Gaye Alkan – An Astrological Review of THE HOLOCAUST


When we want to understand important events in world history, it’s useful to create charts for those events and take a look at planetary cycles, angularity, the Moon’s condition, and the Fixed Stars. These tools can give evidence about the causality of a historical situation. The three generational planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are particularly important significators of any time because of their slow moving pace. In this article, I will follow a route from the closing phase of Uranus-Saturn in Taurus to Uranus in Gemini-Saturn in Cancer by looking at the Holocaust event, a shameful time in the history of the humanity.



About the Holocaust

“The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Holocaust is a word of Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire." The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were "racially superior" and that the Jews, deemed "inferior," were an alien threat to the so-called German racial community. During the era of the Holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived "racial inferiority": Roma (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds, among them Communists, Socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals.”

The Main Timeline

There are important dates in the timeline of the process to see the complete story through the eyes of planetary cycles. Here are the most important dates among them:

  • Adolf Hitler’s elected Chancellor of Germany – Jan 30 1933
  • First camp Dachau was founded  – March 20 1933,
  • Boycott of Jewish-owned shops and businesses – April 1 1933,
  • German invasion in Poland which starts World War 2 in Europe – September 1 1939,
  • Battle of Britain – July 10 1940,
  • The first gas used in a camp in Chelmno –  December 8 1941,
  • Wansee Conference – 20 January 1942,
  • Death marches January – 24 1945,
  • Hitler commits suicide – April 30, 1945.

Wansee Conference – The Final Solutions

On January 20, 1942, 15 high-ranking Nazi Party and German government officials gathered at a villa in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to discuss and coordinate the implementation of what they called the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question." 

Key Facts

1. The mass murder of the Jews by Nazi Germany and its collaborators required the coordination and cooperation of governmental agencies throughout Axis-controlled Europe. 

2. The Wannsee Conference was a high-level meeting of German officials to discuss and implement the so-called “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” (mass killing). 

3. The SS envisioned that some 11 million Jews, some of them not living on German-controlled territory, would be eradicated as part of the Nazi program. 

The "Final Solution" was the code name for the systematic, deliberate, physical annihilation of the European Jews. At some still undetermined time in 1941, Hitler authorized this European-wide scheme for mass murder.

At the time of the Wannsee Conference, most participants were already aware that the National Socialist regime had engaged in mass murder of Jews and other civilians in the German-occupied areas of the Soviet Union and in Serbia. Some had learned of the actions of the Einsatzgruppen and other police and military units, which were already slaughtering tens of thousands of Jews in the German-occupied Soviet Union.

Here is the Wansee Conference chart. As all the others charts in this work, it’s drawn as a Solar Chart.

Angularity in The Chart: In important event charts, it is common to see high angularity (planets on the angles of the chart). Although this is a Solar chart (There is no birth time, the Sun is the Ascendant degree) we still take these houses into consideration. The first house captures the first sight of the event and it is the main place that whole story appears. In Mundane Astrology, it represents the country and its inhabitants in general. It shows the conditions of the general prosperity and the health of the country. The fourth house shows the land where we live, the owners of the land and the workers on it. There are suggestions that if a Malefic is in the fourth house, it afflicts the government. In this case, Mars in the 4th house confirms this. The seventh house shows the obvious adversaries. In a Mundane perspective, the seventh house also refers to foreign affairs.

Uranus & Saturn Conjunction in Taurus: Saturn/Uranus have a 45 year cycle which represents the changes and transformation of structures in society. Uranus will reform the structures that exist or destroy them to make room for the new ones. Uranus is eccentric, full of unconventional ideas, prone to creating a crisis to show the weaknesses of the current system and highlight the old, obsolete components which must be changed. Uranus can destroy the regimes or can show a strict reform movement.

Taurus is the fixed Earth sign. It describes the material world. In Wansee Conference chart and in the charts which are listed in the timeline, we see Uranus and Saturn are closing a cycle in Taurus. Taurus is related to the economy. When we think that this movement included a boycott of Jewish shops, this can be seen as a sabotage of the economy.

Mercury is in Aquarius Conjunct the Fixed Star Sualocin (17 AQ): Sualocin is a fixed star with a Mercury – Jupiter nature. Bernadette Brady states that this star shows “a kind of talent”, “an intelligent playfulness” and it “focuses on curiosity about, as well as intuitive knowledge of, one’s space and the environment. This star speaks of a native talent in an area where the others may flounder”. Aleksandar Imsiragic suggests Sualocin is “Similar to that of Rotanev” so as in stated in Rotanev’s explanation, “there is a hidden world that cannot be seen at first sight.”

