Christos Archos – Synastry and Compatibility a new way to understand sexuality and intimacy in relationships

Silhouettes of a young couple under the starry sky. My astronomy work.

Relationships are of great importance in our lives, but sometimes we don’t deal just with our lovers. We sometimes deal with social beliefs and stereotypes with our parents and the parents of our lover.

Sometimes we may have to deal with problems of our biological tendencies and we may need to understand that for a relationship to grow, it is not always the perfect time, even when the natal synastry is the very good.

Webinar highlights:

  1. Understanding the major linkages for compatibility in 2 charts.
  2. When is the best time for a new relationship to be formed?
  3. Basic problems within a relationship
  4. Predicting major events within relationships
  5. Counseling couples



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