Astrology: A Journey Through the Basics


by Barbara Ruzzene

self-published on Amazon,, 2017.

Paper, unpaginated, (approx. 120 pp.)

Price not marked.

This is an unabashedly self-published book and, as such, it has its quirks. Most of those an editor could have cleared up in short order. That said, this is also a very useful little book for anyone who might like to teach beginners or anyone starting to study on their own without a teacher. It is really astrology 100. The focus is on signs in general, with a separate chapter on the Rising Sign. There is also an excellent chapter on elements, qualities, and polarities. Of course, there’s information on planets and houses as well. There’s also a chapter on the “Big 5” aspects, the quincunx, and major configurations. Moreover, there are TONS of diagrams, so this would be a good tool for someone who is visual.

Moreover, there are quizzes. And yes, there are answers in the back of the book, too. Again, a great tool for self-study or for anyone teaching beginner. I would have liked to see a bibliography, though, because while the planets are touched on, there isn’t really enough information on planets in signs or houses to really learn all the basics.

While material is good as far as it goes, editing is not. A good editor could have transformed this from a good book to an excellent one. That said, most of the editing problems are of the annoying variety rather than things that truly detract from readability.

If you have students or friends who are new to astrology, this may be a book worth looking at. There really isn’t anything here for most of you unless your teach beginners. In that case, you may find the quizzes and diagrams of value.


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