With Sualocin’s talent when it is associated with Mercury, one can suggest that there were some inspiring speeches and ideas at the conference. Mercury with Sualocin in Aquarius shows there are ideas, plans which seems friendly and brilliant at first sight, for everyone (Aquariuas the large groups/collective). but that the person or thing is not achieving what it claims or seems.

Pluto in the First Degrees of Leo, Conjunct Chiron and Square Mars in Taurus: Leo is ruled by one of The Luminaries, The Sun. The Sun is about shining and being seen. It signifies kings, leaders, authority figures, and male energy. Pluto in Leo can show the wrong use of leadership and power struggles. With Chiron in Leo, it shows a “pain” and a “wound” in matters of creativity, children (the future), and love. While Pluto wants to have the power to transform and lead, Chiron does not want to be seen or does not see itself fitting to be in a leadership position. It is dilemma of this energy.

Pluto in square to Mars in Taurus descrives the aggressive aim to take over resources, and this poses a threat to the home base (Mars in the 4th house). It shows again the aim to sabotage the economy and take over the assets of the Jewish people.

The Moon and The South Node Conjunction (15 PI): The Moon refers to the inhabitants in the country. The waxing Moon suggests that there is a growing project associated with this conference. Pisces shows that the citizens are not in control of their lives at that moment and may be facing loss. Also the partile degrees of the Moon and the South Node refer to an important turning point for the people in that country. The Nodes are in the 2/8 house axes,  resources and also issues related to loss and death are included in the situation. Additionally, the Moon squares its dispositor Jupiter, and Jupiter is associated with foreign cultures and ethic background. Jupiter ruling the 12th house, can hint at a discrimination against certain minorities, based on cultural or religious references.

The Anaretic Degree of The Sun (29 CA): Anaretic degrees (the last degree of the sign) often show a saturation point of the conditions of the sign. Here we see a process is over and that a new process is about to begin when the Sun will subsequently move into Aquarius. Capricorn and Aquarius are both ruled by Saturn, which is one of the main actors of the Uranus – Saturn conjunction. So Anaretic Sun also refers to that cycle in Taurus, something is closed now with this conference and another face of Saturn appears.

The Grand Trine Between Sun – Uranus – Neptune: The trine is in the earth element, showing that there are decisions that will be practically applied. The decision is related to the material, the economy (Taurus), the government (Capricorn) and the service and workers (Virgo). The energy in the earth element flows easy within these planets to establish a new decision. (Trine)

German Invasion of Soviet Union and Beginning of The Systematic Killing

Under the code name Operation "Barbarossa", Nazi Germany invaded the Western part of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. It was the largest German military operation of World War II. 

The destruction of the Soviet Union by military force, the permanent elimination of the perceived Communist threat to Germany, and the seizure of prime land within Soviet borders for long-term German settlement had all been core policy of the Nazi movement since the 1920s. Adolf Hitler had always regarded the German-Soviet nonaggression pact, signed on August 23, 1939, as a temporary tactical maneuver. On July 1940, just weeks after the German conquest of France and the Low Countries, Hitler decided to attack the Soviet Union within the following year. On December 18, 1940, he signed Directive 21 (code-named Operation "Barbarossa"), the first operational order for the invasion of the Soviet Union. 

From the beginning of operational planning, German military and police authorities intended to wage a war of annihilation against the Communist state as well as the Jews of the Soviet Union, whom they characterized as forming the "racial basis" for the Soviet state. During the winter and spring months of 1941, officials of the Army High Command (Oberkommando des Heeres-OKH) and the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt-RSHA) negotiated arrangements for the deployment of Einsatzgruppen behind the front lines to physically annihilate Jews, Communists, and other persons deemed to be dangerous to the establishment of long-term German rule on Soviet territory.

Beginning in late July, with the arrival of Himmler's representatives (the Higher SS and Police Leaders) and significant reinforcement, the SS and police, supported by locally recruited auxiliaries, began to physically annihilate entire Jewish communities in the Soviet Union. Success both on the military front and in the murder of the Soviet Jews contributed to Hitler's decision to deport German Jews to the occupied Soviet Union beginning on October 15, 1941, initiating what would become "Final Solution" policy: the physical annihilation of the European Jews. 

