Chiron and The Healing Journey


(New Edition)

ISBN 978-0-9558231-0-7

Starwalker Press

BCM Starwalker

London WC1N 3XX

Price: $37.0


Some books are primarily informative and some are predominantly works of art through the style and the images they convey. This book manages to do both, far outstripping even its first 1989 edition, which in itself was excellent. 

Taking an expansive depthful leap on all levels, Melanie offers a new section on the astronomy of Chiron as well as information on the Kuiper belt and on Pholus and Nessus, together with new chart examples, a discussion of current times and the inclusion throughout the book of new concepts and ideas.

Part I helpfully outlines the astronomy of Chiron and the Centaurs as we are also introduced to Pholus and Nessus with the interesting reminder that the International Astronomical Union named several Centaurs on the basis of suggestions from astrologers. These included Zane Stein, Robert Von Heeren, Dieter Koch, Juan Revilla, Philip Sedwick and many others, as well as the author.

Part II, which is concerned with Mythic Images of Chiron represented within Shamanism and Classical Greek Mythology, reminds us of Chiron’s role in “the transition and initiation — of our personal and collective awakening,” highlighting the particular importance of his archetypal role at this powerful time in history.

Part III focuses on Chiron in the Horoscope, addressing Chironian themes and the issue of rulership, as well as offering a section on Chiron by Sign and House and its effect when in aspect to our other planets, as well as by transit. Melanie expands on her description of the three figures who are present where Chiron is in in our chart: “the Healer, the Wounded One and the One Who Wounds” reminding us that healing is “to make whole” and hence the “destination of our journey is —the deepening connection with our true nature —our inner teacher”.

The section on Chiron transits, including the threshold crossing of the Chiron return, is particularly helpful, linking them to spiritual awakenings and a strong activation of our individuation process where “that which was previously repressed turns into awareness”.

Although there are ample chart examples throughout this very comprehensive book, the final chapter in this section offers three interesting longer case studies, including the abduction and release of Natasha Kampusch.

Part IV addresses ‘The Spirit of the Age’, including a final section on the issue of terrorism and some thoughts on the emerging findings of the human cost of war on all levels. An Epilogue is helpfully followed by very useful astronomical information and a comprehensive bibliography as well as a Resource list for ongoing self-healing .

This book is likely to hold a light on our journey back to our soul self for astrologers and non- astrologers at all stages of learning. Its core Chironian theme of taking responsibility for our own soul journey, through taking compassionate care of our wellbeing, cannot but resonate deeply with each of us on the planet, at this extraordinary time in history. With so many apparent distractions easily taking our focus from the core purpose of our journey, Melanie’s exploration of Chiron reminds us that as physical, soulful, mindful and emotional beings, what we are truly seeking is to maintain our connection with our heart, as it is through our heart that healing, can truly take place. This book offers us a giant compassionate step in that direction. 


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