Bernard Duchatelle – Uranus, Rahu, Intelligence and The Meaning of Life

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Translated from: “Uranus, Rahu, l’intelligence et le sens de la vie

It seems that a successful, reasonably happy, creative and harmonious existence requires a tri-dimensional flourishing, i.e., associated with the affective life, the professional activity, and finally, the meaning of life itself. It is a question of equilibrium: a satisfactory affective condition makes it possible to endure many setbacks by diffusing a certain contentment. And if for one reason or another the heart is sad, the interest, or even the passion for an activity offers a vitality that soothes the suffering or the mal de vivre.

Yet crucial to self-realization, in our age of philosophical indifference and triumphant materialism, the quest for the meaning of life is largely left aside. One is generally satisfied with some nebulous points of view, sometimes religiously coloured, stemming from diffuse memories of a family or social conditioning. From childhood, we identify ourselves with beliefs or lack of beliefs that shape our inner selves and relieve us of the need to investigate.

This problem proves to be essential when we realize that the human being is above all, whether we know it or not, an animal in search of meaning. That the flowering of destiny depends largely on one’ s ability to play the great game of life and death, in which we all participate, even though we have chosen neither the time, nor the place, nor the rules. The fact that we are conscious, i.e., able to observe ourselves acting and thinking, constitutes the primary mystery and should force us to ask ourselves: are we “accidents” of the universe or do our destinies have a meaning?


This inquiry, which preoccupies and feeds the heart of humankind since the dawn of time, arises from intelligence: not from cunning, nor cleverness, nor the power of adaptation; not even from our sophisticated intellects, which are makers of amazing technologies. Inseparable from love, Intelligence is probably the core energy of our universe. It is everywhere in mathematics and physics, in music and poetry, in philosophy and astrology. It constitutes the origin, the source and possibly (certainly?) the finality of everything that exists, of everything that is, has been and will be. At our level, it expresses itself through the quest for meaning.


From this perspective, intelligence is the key component of astrology which consists in associating meaning with celestial geometry. Linking the heavens to our destinies points to Uranus and its connotations. It happens to be very active in the charts of scientists, philosophers and various personalities who initiate new fields of investigation or revolutionize the paradigms of thought. Its best ability consists in associating understanding with action, which makes it the star of a revolution that, when properly conceived, is not social or political,but spiritual, i.e., able of changing the consciousness itself.

It is considered the star of astrology by sheer empiricism: many practitioners display it prominently in their birth charts. Its transits are also significant when an interest in astrology, sometimes lasting a lifetime, is triggered in an unprepared individual: Uranus relates to the most sudden insights that can turn one’s life upside down. It allows one to get to the heart of a situation: under its rule, the “how” of the world’s mechanics is not enough; one must also get to the “why”.

The Uranus-Rahu conjunction, mid-May 2022 to early February 2023

The “why” and its quest are central to these months in which Uranus is in conjunction with the North Lunar Node (Rahu).

Ideally this is a mental inquiry leading to action: Uranus, as stated previously, associates understanding with action, and Rahu stands for personal or collective events (special circumstances, crucial gatherings, …) favoring this process.

Let it be understood that the lunar nodes do not refer to psychological tendencies only: they also refer to tangible events. Rahu (the North Node) is directly linked to life situations, and it stimulates the stars it is in contact with: without our choosing, we are exposed to their principles and meanings through experiences and “fortuitous” events. The Uranian values of intelligence, revolution, independence, originality and freedom may thus manifest themselves in the collective consciousness and in many individuals.

While we are going through dark and troubled times whose main markers are climate change and a systematic destruction of the miracle of life, new paths to be explored, new paradigms to be established based on Uranus, i.e., the revolutionary intelligence, have become crucial. The few months seeing Uranus and Rahu travel together are meant to help us achieve this task. The fundamental goal is to change consciousness, a possibility brought about by this conjunction, which in a natal chart means, among other things: “The design, sometimes achieved, to unlock doors, to be the first to walk certain paths that modify the collective consciousness (….)”. (1)

This is what it means: to understand that we have a mission to accomplish, that our lives matter, for they have a meaning. Using the Uranian instruments that are mental bursts, intuition, and sudden insights, we act because we understand. For if we truly understood why we are destroying the world, we would act instantly. We don’t act because we don’t understand, despite the information we are fed. Now, it is quite possible that Rahu (the circumstances) might compel us to understand.

