Antonia Langsdorf – David versus Goliath – A New Hero is Born

Selenskij-Captain Ukraine

The natal chart of Wolodymyr Selenskyj

Translation: Mirjam Schneider, Antonia Langsdorf


Horoscopes analysed:

Wolodymyr Selenskyj: January 25, 1978, 2pm (Astro-databank, Rodden Rating A)

Ukraine, Independence: August 24, 1991, 6.00pm Kiev (Astro-databank, Rodden Rating AA)

Vladimir Putin: October 7, 1952, 4:10pm (time rectified by Claude Weiss), Sankt Petersburg

Start of the air sign epoch, the “New Aira”: December 21, 2020, 7:07am, location: Kiev

The source of the Ukrainian President’s birth data I am working with is the Rodden astro-databank, the gold standard of astrological data collection. Wolodymyr Selenskyj’s birth time can be judged as reliable, given its „Rodden Rating A“. I used Vladimir Putin’s birth time of 4:10pm, rectified by renouned Swiss mundane astrologer Claude Weiss.

Wolodymyr Selenskyj, currently the the most popular man in the world, was born in the sign of Aquarius. His Sun is in a tight conjunction with Venus, a first hint at his enormous popularity. The rising sign for his 2pm birth time is Gemini. It is in conjunction with Jupiter. This constellation explains his talent for tremendous gestures and inspiring speeches, accompanied by an almost careless courage, rising from a feeling of having justice on his side. The fact that Lilith also joins this conjunction, although already in the next sign of Cancer, is indicative of a fearlessness for calling things as they are.

Throughout many years of researching Lilith themes, I have observed that the combination of Lilith and Jupiter creates a burning desire for justice. It is most likely no coincidence that Lilith in Gemini activated this exact constellation at the start of the conflict in Ukraine. When Selenskyj was elected President in 2019, Mars was crossing his Jupiter-Lilith constellation, whilst transiting Lilith was forming a trine from his tenth house.

As the ruling planet of his Gemini Ascendant, Selenskyj’s Mercury also claims an important role. It is placed in Saturn-governed, structured Capricorn and squares Pluto. This man knows how to get a powerful message across and organise resistance! A Uranus sextile shows his razor-sharp intelligence, quick wit, and high intuition.

The foresight which prompted Wolodymyr Selenskyj to anticipate his own story in his comedy show “Servant of the People” is almost uncanny. His rise to fame and popularity began as an angry teacher who exposes corruption and is elected President after a student’s cell phone video goes viral. In 2019, this vision became a reality when Selenskyj won the election with an impressive 73% of votes in a runoff. “We believe that he is one of us”, his faithful followers affirmed. It became clear rather quickly that the political reality did not support some of his more ambitious plans, like it often happens with luminous public figures such as former President Barack Obama. Many people resented Selenskyj, who was openly fighting oligarchy, for having a patron himself in the form of influential oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskij, a man that had already been supporting his show in its runup. Prior to the escalation of the Ukraine situation, Selenskyj’s popularity had already suffered a couple of knocks, and his approval ratings had gone down. We may assume that his outstanding talent isn’t very effective in political everyday life, but rather in exceptional situations.

After just two years in his position, he is now facing the biggest challenge of his life as the President of Ukraine. The transits pertaining to the invasion of the country by the Russian army show Saturn in Aquarius exactly on Selenskyj’s Midheaven. Even if we look at the chart without houses, we realize that Saturn was crossing Selenskyj’s Sun in 2020/21, and it shows that he is in just the right phase of his life to take on great responsibility and contribute something big to benefit society.

Still, it is inspiring to assume an MC in Aquarius, because Ukraine’s Moon would be close by. And this obviously reflects Selenskyj’s life goal in terms of his personal development and his vocation to lead the people of Ukraine, as their president, into a future as a modern nation. But not just that: When we compare Selenskyj’s birth chart with that of his nemesis Vladimir Putin, we are surprised to see that the latter’s lunar North Node sits precisely on Selenskyj’s Midheaven. The synastry between Putin and Selenskyj is so astonishing that I am going to shed some more light on it here. However, let’s take a deeper look at the Ukrainian President’s chart first.

We’ve already learnt that he is able to act and take the initiative without fear and when he is completely convinced of serving a just cause (Jupiter on the Ascendant). He is then also able to use his gift of the gab rather expertly. We can certainly say these charcateristics rose to top form during this veritably world-shattering crisis.

