Celisa Beranger – Prediction: The Role of Triggers

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Astrology was born predictive; in this sense we can say that prediction is Astrology’s true heart. However, Astrology has limits in its predictions because it doesn’t explicitly indicate facts, but contexts that can lead to events. In the past century, several authors such as Hadés, Henri Gouchon, Bernadette Brady, Celeste Teal and Silvina Simonovitch have advocated the use of various techniques and have affirmed, through practical examples, that important events are indicated simultaneously through different techniques. The use of several techniques is relevant to provide more certainty in indicating what conditions can give rise to events. In order to do this, one must combine techniques to see the active themes in one’s personal life, either at a given moment or within a year. When we see a stressful transit or Direction taking place, it’s essential to investigate if difficult situations are already in place and under what circumstances they have developed. For this it is important to listen to the client to understand what are the issues they are going through. In fact, it is the client who will tell the issues related to the contexts, whether they have come to pass or not. In the case of transits, it is advisable to pinpoint previous periods in which transits of the same nature have occurred, asking for events.  Once the past context have been defined, the client will understand the significance of what they have experienced and better orient themselves in regards to the conditions rather than consider them disturbing external situations. An important component to make a prediction work is the understanding of the Natal Chart, or rather, how tendencies have developed in the past and how they are taking place now. In the initial consultation, you can get this type of information by requesting half a dozen important event dates ahead of time, at least three years apart from each other, not to mix directions, in order to situate the astrological factors involved. It is also possible to pinpoint previous moments when events may have occurred, using Secondary Directions of the Sun, Ascendant and Midheaven, Transits of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, to the apex point of a pattern, Ascendant or Midheaven. Confirmations will occur by asking about eventual conditions indicated by the astrological factors involved. Before approaching our method, let me present the importance of using converse direction techniques. In addition to Primary Directions, which from its origins are direct or converse, we should also use Secondary Directions, Solar Revolutions and Transits. It is necessary to clarify that the converse movement has nothing to do with experiences prior to birth, but rather with symmetry, as a sense of harmony with the Universe. From the moment of birth, time passes in both directions, forward and backwards. In a way, this issue was theoretically confirmed by the international trio of physicists consisted of Julian Barbour of Oxford University, Tim Koslowski of the University of New Brunswick and Flavio Mercati of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics in January 2015. In a study published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the three scientists have suggested that it is gravity rather than thermodynamics that makes the arrow of time advance and this suggests parallel universes, not a single expanding one. Scientists have argued that it is truly indisputable as far as the laws of physics are concerned, that they are exactly the same regardless of the direction in which time runs. Because of this they have suggested that there are two equal and symmetrical Universes. One moves forward in time and the other moves backwards. If the theory is true, the Big Bang is no longer the cosmic beginning, but only a phase in a timeless and eternal universe: “This two-futures situation would exhibit a single, chaotic past in both directions, meaning that there would be essentially two universes, one on either side of this central state,” explains scientist Barbour, adding that if they were complicated enough, both sides could sustain observers who would perceive time going in opposite directions. Thus we would always have the possibility of two futures, this philosophically and theologically is true, but physics needs proven experiments and not just hypothetical theories. Considering this, astrologically every situation in life can be observed at the moment it occurs and/or in its symmetrical other. The converse movement can confirm the direct movement or add information if the direct does not present enough.

With that said, let us see the sequence of methods for the period of one year:

Lunar Phase (29.5 years) of the Secondary Progressed Moon, observed in the direct Progressed Chart. The lunar phase indicates the overall picture, situating the person in the context of their life cycle. During the waxing semi-cycle: New (Generation), Crescent (Appearance), First Quarter (Action) and Near Full (Advancement) During the waning semi-cycle: Full (Culmination), Disseminating (Revaluation), Last Quarter (Reorientation) and Balsamic (Release) Eclipses – Are special New and Full Moons which occur over the ecliptic and, therefore, near the Lunar Nodes. For 19 years, Eclipses go around the chart and in a period of 1 to 3 years they activate the same house polarity, emphasizing their themes and representing what needs to be revised, nurtured, or suppressed. After considering the activated houses, it is essential to observe the stars aspected by the degrees of the Eclipses within the period of one year, considering an orb of up to 5º, being the force greater up to 3º and 100% up to 1º. The duration of the Eclipses is 6 lunar months, or rather, to another of the same nature. However, when the next Eclipse touches the point opposite to the previous one, as it has occurred with the annular Eclipse of the Sun of Feb 26, 2017, at 8º Pisces, in connection with the Eclipse also annular of Sep 01/2016, 9º Virgo, the duration is one year. Secondary Progressed Charts, Direct and Converse. Aspects involving the Sun, Ascendant and Midheaven should be given more importance. These aspects that show up on the progressed charts participate in the Directions formed by the progressed positions. Sign changes, especially of the Sun and the axis, Ascendant and Midheaven, must also be observed. Profection – the oldest of the progressions, Profections are one sign per year. Planets in the sign are activated. House that corresponds to the sign indicates an active subject. House ruler can indicate active subject. Transits of planets through the Profected sign may be stronger. Solar Revolution (Solar Return), Direct and Converse and their overlay with the Natal Chart. What must be prioritized: Planets next to the angles. House predominance. Houses where the Sun, Moon and Part of Fortune are (there is usually an event in that area), and if they have a shared aspect. The Natal House overlay is where the Ascendant is located and the house of the Revolution where the Natal Ascendant is located. If the consultation occurs some time after the birthday date, the Half-Solar Return chart must be elaborated as well. Directions: Primary and Secondary, Direct and Converse and Symbolic Directions. The directions that involve Sun, Moon, a prominent planet (the apex point of a Planetary Pattern or T-square, isolated by hemisphere, without aspect), Ascendant and Midheaven should be emphasized. Focus is on conjunctions, squares and oppositions. It is important to observe repetitions between different Directions. In the Primary Directions, it is key to observe the repetition of the so-called Mutual Aspects. Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the triple transits of Saturn and Jupiter are quite important with more importance given to those involving Sun, Moon, a strong planet, Ascendant and Midheaven, especially conjunctions, squares and oppositions. An annual chart is put together to combine the techniques of long periods showing Slow Transits (including change of direction), Lunations and Eclipses, Secondary Progressed Moon – Direct and Converse, in which we mark the dates of start and exactness of the Directions. Unfortunately, Solar Fire graphs do not allow for a full combination. One has to choose between Primary or Solar Arc and it is not possible to integrate direct and converse Directions. A second graph consists of the overlay of the Progressed Charts with the Natal Chart, adding active positions by Solar Arc, Transits, Eclipses and Planets in the angles of the Solar Revolutions. For this chart, Solar Fire Quad-Wheel can be used This chart aims to locate where the more active areas are and its functions, thus indicating the main themes.


Although fast transits can stimulate events, we will consider them in their role as triggers of slow transits, since these are the ones that mark the more important events in life.

We split the triggers into two groups:

1st – Techniques of short periods:

  • Lunations
  • Directions of the Secondary Progressed Moon 
  • Stations by Transit
  • Transits of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Transits of Mars

2nd – Daily techniques:

  • Daily Transit Chart
  • Secondary Progressed Daily Chart
  • In this article we’ll focus only on the first group techniques.

Techniques of the first group: New and Full Moons constitute the great transits of the Sun and the Moon. They are the main triggers of transits, directions and Eclipses. The degrees of the New and Full Moons by house and aspect to the stars of the Natal Chart, within an orb of up to 5 degrees (up to 3 degrees the force is higher and 1 degree 100% of force). The degree of the New Moon remains active throughout the lunar cycle, 29.5 days, and the Full cycle half, or rather, 14 days. Accompanying the movement of the Sun, the Moon and a fast-looking planet with New or Full Moon, especially conjunction, you can locate the day of the shot. When the star aspected by the New Moon is in a higher degree than hers, the exact aspect of the Sun can promote the shooting. As for the movement of the Moon, the square should be observed 7 days after and the opposition after 14 days. This condition is also valid and stronger for Eclipses. A sad example occurred in the death of the actor Domingos Montagner (born Feb.26/1962 São Paulo), on September 15, 2016, at a time when the Moon opposed the degree of solar Eclipse of September 1, 9º Virgo, on top of his Pluto (8º Virgo) Sun (7º Pisces) Natal opposition. Often we see the Moon working as a trigger, especially when making the first quadrature or opposition to the degree of the solar Eclipse. Directions of the Secondary Progressed Moon, direct and converse, they last two months considering 1º orb, except in the case of conjunctions whose approximate orb increases to 3º and the duration extends for 4 months. The Part of Fortune shown at the Secondary Progressed charts is not the true secondary progressed Part of Fortune, because it’s recalculated considering the Moon’s motion. Even so, it can be used as a trigger since, moving like the Moon, it functions as the Lunar Ascendant. Stations by Transit – A stationary planet is at its maximum power, especially Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Often when they change direction they trigger events. During the years in which Mars retrograde, its station also triggers events. Transits of Jupiter and Saturn also affects the transits of other slow moving planets, as well as directions or Eclipses. Mars transits are well-known triggers. The first graphic below combines slow Transits, Lunations and Eclipses and Direct and Converse Secondary Progressed Moon – includes the 5 most important triggers. In this way, it is possible to locate most likely when the activations can provoke events within the contexts promised by the slow movements shown by the directions, transits and Eclipses.