The downside

Rahu is not inherently positive, in fact it is directly related to the nature of our problems, which are above all inherent to our consciousness. Rahu stands for the endless thirst for experience, the consequences of which are anxiety, anger, hidden motives and attachment. Its key word, which causes our concerns, is ” discontent “. Whether the experiences are rewarding or not, we never get enough, our greed knowing no limits. Greed is deeply connected to the attachment (Rahu) to the past, to our memories, or our self-image, which obscure our consciousness, preventing us from transforming. Thus, Rahu exposes the link between the secret and destructive schemes of governments, multinationals and financial powers and our own personal greed; we who are so quick to conceal our real motivations and hidden desires.

The work ahead 

This wake-up call is not to be missed. The Uranus-Rahu conjunction will produce different results depending on the individual. Pathfinders, pioneers who can apply intelligence (Uranus) to discontent (Rahu) will be revealed to themselves and perhaps to the world. They will tackle the work that needs to be done, the main one being the understanding of the attachment (Rahu) to our limited egos that have nothing in mind but their own personal interests.

Let us ask ourselves why we are unsatisfied, knowing that this discontent is destroying the world. Is it not because having become excessively materialistic, we totally ignore the quest for the meaning of life? And that therefore our destinies have no meaning, except to survive as well as we can before the demise of old age and the incomprehension of death?

The Saturnian obstacle

The task is not easy with Saturn squaring Uranus until the end of the year. Likewise, its square to the lunar nodes (effective until the end of November 2022) is devastating: a hardening of reality, war in Ukraine, food shortages, worsening of environmental problems, droughts … Poorly lived, not properly understood, Saturn stands for stalled action, narrow mindedness and beliefs all locked in the past and traditions, the search for security, selfishness and fear. In short, the stupor that we experience while the house is burning.

However, Saturn is not the enemy: it symbolizes patience, determination and mental strength without which we will get nowhere, without which the dazzling Uranus burns like a flash in the pan. Its square to Uranus emphasizes the need to structure the awakening of intelligence (Uranus) by purifying oneself from attachments and discontent (Rahu). Its square to the nodes stresses the constraints of thought and the limits of its action, just as Uranus proposes solutions.

Saturn signifies seriousness, an awareness that it is definitely time for action, as it is not impossible that this extraordinary opportunity which the universe and life have offered us – that is, consciousness – cannot be allowed to flower as it should.

A gateway to understanding

Major astral events are opening gates. The Uranus-Rahu meeting in the sign of Taurus (2) signals the opening of a major portal of understanding which can transform the consciousness of anyone tuned in. The whole process requires that we face Ketu, the south node in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, naturally in opposition. The lunar nodes form an axis: Ketu – in the context of an awakening – relates to detachment and to the spiritual quest: it signifies the crystallization into meaning of the experiences and discontent associated with Rahu. Its main expression, which is badly needed, is genuine simplicity, which does not consist in conforming to an image or adhering to a principle, but which is the fruit of intelligence.

The months involved with this conjunction are bound to be filled with several crises. The most serious one will undoubtedly take place from July 24 to August 18, 2022, when Mars in Taurus will join Uranus and Rahu squaring Saturn. We shall come back to it soon to examine the details, but let’s note right now that this highly sensitive time is likely to be loaded with stressful events, whether in the field of the environment, politics (especially international) and society in general. It will require harmonizing with Mars, and this means acting rightly: a right action is not a reaction, it does not stem from desire or will but from love and once again, from intelligence.



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– Uranus, Canstock photos (bought)

– Saturn: wiki Commons

– Chart: French software Olympia, permission granted


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