Astrolocality Astrology


A guide to what it is and how to use it

Martin Davis

ISBN: 9781902405056
The Wessex Astrologer Ltd
PO Box 2751
Published in 1999
15.99 Sterling


This classic text which won the SPICA award winner in 2000, remains one of the most insightful and comprehensive texts on the practical synthesis of Local Space and Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) techniques, into Astrolocality astrology. The core purpose of the latter being to ground astrology in space, thereby explaining the unfolding and meaning of events in our life ‘against a backdrop of a where (in space or place), rather than merely a when (time).

The first chapter introduces the basics with the second chapter offering a wealth of more advanced information on ACG and Local Space. Ample clear diagrams and examples from the authors own travels and experiences bring the material to life.

In the 4th chapter Martin presents the usefulness of the Local Space chart in ‘the home, community and beyond’ offering it as a more personalized refinement of the tool of Feng Shui. Illustrating a step by step approach, to overlaying our living or office space with our Local Space chart, the author invites us to explore the effect of the planets on different areas of our life within a specific geographical space. Martin also explores the work of 4 experienced astrologers who have incorporated Local Space techniques into their Feng Shui consultations.

Chapter 5 explores the Geodetic world map and the Resonant chart where earth locations are associated with the qualities of the signs of the zodiac. This technique is believed to be particularly useful for the purpose of offering information in the arena of mundane events such as extreme weather conditions and political upheavals. Chart examples of extreme events in the world richly illustrate the theory.

The appendices alone offer a wealth of rich information including ACG interpretations by Jeff Jawer, the co-founder and CEO of, an outline of the significance of planetary lines through the houses by Angel Thompson and articles by Michael Erelewine, Sean Lovatt and Martin Davis.

This is a highly informative book which is ideally suited to anyone with a good basic knowledge of astrology, who is interested in exploring the influence of the space we inhabit on all aspects of our life. As well as being packed with useful information, the author is particularly skilled at addressing questions which are likely to arise for readers as they explore the material. With many of us choosing a somewhat nomadic lifestyle in this current lifetime, this book is a classic to have on our shelves as an aid to understanding our own journey and that of our clients.


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