurate understanding of a chart.

Accumulation of knowledge in astrology helps us to see the charts in many levels. From the Medieval Astrology till todays latest techniques, we have many tools to think on a chart in our readings. In this article, I want to make a thinking about how a chart can be read in many levels, how is the multidimensionality of a chart? I think it’s important to define all to be sure for an accurate understanding of a chart.

Planetary Symbolism

As it’s obvious for astrologers, a planet has many meanings. For example, Venus can mean “beauty” and it also means “cats”, it is also interpreted as girl, values, love, relationships etc. A chart has several planets, asteroids and hypothetical points. How can we be sure that Venus in a chart shows only “cats” for someone? Ofcourse we can not. Here is the challenge for an astrologer that, how can one be sure of a certain meaning in a certain symbolism?

I suggest “not being sure” at all. Because I believe a chart is a quantum area, it’s dinamic, it’s changing with time, experience, conditions, it changes even with the look of an eye in readings. This is the service and healing quality of a chart. So let’s free the symbolism be alive.

Inner Outer or More

In Medieval Astrology, there is a tendency for accepting a planet in a certain house as showing “someone” outside and doing something in our life. Due to the predictive nature of it, the look is mostly out of the self.  On the other hand, in Modern Astrology, we see the planet as a sign of an inner condition, inner energy. Here is the look inside of the human now. Also we know, sometimes the planetary position does not show both but some kind of a “quality” of an event or happening. Sometimes it’s an energy channel that the person has with his/her birth, a quality of a nature.

Choosing one is a challenge again. I believe there are many aspects of planetary positions that we don’t see at the moment.

House Systems

There are well known questions on which house system to use among the astrologers. This is a serious decision point in an astrologers journey. Mostly we have a tendency to follow our teachers choice. I personally believe that all systems are serving the astrological knowledge. As I explained my thoughts in my article “A Formula In Bringing Together: Placidus and Whole Sign”, each system are pointing different sides of the one’s life potential. For example, Whole Sign can show the “radix” and Placidus can show the “what one must do with the radix”. So having all the systems in our pot, will be useful.

360 or 90 Charts, Asteroids, Transneptunians

Charts with house systems show houses: Houses are the gates, transformative areas, life steps, everything we imagine and can not imagine at the moment. What about Dial charts? Do they work? I believe yes. They tell the story with a different mouth. Maybe they summarize the stories. I also believe the asteroids and transneptunians are worth to consider in a reading. A chart can be full of planets, hypothetical points that we have no information about yet.

So here I come with three dimensions of a chart:

Physical Level: This level shows many physical conditions. You can see things are materalized as people, objects, events, ilnessses, body organs etc. You can say certain explanations about what is happening in one’s life on material phase. This level is also predictive.

Soul Level: This has the pure radix energies and what makes a chart “dynamic” is mostly related with this dimension. Soul can sense and change thing within realization processes, sometimes without a clue. We sometimes see this change in the clients eye when are giving a reading. Or sometimes we feel we are over a planetary position with some kind of higher understanding or awareness. That is soul level. This is also have healing and higher service capasity for an astrologer. Endless possibilites are here.

Emotional Level: This level is related with one’s feelings due to persons physical dimension. This is also sometimes a bridge in creation between physical level and soul level. You can transfer quality by this. You can use anger of someone for his wife and trough this feeling, you can define what is happening in soul dimension. So if there is a change in soul, if there can be a glympse of awareness of the radix, you can change the physical level.


How can an astrologer use the highest reading potential in process? This is my question. To be aware of all the dimensions, some points are important to note:

1. Letting go of the need to be right or know things

Listening clients whole story before reading can prevent the “knowing game”. So this can open up the dimensions for our eyes.

2. Not being impatient and not forcing any judgments to a chart

Finding the answers is good but sometimes there is more than to that: Asking questions to the client. Even to the chart itself.

3. Trying to look a chart with a higher mind

A chart is what one needed in his / her life. So what’s happening in the bigger plan? What information can be absorbed from higher knowledge when we are looking at the charts? Opening up space for unlimited possibilites and interpretations is what I mean here.


A chart is a living, multidimensional capasity, as the astrology. More will reveal itself when we tend to look at it.



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