Dorothy Oja – Brazil Implodes


Like so many other countries in recent years, Brazil is now going through its own metamorphosis. The Brazilian government has long been corrupt and the country’s economy is going through the worst depression since the 1920’s, from a boom just a few years ago. Impeachment proceedings are underway against the current President, Dilma Rousseff. The former President, Lula Da Silva was charged with corruption, and Rousseff attempted to appoint the former President (also her patron and supporter) to her cabinet so that he could not be prosecuted for the corruption charges. This action failed and did not go over well with the public. Dilma Rousseff is charged with manipulating budget laws to cover huge budget deficits so that she could be re-elected. She is also implicated in a kickback scandal involving the national oil company, Petrobras.

There are several charts for Brazil, one for when it was discovered by the Portuguese in 1550, and one for independence from Portugal, which we’ll use today. This chart is set for September 7 1822 @ approximately 4:30PM in Sao Paulo (from The Book of World Horoscopes, by Nicholas Campion).



What is immediately obvious is that both charts have strong positions along the Scorpio/Taurus axis, indicating the lushness of the land and Brazil’s immense natural resources, as well as the money that is involved in such resources, and the potential for financial corruption or mismanagement.

The chart has Sun and Mercury in Virgo and both transiting Jupiter/Virgo and transiting Saturn/Sagittarius have made Station points (stopping points) focused on the degree of Brazil’s Sun and Mercury. The Sun typically signifies the leadership and Mercury signifies all communications.

Brazil’s Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, and transiting Neptune/Pisces has been squaring this conjunction over the last year. The trigger that has brought people into the streets en masse, and ignited heavy protests is Mars retrograde @ 8 Sadge opposing Brazil’s Moon/Jupiter/Gemini.

The impeachment proceedings have a series of steps and stages. Dilma Rousseff says she will fight impeachment with everything she has. Proceedings along with a full investigation will most likely be completed in the Fall (Spring in Brazil!) Astrologically in the Fall, Jupiter moves into Libra and immediately opposes Brazil’s Pluto @ 0 Aries, a powerful degree for any planet to inhabit. Jupiter is justice and rebalancing. Jupiter continues on to square Brazil’s Neptune conjunct Uranus/Capricorn. Clearly, there is a big transformation taking place and in the midst of this governmental scandal, the Summer Olympics are scheduled in August. Hopefully, that time and the games themselves, will not be completely chaotic for the sake of the athletes and visitors to Brazil.


(excerpted and adapted from Dorothy’s newsmagazine, PlanetWeather 4/25/16.) Sample @  Daily blog:



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