Gaye Alkan – Aristotle’s Hamartia in the Charts


“Hamartia” is the term from Aristotle’s “Poetics”. In the Greek language, Hamartia means, “to err”, or “mistake”. Aristotle used this term while explaining the hero’s tragic fault in the Greek Tragedies. He suggests that “the hero” has always a “Hamartia” and this Hamartia takes the hero to the tragic end. This is a kind of “weakness”, “a bleeding point in life that destroys the other things”. Hamartia is like a specific characteristic in human nature. It is like having more or less of a code, mostly ethical ones, in someone’s nature, and this imbalance causes some damage in the life process. This work is on how to find Hamartia in the natal charts and how to use its benefits for ourselves and for the clients.

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