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The applying method

The application technique is based on the tools used to interpret horary astrology. Concepts such as derived houses, applying and separating aspects, translation of light and Antiscia chart are used in my two books that aim to explain the methodology.

The reasoning that leads to rectifying the time of birth, even if it requires careful attention and interpretation, follows the steps of the Moon and observes the rotation of the zodiacal mandala in all the perfect aspects that the Moon performs. Other planets can translate light and lead us to precise rectifications, but it is usually the Moon that orchestrates all the movements.

The methodology is simple and logical:

“If everything in the Horary Art takes effect from an exact applying aspect, there must be a final aspect that leads the event of death to perfection; and if it is true that we were born in the Ascendant, then this last applying aspect – which could be considered as a “door closing” – will have to point to the Ascendant’s degree, which will be the door to be closed”.

There is no need to die for your chart to be rectified. Every completion event allows for a rectification.

Termination Events are occurrences that cause changes in the native’s life: marriage, birth of a child, death of a parent, etc..

In order to illustrate the method, I will use Princess Diana’s chart as an example:

First step, analyze the birth chart.


Second step, analyze the Antiscia Chart:


Third step, analyze the SAN graph (Syzygy Ante Navitatem)


– Fourth step, check the sky of death and find the last applying aspect, the one that will signify the native’s death and point out the degree of his ascendant:

– Fifth step: Every death occurs with an opposition, either on the day of the event or through a comparison between the event’s sky and the natal chart; so if the opposition in the sky of the Princess Diana’s death was to Jupiter, let’s look at the exact aspect:

Interpreting the mechanics of the observed mandalas:

Observing the Natal Chart in order to find the Ascendant through the event of death, we observe that the Moon is conjoined with the South Node, which is usually a fatality, in an intercepted sign (something unsolvable, no way out).

Considering that the Moon rules Mercury and the Sun, and that the Moon rules the 8th House, where Fortune also lies on the intercepted axis, it is evident that there is something in her destiny that involves a loss (House 8) that comes through a fatality (Moon / South Node), which will compromise your vitality (Sun) and everything that concerns Mercury (7th and 9th houses). Another thing that stands out in the natal chart is Venus, not only because of its conjunction with the star Algol, but also because the Moon separates from a square to Venus before applying to the South Node.

The Antiscia Chart shows new information: it is observed that Venus and Fortuna, in the Antiscia Chart, are respectively in conjunction with Venus and Fortuna in the Natal Chart, which suggests a correlation with this fatality. Concomitantly, Mercury and the Sun appear from the 7th house in the Chart of Antiscia, suggesting that life (Sun) would be ruled by the ruler of the 7th house (Mercury), this being the meaning of “the other”, from another country, and from international travels ( 9th house).

The SAN chart is a representation of our destination. Taking this as a principle, I like to analyze it and I always find, in its mechanics, positions that confirm my suspicions. Observing the presence of Venus in the 8th house, for example, confirms my suspicion that Venus will be part of the rectification process.

When we apply, in the sky of death, the opposition of the Moon to Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant of the natal chart), the natal ascendant appears in the 8th house. At the same time, the degree of the Natal Ascendant appears in the Ascendant of the aspect chart.

If the Natal Ascendant is ruled by Jupiter, at death the opposition went to the planet Jupiter and its Natal Ascendant appeared in the 8th house.

However, in the sky of death, the Moon, after opposing Jupiter, still presented an aspect to Venus, just as expected.

In the aspect of Venus, Jupiter, ruler of the Natal Ascendant, applies to the 9th house (3rd house of the 7th house – displacement to another country), retrograde (impaired), at the moment when his life comes to an end (Sun at the end of things – 4th house – ruled by Mercury which, in turn, is retrograde and advancing towards the Sun (Mercury is very distressed).

The astrological mandala is so perfect that if we apply the Moon to the approaching eclipse in the sign of Virgo, an aspect that signaled the end of its life (4th house), we have the following:

The exact degree of your Natal Sun will appear in the Ascendant.


Arlene Amorim – Astrologer.

Currently, her main focus is researching, but she works in the interpretation of natal charts, forecasts and horary charts.

Author of the Application Technique presented in two volumes:

Rectification of Time of Birth, using the tools of Horary Astrology;

Rectifications, The Applying Method.

Her books are for sale on Amazon and the Clube de Autores.

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