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The magic, mystery and work are in the degree loop accentuated by the Mars retrograde cycle. Let me explain. Although a Mars retrograde and all retrograde motion is essentially an optical illusion (as seen from our vantage on Earth), there are electromagnetic changes that take place which have been scientifically measured. In other words, we feel a difference both in our atmosphere and within ourselves during a planet’s retrograde, although this may be subtle. We are more sensitive to inner planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, Mars) because these planets are closer to Earth




All that said, our current Mars retrograde loop takes place between 23 Scorpio and 8 Sadge. Mars turns Station Retro on 4/17 at 8 Sagittarius and turns Station Direct at 23 Scorpio on 6/29/16.

Mars entered mutable, fire Sagittarius on 3/5/16. Mars is exuberant and expansive in a Jupiter-ruled sign – the sign of the seeker, wanderer, adventurer, philosopher, teacher, eternal student and salesperson. Among its abilities are teaching, sales, and inspiring others to do their best. In fact, this Mars is quite convincing and is known to talk a blue streak when it wants to share information or a story with you. Mars/Sadge is warm and engaging but tends to “push its luck,” its ruler Jupiter being the sign of good fortune and opportunity. Mars, then, is actively engaged in finding and taking advantage of opportunities and shooting for the stars. At its worst manifestation, Mars/Sadge is an opportunist, or someone who tries to convince you of something when in actuality it is something they want for themselves, with your help, of course. This is the signature of the salesperson with the gift of talking his or her way in and out of anything. At its best, Mars/Sadge is the one who inspires and transmits wisdom from a host of life experiences and is willing to share those insights in communication, teaching, and writing.

Note: we are not done with Mars in Scorpio – half of Mars retro will take place in Scorpio, the sign of power, empowerment, resources, transformation, impact, politics, and the collective zeitgeist, to name a few. This retrograde combination (Sadge/Scorpio) is the instinct to detect false advertising or promotion and uncover the motives of those who seek to convince you or sell you! Perfect for a US Presidential race! It’s only about every 26 months that Mars turns retrograde. What’s most interesting to know is that due to this year’s mars retro – we have Mars in either Scorpio or Sadge from 1/5/16 through 9/29/16! Only two Mars signs for nine months of 2016! Normally, Mars travels through a sign in 6 weeks!

We’ve already entered the degree segment (between 23 Scorpio – 8 Sadge) that Mars retrograde traverses, it began on 2/18/16m – meaning situations that will amplify during the actual retrograde may have already appeared. If not, our understanding of some circumstances that have happened in the past are likely to change and morph during the actual retrograde. This loop that Mars and all retrogrades share is a rich one, if we understand what it is meant to tell us.

Typically starting something brand new is ill-advised since a retro energy is geared for deeper processing, going back over previous material, and refining projects and experiences. Essentially, there’s an unfinished quality. Mars retrograde does garner some frustration and a sense of deflated energy, at least initially, and projects/situations that are not viable may fall away. The natural tendency for Mars is progress forward but this is lessened during a Mars retro, as we feel ourselves being pulled back, halted, or otherwise needing to review our actions or position. Anger or aggression that was minimized in the direct phase of the planet will be up for review, and Mars may even be more aggressive as it retraces its path and has the opportunity to think more deeply about situations. Understanding the nature of Mars retro will assist you in navigating its richness.


(excerpted and adapted from Dorothy’s newsmagazine, PlanetWeather.) Sample @  Daily blog:



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