Here is the chart of the invasion and also the beginning of the systematic killing.

Sun at 0 Cancer squares the Nodes: There is a pressure to the authority (Sun) which is “a must happen” event according to the karma or destiny (Nodes). The Sun in Cancer is The Apex of the T – Square here. As this is a Solar Chart drawn for Moscow, The Sun in Cancer (Cancer is also about nation, hometown) in The Apex – the focus of the pressure – represents the local authority, The Soviet Union. Tenth house also suggests “people who are in authority, the government, president” in Mundane Astrology. Here the pressure comes from the tenth house. It’s possible to see Germany as the tenth house, as a new authority. (Mars is exalted in the seventh house which is the house of foreign affairs.) In Mundane Astrology, the tenth house also suggests the “reputation” of the country. Another interpretation of the sign change of the ruler of the tenth house which is in conjunction with The South Node can be a change in reputation of the current goverment.

Mars with The South Node on The Top of The Chart: Mars is not very powerful in Pisces, and here it is in an opposition to Neptune, which makes actions unclear and dissolves the energy. Neptunian energy also rules Mars and the South Node according to Modern Rulership. The tenth house is ruled by Aries, however the ruler of the Aries is placed in Pisces. The North Node is in a trine with Saturn and Uranus, which also supports the idea that there is a deeper meaning in this event for souls.

The Moon is in the twelfth house in conjunction with Jupiter, parallels with Fixed Stars Alhena and Aldebaran (3 GE): The Moon’s position shows the inhabitants of the country may not be safe. Mercury as the dispositor of the Moon, is in a trine with the South Node and Mars conjunction.

Alhena Fixed Star represents “A belief for which one will march. This marching may bring pain at some level, but it is a pain embraced with the pride and love associated with the desire to link oneself to an ideal.” When it is with the Moon, “To have a voice or desire to guide or to help people.” (Brady)

Fixed Star Aldebaran with the Moon suggests a similar point on helping the others: “Environmental concerns, people needing to look after each other and the land.”

These two Fixed Stars perfectly explain the feelings and the conditions of the inhabitants of Moscow which was being invaded. People needed to survive and needed to help each other. Their concerns were also about the land. However, we see they had no control with the twelfth house placement over the situation.

Uranus with Fixed Star Alcyone (28 TAU): Alcyone is “linked to the Fates and the judgment of the dead.” There is “ also a potential for ruthless or judgmental anger.” (B.Brady)

First Gas Used in a Camp in Chelmno

The village of Chelmno (Ger.: Kulmhof) is located about 30 miles northwest of Lodz along the Ner River, a tributary of the Warta River in today’s west central Poland. Under German occupation in World War II, Chelmno was located in the Wartheland administrative unit (seat Poznan/Posen). SS and police authorities established the Chelmno killing center in order to annihilate the Jewish population of the Wartheland, including the inhabitants of the Lodz ghetto. It was the first stationary facility where poison gas was used for mass murder of Jews. 

The “killing center” consisted of an unused manorial estate in the town of Chelmno itself. They removed the corpses from the gas vans and buried them in the mass graves.

As the process continued, the killing system had new tools. This is the chart of the first gas used at the camp in Chelmno.

Mercury in Sagittarius with Antares in Opposition with Jupiter in Gemini: This suggests a fanatic idea (Sagittarius) which is related to future plans and included idealism for the collective.(12th house). Antares shows that there is force and this idea may be inspired by “revenge” or “obsessions”.

Mars in Aries, Parallels with Bellatrix: This can be interpreted that “a price will be paid with success” (Brady) and also this will be in an immediate, strong way. (Mars’s rulership.) There is also a grand trine in fire element that create a flow of energy between these destructive energies.

Uranus parallels with Arcturus and Saturn conjucts Capulus: Uranus parallels with Arcturus signifies a “hunter” (Brady) with new methods. This is a leading Fixed Star and very much related to military actions. Capulus is associated with male energy. It works with passion and is “at times brutal and violent” (Brady). Capulus with Saturn is also interpreted as “to ruthlessly fulfil one’s dreams, whether positive or negative and to take the authoritarian position.” by Brady. These suggest that Uranus-Saturn could do a passionate, ruthless work on the current system of the country. During its closing its cycle in Taurus, a violent, destructive energy led the process.

