David Cochrane – Forecast for 2019


David will describe what we can expect in 2019 based on Vibrational Astrology. In Vibrational Astrology minor aspects like quintiles and septiles and even more “exotic” aspects like 11ths of a circle are considered to have a major impact, and midpoint structures also have a major impact. We will look at how these vibrational planetary patterns affected trends in recent years and which trends we can expect to become stronger and which ones will become weaker.

Especially important in setting trends is the relationship of Neptune and Pluto. The orbits of Neptune and Pluto are in harmonic resonance with each other and the relationship of these two planets to each other indicates what global and collective hopes and dreams are activated. We will see how Neptune and Pluto set trends throughout the 20th century and what trends they are now setting and how other planets will also affect major trends in 2019.


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