Claudia Rizzi – Chiron in a provoking challenge: Eva Duarte de Peron


This article is a transcript of the conference given by Claudia Rizzi at the UAC Congress – 2012

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The position of Chiron in an individual’s chart can cause extreme pressure that surpasses normal limitations for changes in the society where they live. In certain points of the horoscope, it operates parallel to Pluto and we see individuals overcome many obstacles suffered early in life. This results in the individual’s rising above those negatives by involving themselves in service to humanity in some way.

According to Melanie Reinhart, these suggestions are offered: A traumatic experience at an earlier time in an individual’s life can accentuate a hidden talent and gift in later life. Once the traumatic experience is identified it provides a review of that part of our being that had to be overcome and initiated immeasurable reactions. Often overcoming a traumatic experience coincides with the first transit or progression on the planet that initiated the experience.


We do this in 2 different ways:

  1. Identify the traumatic situation that we remember and we will find the well-trodden planet
  2. Establish a transit of Chiron (usually return to age 50) and see what planet was active at that time. Review the ephemeris and see which was the first contact of the two.


Be that as it may we start realizing that it is necessary to understand that only hard work on the area where we have been blocked can overcome the damage of our psyche that is sore from failing. Once this is fully understood we see lots of opportunities to serve humanity and flourish for the good of our community.


The example of “Evita”:

The natal chart of Eva Duarte de Peron brings us much light on how the energy of Chiron can overcome the limits of our own objectives to become a carrier of abstract energy that connects with the collective unawareness of the time.

Let’s look at the message:

Eva Duarte de Peron was born on May 7, 1919 at 9:04:36 AM GMT in Los Toldos, Argentina  35 S 0’ and 61 W 02’ (Time was rectified by the Astrological Center of Buenos Aires)


Following is the natal chart in the Koch system.

We see the Sun in conjunction with Mars in Taurus and the Moon in conjunction with Saturn in Leo. The Ascendant at 24 Aries 22.

The majority of planets is located in the first 4 houses of the chart. This indicates a very decisive personality based on the Sun-Mars conjunction in Taurus, that indicates stubbornness and obstinacy. It provided the necessary strength to overcome all the obstacles that life presented.

Look at Neptune, Moon and Saturn in the 4th house (with Cancer cusp) that shows the family environment that challenged her for the ultimate evolution.

We know that Eva was born in a household with no legal status: her father was legally married to another woman with a family, but met Eva’s mother. Eva was a bastard child. Her father visited her occasionally and became responsible for her education and other needs of her family. Her childhood was very lonely, sad and disappointing. In Mexico this type of arrangement is called the “Casa grande” family with the mistress and the children.


When her father died the family also died and is abandoned without resources since it is not legally or socially recognized. In her youth she decided to move to Buenos Aires to try her luck and makes a new start as an actress and broadcaster. There she meets Juan Domingo Peron, who creates the opportunity to change all the hatred and resentment in her soul. As the First Lady she changed the deep wound and observed the healing beyond comprehension for the suffering. She decided to become the healer and the voice of the Argentine people at that time.


This article will only describe the influence of Chiron and how her experience may have evolved during her lifetime.

Chiron in Aries in 12th is in trine with Neptune, which is in trine with North Node and squaring Pluto/Jupiter.

  • Chiron in Aries:

One feels that one has no right to exist. It is assertion and initiative that overcomes fear of non-begging. Difficulty in starting something with passion. Memories of violent and humiliating events at early age.

  • Chiron in 12th house:

“The eternal inner satisfaction.” In this house Chiron vibrates in the mental life and connects with the person in tune with society and provides the opportunity to reach the mind that is receptive of mental contact. It can connect with more than one individual simultaneously. The receiving person has difficulty to understand being invaded on the subconscious level.

Whatever the circumstances of life the Chiron native violates it runs the risk of staying trappedin a reaction of anger. Hate and resentment without giving the opportunity to ask and confront prevents understanding of “for what.” After all Chiron has been hurt in his half animal instinct. We know that animals react aggressively to wounds; animals that possess enough strength tend to return to attack.


Let’s have look at the transits of Chiron that affected her life.

  • Jan 1926: Chiron conj. ASC. Her father dies.
  • August 1938: Chiron waxing square Chiron: Gaining popularity as an actress.
  • October 1945: Chiron opp. Chiron: marriage to Juan D. Peron.
  • July 1949: Chiron trine Chiron. Formed Peronists Women’s Party.
  • July 1952: Chiron waning square Chiron. She dies at age 33.


Post Mortum:

  • July 1971: Chiron return. Her mother died.
  • 1996: 2nd : Chiron opp. Chiron: Opens the opera “Evita.”


It is clear from experience and practice of astrology that often the aspects and progressions of a planet continue even after death of a person. Individuals with strong decision-making impact on the world linger long in history. It is interesting to investigate the following planetary contacts “post mortum.” This question is very clear in this chart.


In a society dominated by men she promoted the value of women until she achieved the female vote, which created the stronghold of social demands of the “weaker” sex. All her efforts were devoted to strengthen the free choice for their own destiny. She was adored by the women in Argentina and became their political, social and spiritual leader. Here we see Chiron in Aries in action as a spokesperson and guide to unprotected people (12th house) whose ignored position in childhood becomes a challenge of life. Juan Peron was only a channel for her to attract and liberate the masses from church services.


Her popularity was created around the trade unions that enhanced her charisma to influence the masses of the workers. She called them the “beaten down” ones. It angered the Catholic Church that objected to posters with her picture as if she was a virgin and received worshipping by the working classes. Her autobiography “The reason for life” became mandatory reading in all state schools. Her efforts became a name promoting cult for behavior and appeared in cities and even in the provinces. She became responsible for the female vote through law # 13010. It promoted the participation of women in politics and created the Peronist Female party in 1951. The law implied that Peron’s 2nd term would have a Vice Presidency for Eva Peron.


Even though the law was passed and had the full support of Peron’s Political Party and the labor unions the military opposed it. Unfortunately, Eva died in July 1952 after the election. It caused the failure of the full implementation of the law.

On July 9, 1952 just before her death from cancer her words were heard in a crowd of demonstrators: “Resigned from the honors but continue to fight.” The political action of the women in the election of November 11, 1951 gained the second term of the presidency of Peron.

Unfortunately, that wound in House XII manifested, she contracted cancer and died just as Chiron made ​​its waning square to natal Chiron, moving all the settings on her chart.

At the time of her death on July 24, 1952 at 6:30 PM transiting retrograde Chiron moved to a square approaching her natal Chiron.



The position of Jupiter at birth does not seem to correlate with her Sun-Mars conjunction, it is, however, active at the time of death. It freed the soul from being imprisoned in the physical body and expanded her consciousness. Very often we find the prominent influence of Jupiter at death time.

Chiron transiting the 9th activated a square to natal Chiron. It also squared transiting Neptune. Furthermore, transiting Moon 0 Virgo 52 opposed natal Uranus 1 Pisces 19.

At the time his mother died in 1971, Chiron in transit from House XII did a trine to Midpoint Neptune – Luna / natal Saturn in House IV, and had gone through the conjunction of Chiron itself.

Once again, we noticed that midpoints are of vital importance in the study of events, but we often fail to recognize that when we overlook the movements of Chiron perhaps because Chiron is the bridge between social-personal planets and transpersonal planets.


Translation of article from Spanish to English by Henk Middelraad using a translation website.

A special thanks to Henk!!


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