Because Jupiter, Pluto and the Nodes are Retrograde, it’s quite possible to think that this is a karmic debt related to some shadows of power (Pluto in Leo), informative or communicative pollution (Jupiter in Gemini) and beliefs, things people do or don’t do related to a belief system or metaphysics (South Node in Pisces).

Venus and The Moon – Pluto Opposition: We see the 2/8 axis emphasized again. Venus is the ruler of the sixth house associated with the army. The Moon, Pluto and Chiron are conjunct in the house of death (8th house).

Death Marches

Heinrich Himmler ordered that prisoners in all concentration camps and subcamps to be evacuated toward the interior of the Reich. Due to the rapid Soviet advance, the SS had not had time to complete the evacuation of Majdanek. Soviet and western media widely publicized SS atrocities at the camp, using both footage of the camp at liberation and interviews with some of the surviving prisoners. The SS guards had strict orders to kill prisoners who could no longer walk or travel. Thousands of prisoners died of exposure, starvation, and exhaustion.

One of the reasons I chose “Death Marches” chart as the last example is the sign change of the Uranus and Saturn. This chart is an example of the atmosphere in 1945. As you see above, Uranus – Saturn new conjunction cycle is passed. A new system, whether it is good or bad, seems to be established. In this chart, we see Saturn is in Cancer, the sign of its detriment.

Uranus in Gemini shows a kind of Mercurial release, a freedom which is obvious in Hitler’s suicide chart (30 May 1945 – 15:30, Berlin.) Uranus Saturn in Taurus cycle was emphasizing a pressure on material level, especially on survival needs because of Taurus symbolization. Uranus in Gemini shows that “change” is now through the air element. Now as Mercury rules Uranus, even the basic communication can change lives at this point. Uranus in Gemini suggests “world changing / liberating news” at the same time, as in Hitler’s death news.

First House of The Solar Chart (28 CA): 28 degree is almost an anaretic degree. The chart shows a saturation of the whole process. The foreign soldiers are about to come and the people are forced walk constantly. Some are lost, some are alive and the process is about to end. The pressure to march is seen in Mars (force) conjunct Mercury (walking) – especially with Saturn opposing – Authoritarian pressure to walk or die.

Saturn in Opposition with Mercury-Mars Conjunction: Saturn is in the sixth house in detriment and Mercury and Mars oppose Saturn from the twelfth house. The sixth house is the house of the Army. There is a system which comes from the Army and this system relates to actions and communications (Mercury – Mars). Although there seems a loss according to the Moon’s aspects with Mars, the South Node and Saturn, this chart also shows that the government and especially the Army is under pressure. The ruler of the sixth house Mercury, and also Mars, are ruled by Saturn in Cancer.

Chiron and Neptune Apex of the T – Square in the ninth house: Ninth house suggests “far from the camp” here. People are forced to walk miles and miles away. There is the idea to hide the people with Neptune and this made people pay a physical price with Chiron.

The Moon is in Opposition to Jupiter: also suggest the condition of the people in the country. Jupiter is the ruler of the 8th house also the dispositor of the Moon and Venus in Pisces. These people have faced death and loss while in exile (Jupiter in the 8H).

Mars with Fixed Star Facies can be interpreted as a strong violent activity. Facies is explained as “the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon”, “a fearsome dictator” or “the individual who may be the  victim of the archer’s stare.” (Brady). Mars and Facies is also stated as “Endurance, physical or mental, for good for evil.” by Brady.

The death marches ended this long process. With Hitler’s suicide, we can see that an era had closed. This chart shows the torture, but it also implies a light after the dark times with Uranus-Saturn’s new cycle.


Event charts and the planetary cycles in those charts give valuable information about the historical process. Although it’s not possible to share all the charts in this article, I tried to explain that there were signs of the end of the era with Uranus-Saturn in Taurus, that the old  system was changed for ever.

In terms of angularity, there is a less angularity in the mass-killing event charts and instead of the angular houses, we see cadent houses are emphasized. (This can be a beginning for further research.) On the other hand the Moon’s position in the charts and the Fixed Stars give qualified data at the same time. Fixed stars, if we carefully understand the underlying message, shows the “motivation of the act” such as violence when connected with Arcturus or revenge with Antares. It’s also possible to understand the capacity of the act, and whether it will be successful or not, by the nature of the Fixed Star. This gives us a great tool to understand today’s and future events.


With blessings to humanity.

Gaye Alkan





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