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Iconic and brilliant rock-star Prince, only 57 years old, was found slumped unconscious in an elevator at his estate on 4/21/16. He was pronounced dead at 10:07AM CDT. Although an autopsy was performed, cause of death is not confirmed. A drug overdose is suspected. The singer made an emergency jet landing days before with an unknown medical situation. Prince is most known for the mega hit songs, “Purple Rain,” and “When Doves Cry.” He was a seven time Grammy winner, a staunch supporter of the rights of the artist and fought the music industry’s greed for most of his career.

We have an exact birth-time for Prince (from B.C). He was born on June 7, 1957, 6:17PM, Minneapolis, MN. He was a hard-working Gemini, with Sun opposite Saturn/Sadge. He was approaching his Saturn return – a powerful ending/beginning of a 30-year cycle.  His Moon was early Pisces opposite Pluto @ 29 Leo and a Scorpio Ascendant. He has three planets very strong, each in its own sign: Mercury/Gemini, Venus/Taurus and Mars/Aries. His Mars was at 0 degrees – a very potent and pioneering thrust.



The triggers for his death are very clear. He’s been living under progressed Pluto/Virgo exactly opposite his Moon/Pisces for some time, and, in the last 11 months, his progressed Midheaven (MC) had slipped into Scorpio, triggering this opposition and moving toward his natal and progressed Neptune in Scorpio and making an exact inconjunct (150 deg.) to his Mars/Aries. The most immediate trigger was progressed Sun/Leo exactly conjuncting his progressed Uranus/Leo. Yet another very recent condition was transiting Saturn stationing retrograde @ 16deg. (3/25/16) exactly opposite his Sun/Gemini, applying pressure. The two Sun conditions would have been the ones to time the event, as the Sun indicates the vital life force. His heart may have stopped suddenly. Transiting Uranus/Aries had just reached an exact opposition to his natal Jupiter/Libra, and Prince died during a Void-of-Course Moon in Libra, just before a Full Moon @ 2 Scorpio conjunct his natal Neptune/Scorpio. Journey well and rest in peace, Prince. You will live on in your music.


Dorothy Oja

(excerpted and adapted from Dorothy’s newsmagazine, PlanetWeather 4/25/16.) Sample @  Daily blog:



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