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Astrology is built on the basic assumption that similar planetary cycles bring similar events. Just as the history repeats itself… Of course, nothing is repeated in exactly the same way, but within a certain frame. When I was doing some research for my book “2020-2040: Aydınlanma Çağı” (The Age of Enlightenment), which was published in Turkish in 2018, I was focused on the mundane events that occurred during Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Aquarius. The latest conjunction was in 1405 and the previous one was in 1345. During my research on the events that occurred following 1345, I realized that The Black Plague, which emerged out of China, reached Europe in 1347. It was a pandemic that led to the death of a large number people in Europe in a few years, and it also tarnished Roman Catholic Church’s image. The same conjunction will take place, after 615 years, on December 21 2020. In my book, I predicted that a serious pandemic could rule over the whole world. Below, you may see the related paragraph from my book:

“Black Plague emerged in China in 1333 simultaneously with the Saturn-Pluton opposition. Then, during the years 1348-1351, when Saturn-Pluto conjunction was active, millions of people died in Europe due to Black Plague. Black Plague pandemic was also synchronized with Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which determined the basic concept between the years 1345 and 1365. It is noteworthy that we will experience Saturn-Pluto conjunction and also Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020. It may indicate that a pandemic will tyrannize the whole world in 2020.”

Indeed, the current pandemic, which emerged in China, spread all over the world and cause a great loss in Europe and especially in Italy, where the Vatican is. It means that history again repeats itself. During this repetition, we witness that some people still make similar mistakes. For example, the people who assumed that all Far Easterners were potential carriers of virus — not different than the Church in 1340s, when they prejudged people who were not Catholics. As the Church had killed a large number of cats during the plague pandemic, we have witnessed that some people in Istanbul throw their cats away, thinking that cats transmitted that virus. As history repeats itself, mistakes also repeat. However, we should learn from past lessons and not to repeat the same mistakes again.

In addition to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we will also experience Saturn-Pluto conjunction which occurs approximately in every 33 years. During the research for my book, I also realized Saturn-Pluto cycles had brought structural changes in the world, wars and pandemics. Some major events like the French Revolution, the start of World War I, the partition of India, the establishment of Israel, the recession in the 1980s, and the onset of AIDS – all were parallel with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction was also in charge during Black Plague pandemic between 1348 and 1351. This year, we had the same conjunction on January 12, 2020, and we came across with a pandemic again. Of course, the same conjunction was also synchronized with the risk of World War III, which was mentioned in January. 

I also had a look at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which will be exact three times this year on April 5, June 30 and November 13, and I saw that the same conjunction occurred three times during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, which caused a massive number of death. The Spanish Flu occurred in three waves and gave serious damage to a large number of people. Starting from this point of view, it was possible to predict that an existing pandemic would reach its peak in March and April. It has been confirmed already. Based on the fact that history repeats itself, we may assume that the second and third waves will hit in June and November. However, everything will not be exactly the same because we are now much more highly advanced in medicine and technology. Developments of vaccine or an effective medicine may change this prediction. Additionally, Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will occur together with a Venus retrograde in June. This may indicate diplomatic and economic crisis. Jupiter is associated with finance, hope, and justice, while Pluto indicates crisis and manipulation. Therefore, the conjunction of these two may indicate economic crisis, problems related to the people’s hopes and justice issues. We should be hopeful without being distracted form the realities. Jupiter transiting in Capricorn, the sign that is related to realism and pessimism, invites us to face such a test this year. We should keep our zest for life. We should not feel depressed and anxious as depression and anxiety may weaken our immune systems. 

In addition to Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 13, we will also feel the influence of Mars retrograde between September and mid-November. It may indicate struggles of countries and people to make a new beginning. It may indicate a restructuring period in terms of economic, political and social balance in the world. We may witness revolts in various countries. 

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21 is one of the important indicators that the world is about to enter the Age of Aquarius following the Age of Pisces. Such periods are always difficult. This year, we will hear the footsteps of the new world order louder. I hope this new world order would be based on equality, humanism, science and true knowledge as symbolized by Aquarius. If science and technology is misused, then we may experience negative aspects of Aquarius and witness instability of the systems and anti-sociality of the people. Excessive use of technology may robotize people. 

Each Age has its own trends. Age of Pisces was related to mysticism and arts. Age of Aquarius will be related to science, technology, space, etc. In Age of Aquarius, we may witness that scientists and the owners of big technology companies will be famous instead of artists. 


Stay safe, stay in love…

Baris Ozkiris, ISAR CAP


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