Let’s look at some examples of triggers in the first group:

EXAMPLE 1: Female

New Moon activates Transit and Profection


  In 2016, Ascendant and natal Saturn, from house 1, were activated by Directions, Solar Revolution and Solar Eclipse. The Sun, in Libra in the 11th house, had already received the square from Pluto and Uranus in transit. The transit of Pluto continued in its second year, but Uranus advanced towards the opposition to Mercury. The Yearly Profection was in Virgo, where Natal Pluto is located. The ruler of the Profected Year is Mercury, in Libra in the 11th house. The New Moon on April 7th, 2016, at 18º Aries, in conjunction with Uranus (20º) and square with Pluto (17º), opposed the Sun and natal Mercury, activating the transits of Pluto and Uranus. In addition, on April 15 Pluto stationed and on the 17th it changed to retrograde motion. The chart clearly shows these triggers. Days later, her very old father presented a health problem, was hospitalized and died on the 30th. We should point out that, counting the derived houses, the 11th house, where Sun and Mercury are, is the 8th from the 4th, for this reason it is related to family losses. We could report many other triggers coming from Uranus and Pluto transits occurring during this lunation.


  Let’s see another event with the same chart – now with the Progressed Moon being the trigger.  At the end of 2015 the progressed MC conjoined Natal Neptune which, in sextile to the MC, makes a trine to the IC. Between October and January the progressed Moon reached the progressed MC and conjoins Neptune activating two positive situations in a difficult year context: the first one in December, as the client said, “the temporary rental agreement fell from the sky” of an apartment that had been empty for some time. The second occurrence was a small cruise in January. Therefore the Progressed Moon activated the Direction MC Neptune.




  In 2015, his Natal Moon on the IC was highly activated by the directions of Mars converse and Neptune from Solar Arc Directions.  The Solar Revolution confirmed the context of the Directions, once the Moon in the 12th house was in exact opposition to Neptune in the 6th house. Besides the most activated House of the Solar Revolution was the 8th, indicating crises. Uranus transited through his 6th natal house in square to the MC and the IC. There were, therefore, several indications of changes and surprises in the domestic and family spheres, especially in regards to the Mother, whose fragility could lead her to senior care – a lady who, although elderly, until then was independent and very well. On July 15, New Moon at 23º Cancer was in square with Uranus, in 20º Aries. On the 24th Uranus stationed and on the 26th it retrograded. On this same day Mars in transit conjoined the natal Midheaven (in square with transiting Uranus) and on the 31st made opposition to the Moon. That same day, the mother had to be rescued and hospitalized due to a major health imbalance caused by the decision to suspend all prescription drugs. From that date on she had to be cared for and this deeply affected this guy’s life, who had to move to his mother’s house. Graphic1 would clearly show how Mars in transit triggered the transit of Uranus and the Direction of Mars converse and Neptune by Solar Arc with the natal Moon.

EXAMPLE 3: Female.


  Let us now see another chart of a serious event involving Eclipses, Jupiter’s transit and Secondary Progressed Moon. This female has a strong angular natal Mercury. The Moon is in conjunction with Mars in the 8th house. Pluto on the cusp of the 3rd house is in square to the Sun in Aquarius in the 6th house. The last two conditions constitute threats of accidents and, moreover, there was a history of occurrences of two accidents during childhood. The first, when an uncle who was holding her high up in the air dropped her head on the floor, the second when she rolled down a ladder. In both cases the girl hit hard with her head. In 2014, natal Mars and Pluto were activated by a mutual aspect in the primary directions, Mars in opposition to Pluto and Pluto in opposition to Mars. By Solar Arc, also the Part of Fortune was in square with natal Mars. In April a pair of Eclipses occurred: on the 15th a total Eclipse of the Moon, at 29° of Libra, on the 2nd/8th axis in opposition to the natal Moon, which activated the returns of the Secondary Moon, direct and converse. On the 29th there was an annular Eclipse of the Sun, at Taurus 8°52, in the 8th house near the 9th cusp, opposing natal Pluto, thus activating the Direction of the Mars / Pluto opposition. Although the duration of the Eclipses is 6 months or a year, the period of greatest force takes place for two or three weeks, before and after the Eclipse. In May, Jupiter in transit forms a square with Natal Mars and activated the Directions. On this occasion, Uranus transited the 8th House in conjunction with the North Node, which contributed to a sudden event. In that same month of May, the two returns of the Secondary Progressed Moon, Direct and Converse were occurring, which usually cause events concerning themes of the natal house in which the Moon is located, in this case the 8th House. The Moon was activated by the Total Lunar Eclipse  in the beginning of May during its period of intense power yet. On May 7 the woman was hit by a runaway truck while driving down the slope on the street where she used to live. She was hospitalized for 40 days, but her strong Pluto made her endure the accident although there has been some impairment.


The importance of using a combination of different techniques in locating active subjects in a person’s life, and how the techniques of short periods triggers the situations activated by the long periods techniques.

    Celisa Beranger – Graduated in Architecture with post-graduation in Urbanism. Consulting Astrologer, teacher, researcher and author of books and works published in Brazil and abroad (Ibero – America, France and Russia). Lecturer at Ibero-American congresses. Director of Espaço do Céu, Astrology School. Former President of SINARJ – Union of Astrologers of the State of Rio de Janeiro and CNA – National Central of Astrology. For more information visit the website.   Bibliography

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  • This text corresponds to part of the lecture presented at the XVIII National Symposium and IX International of Astrology of SINARJ – Union of Astrologers of the State of Rio de Janeiro on November 6, 2016.


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