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As everyone who studies astrology knows, as soon as we begin to study this language, our curiosity engages us. There is no subject or theme on which we cannot question what astrological aspects may be related.

In the context of Hypnotherapy, an activity that I have been doing in parallel with Astrology for more than 10 years, I got into the habit of asking for birth data in all my consultations.

The astrological chart of each of my clients follows the whole therapeutic process, being an important aid in defining the process and appropriate approach to the cases presented.

In this article, which will be part of a series of case studies on the relationship between Astrology and Past Life memories, I will share a clinical case, focusing on the theme of placements in the 12th house correlating memories recovered in hypnotic trance with the proposals presented. In one of the books that has fascinated me most in recent years, “The Four Gates of Karma” by Aleksandar Imsiragic.

The selection of this case took into account, and to reinforce this meaning, that in three different types of house systems, (Equal, Placidus, and Whole Sign) the positioning by house of the Moon is the same, that is, in these three systems the Moon stays in the 12th house. In this analysis we will only take into account the radical positions of the theme.

What is intended to be highlighted in this article is how significant it is that, so often, in past-life regressive therapy sessions, the scenarios and plots described demonstrate important correlations with the map positions of the person concerned.

Case study


“lead us to think that the native was a woman in the previous lifetime, or enjoyed huge popularity. However, an attachment to the country she lived in survived, or an attachment to belonging to some group. This is why now she is is haunted by a strange feeling that she does not know her place, i.e., she feels like she should be somewhere else. If she can find her way to that “ideal place,” she would subjectively feel it is a very familiar. The problem can often be expressed through the fact that the native had no opportunity to receive enough love and protection from her mother. This is why her psyche is very unstable. The Soul hides many experiences which made her super-sensitive. It looks like she needs to go through similar situations all over again.”


This young woman comes to the consultation without making any particular complaint, but described a recent need that surprised her. She has always been reluctant about past-life therapy, and in the weeks preceding the date of the appointment, has repeatedly given up. I can hypothesize trying to know something about their past lives. So despite her own surprise she decided to honor her intuition and sought to lead her in this process.

She works as a nurse in a large city hospital, and despite all the challenges inherent in this demanding activity, she loves her job and feels accomplished and purposeful in what she does. In her personal life, the difficulty in romantic relationships is felt as a sensitive area, as she has not lived any satisfactory relationship yet, but what worries her most at this moment is the feeling of not belonging to this time and this world.

It talks about a deep connection with her family, although she doesn´t feel a great identification with them, the sense of responsibility is very strong. In her report, she describes that, she is the youngest daughter, and she is the one who takes care of the care of her relatives. Whether in crisis situations or as a bond of union, she promotes meetings and situations for the family to gather. Nevertheless, she feels that she is different from all of them and that her importance in the clan is due only to her rigorously fulfilling duties. The sense of non-belonging that could be expected even by its solar sign (Aquarius) reinforces the meaning of the interpretation of the position of the moon in the 12th house as a signifier of the feeling of having lived a position of great popularity, which is here added by a sense of responsibility for those who consider their dependents.

In the session we were looking for the source of her feeling on family responsibility. She found herself as a woman in a power situation in a nature-related community, where they´re conducting forbidden studies for that time and place. She described an episode in the forest where everyone lived in a scenario of great joy and a sense of sharing. In a way that she felt very strong, she saw herself as the leader of those people who adored and respected her. They studied the medicinal arts, and this disturbed the power of the surrounding populations and therefore lived with some reserve and remoteness from them. At one point, one of the members of this community, someone whom she recognized as a close friend in this lifetime, denounced the group’s activities which led to an aggressive attack. Having resisted the invasion, she was killed in her own house.

By the end of this session, she realized that the decisions she made as leader of that community may have led to that terrible outcome, which can be astrologically validated by the quincunx surrounding the Moon, Saturn, and Mars. In this incarnation she lives the effect of this unconscious memory on the responsibility she takes on her family and the desire to save lives that drove her in her career choice.

The person in that incarnation betrayed his confidence is present in this life and the theme seems to be repeating itself. It seemed to her that she might have held a sense of guilt for not anticipating the betrayal and for trusting someone who turned out not to deserve it.

Analysing the last conjunction of the moon, in this case, with the sun in the 10th house, in the sign of Aquarius, we find a reinforcement of these interpretations. According to the author of the referred book, when the last conjunction of the Moon occurs with the Sun, it talks about the possibility that this person had a position of great notoriety in the previous life when the connection aspect is favourable. In her case, a Sextile shares between the two luminaries.

We can argue that the Sun in Aquarius in the 10th house already conditions the person to a position of social responsibility, with the meaning of Aquarian Justice and Equality. But it is the Moon’s position at home that can guide us in understanding the feeling this young woman describes of not belonging that is widespread in all areas of her life.

The experience she reported in her first session of regressive hypnosis helped to understand the sense of responsibility that, in this life, tries to respond in a variety of ways, which is not difficult given the proverbial self-denial of the Aquarian Sun. However, it was not yet clear to her or to me the feeling of non-belonging that she describes as generally present in all her relationships. It speaks as if it cannot be identified with anyone and even less with today’s society. Although this is not surprising in an Aquarius Sun, from the verbal and nonverbal language with which she described this feeling it was easily apparent that her suffering was far deeper than it might seem at first glance.

In a later session, we looked deeper into all the emotional content, and it became clearer the relationship between the memories she recovered from her life as a leader and the costs and pains that brought him. So in this incarnation, she unconsciously obliges herself. This feeling of not being equal, of not belonging is a way of escaping the memory of pain.

Although, beyond the scope of this article, we later discovered another reason for feelings of exclusion as being linked to a loyalty to a deceased family member before she was born and whose memory the family tries to forget. We honoured the existence and contribution of this ancestor, and with the insights of the regressive session we are talking about, that initial suffering began to lighten and you feel more connected to this life and its present purpose.

I conclude by reaffirming how privileged I feel as a Hypnotherapist to be able to access the astrological chart of my consultants and how much it makes a difference in my work, guiding the approaches and the effectiveness that astrological information adds to therapeutic processes.


  1. The Four Gates of Karma, Akeksandar Imsiragic, Astro.Lab, Belgrade, 2016. Quote from chapter: Planets in the 12th House.


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