Gaye Alkan – A Formula in Bringing Together: Placidus and Whole Sign


There are many discussions about which house system to use among astrologers. Some of us are following Hellenic traditions and believing that The Whole Sign is protecting the whole and accurate information of the chart. And some of us are using different Quadrant Systems saying that the Ascendant degree and axis are vital, and that a chart cannot be complete without an Ascendant degree dividing the upper and lower hemispheres.

Astrology students are also confused in their learning journey. They are trying to find the reliable guidance to use house systems. I studied astrology with Öner Dö┼čer and he always uses the two systems: Placidus and Whole Sign system. I also personally believe that these two house system techniques show two different and valid information. Here is how:

This is my natal chart. Using Placidus house system, I have many planets in the 2nd house in Pisces. Although there are a lot of squares, a T-square and an anaretic house cusp (29 degree) in the 2nd house, one can think that this concentration of planets shows the prosperity in one’s resources.

I say this is accurate in my life. But resources are not only money or objects. Resources can be ideas, feelings and personal needs.

Below is my Whole Sign chart:

As we can see, the Pisces stellium is now placed in the 3rd house in Whole Sign house system. This shows what kind of resources and the abundance I have. The squares from pisces to Sagittarius are showing the creative and challenging process of materializing my ideas, particularly as the planets in the 12th house are similar to the Pisces energy, and describing some of my struggle with basic communication while at the same time having a range of mental and emotional values.

An important note that I was very successful in my early education (3rd house) and I gained several awards in poetry and story telling. When I was fourteen, I was the winner of a writing competion and had my story book published as a prize. I was also successfull in different artistic areas.

What was the resource and asset that got transfered from the 2nd house (Placidus) to the 3rd house (Whole Sign)? It was writing of course!

As an adult, I was always successful with writing. I made money from writing and editing as my 3rd house reflects. I believe that these four planets capture that.

So here is my formula about the House systems:

1. Whole Sign chart shows the radix. What kind of resource we have in each house and sign, what kind of energy channels you came with. Basically what you have in your bones.

2. Placidus chart shows, which way or place or area of life you have to turn your “soul” resources into the real life. What you have in Whole Sign that needs to be activated with Placidus house placement for manifesting.

3. Placidus shows what you are supposed to do, while Whole Sign shows you “How?”

I use this thinking way for understanding charts. I also want to give an example of one of my client’s chart: The person had planets in the 5th house in Placidus system and they were moved to the 6th house with Whole House. The owner of the chart was a theatre teacher for disabled children. The Twelve-Sixth axis reflects this kind of service, using the art and to support children, stage, and self expression. Resource that she brings to her life on a soul level is her service with art and healing with art (5th house with Placidus).

I think this will work in every chart but particularly in the charts where there is a significant change in the placements of planets, as similar to this case. Some of the charts do not have significant changes when using different house systems. This is an important study to show how the each technique of astrology is valid and useful and has a role to play in the greater analysis.


The article was first published in the Career Astrologer, OPA magazine, Dec 2016 Edition. 



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