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By all accounts the Women’s March on Washington on 1/21/17, was an unexpectedly huge happening. No one anticipated the massive response and the crowds of about half a million. In fact, there were marches in nearly all 50 US States and in major cities across the globe! It was a phenomenon to behold, especially with all the pink p**** hats – not to mention the many supportive men who marched with women. Basically, the message delivered to the new President and the new government and to all the world was that we/women are not going back in time. Women refuse to have their bodies legislated by men and/or the government. The march was about more than reproductive rights, however; it was for the dignity of women and backlash against a President who has demonstrated great disrespect for women.

That we are in a time of a values struggle is clearly evident in that the Women’s March took place on the day after the Trump inauguration, sending a clear message that the majority gender and the majority of voters do not support the Trump agenda. Astrologically, the struggle is evident in the powerful square between Pluto/Capricorn and Uranus/Aries. Although this exact square, of which we had seven, is technically over, we are now in the integration phase. The collective has lived through a shift in consciousness via these seven squares which took place between 2012 and 2015, and has now embodied them. We witnessed many countries fighting for human rights, which made us more alert to the problems within our own society and government that needed fixing. LGBTQ rights were confirmed during and as a result of these squares between Pluto and Uranus. At its most basic, it is the dynamic struggle between the old (Capricorn) and the new (Aries) or between ideas that are crystallized and unbending and refreshing new energy that wants to progress. Further, it is the struggle between the imposition of government (Pluto/Capricorn) and individual rights and freedoms (Uranus/Aries).

The March took place with the Moon still in the passionate sign of Scorpio, where it is in its fall and unlikely to be compliant. Scorpio is an emotionally reactive sign and the roots of what it feels come from a deep emotional intelligence. When something simply does not “feel” right, the Scorpio archetype will react. This energy is the Moon position for the new USA administration and means that the collective energy of the people will remain active and in research or suspicious mode for the duration of this Presidential term.


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