Gali Livneh – The Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio – Taurus


The Nodes of the Moon are moving into the Axis of Scorpio-Taurus in January 2022. In this presentation Gali will talk about the meaning of this shift of energy and possible themes that can come up more strongly globaly and personally. As we move from the mutable, explorative journy in Sagitarius-Gemini Axis into the uncompromising fixed one, life can begin to become more stable on the one hand, but also can be more challenging emotionaly, especially in light of the collective post-Covid (traumatic-for-many) experience.

The main themes we will explore in this presentation are:

* The strong fixed signs energy in this year

* The meeting of the Nodes with the Saturn-Uranus square

* The eclipses cycles in this axis

* The dynamic of the rulers of the Nodes: Venus, Mars and Pluto

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