There’s a war going on, and it’s hard to describe Selenskyj’s efforts as anything but heroic. Hence, it’s worth taking a closer look at his Mars as a symbol of the driving force behind his actions as well as his fighting style. It is placed in Leo, which straight away seems to fit that initial impression of exceptional bravery. The ruler of Mars is his Aquarius Sun, which has a reputation of being distant. Yet, his conduct and commitment come across as courageous and driven by genuine personal interest.

At the same time, Mars is retrograde and squaring Chiron, the wounded healer. What clues can we get from that? When Selenskyj was born, Mars was at 0° Leo and then moved backwards into Cancer the following day. The battle planet is thus right on the threshold between the impulse of showing prowess and being an admired leader and on the other hand the desire for protection as well as close and empathic connections with the people who love him. Both sides of the story are reflected in his own life. Back then on the comedy stage, he was in safe territory and able to fully bask in his popularity. Now he is seen as this heroic figure in the spotlight, on the world stage, threatened by his enemy and yearning to protect his people, while at the same time to be their leader and inspire courage in each of them in return.

The Mars-Chiron square is also quite telling. Claude Weiss interprets this constellation as an attitude that is caught between bravery and fear1, which is a fear of hurting others through one’s own strength if one is forced to use Mars’s energy to defend oneself. This psychological complex makes Selenskyj an intriguing character, as it becomes apparent that his great courage is linked to overcoming fear. It also enables him to spark in his compatriots the ability of showing bravery despite all the dread and pain, a bravery that comes straight from the heart (Leo).

Another exciting fact in that respect is that Selenskyj’s Moon is placed in Leo, too. This vastly increases his bravery factor, since the Moon in a politician’s birth chart also describes the people that he represents. With powerful major aspects to Pluto (sextile), Uranus (square), and Neptune (trine), this is a Moon which reacts strongly to collective developments and processes. In terms of his own emotional experience, it may actually be Selenskyj’s favorite soul food to inspire the people who trust and follow him to great deeds alongside him.

It’s by no means a coincidence that we find the Moon in Ukraine’s independence chart in Aquarius, right opposite Selenskyj’s Leo Moon and in the same sign as his Sun-Venus conjunction. This depicts him as a leader who gives his country a heart, a country that is characterized by its long and disturbing history. The Ukraine as a collective, and across, its President as the heart of the nation – what could possibly be more touching than this combination?[1] In this respect, both sides fuel each other equally: the collective of bold Ukrainians and their President, reaching highs of bravery together that the rest of the world can only marvel at. The fight of David, the small and unafraid Ukraine with their heroic battle leader, against mighty Russia and its egomaniacal President as Goliath, is reminiscent of almost mythical dimensions. This is the stuff that legends are made of. The full, world-changing potential of the archetypal forces of the Leo/ Aquarius axis is unfolding. Have we ever seen anything like it before? There might be parallels to Franklin D. Roosevelt (Aquarius) or Winston Churchill (Sagittarius), as both politicians have accomplished great things forming a unit with the people of their countries.

Yet, what we are witnessing now is new and unique, and it’s taking a shape that only the conditions brought about by the “New Aira”, the Era of Jupier/Saturn conjunctions taking place in air signs, could have created. A president who is addressing his citizens almost by the hour in dramatic selfie videos, which don’t leave a single doubt about his authenticity: “I am one of you. I will be fighting until the end, I will not give up.”

He also addresses the rest of the world in his passionate, incitive manner, and there is definitely an uneasy and even somewhat dangerous side to his demands, which arouse fears of a looming WWIII with good reason. On the other hand, considering the way he holds up a mirror to the world to reflect its own complacence, what he is asking for is also justified. Never before has a politician presented himself in such a captivating way both as a human (Moon) and a hero (Mars) and challenged the whole world (Gemini Rising with Jupiter and Lilith), rousing incredibly strong feelings of empathy and solidarity and at the same time calling out the pacifists who have made themselves comfortable in their safety bubble – all the while fighting for freedom and democracy (Aquarius).

Is it allowed to question whether all of this is actually as authentic as it appears? Mars and Moon in Leo can be interpreted as indicators of solid acting chops, which Selenskyj has already proved during his first career as a comedian. However, the geocosmic signs need to be taken into account, and they suggest that the cosmos has big plans with this political leader. He is the right man in the right place, and it seems both necessary and appropriate for him to make use of his Leo energies in order to give drama of his country a face and a heart.

Dictators like Vladimir Putin can only dream of that much backing and dauntlessness. It’s a strikingly ironic situation: Putin’s brutal attack has turned Wolodymyr Selenskyj into a hero, meanwhile iconized as “Captain Ucraine” and celebrated around the world. Putin’s own reputation has suffered gravely, as for the west, it’s completely shattered. Behind his stoic facade, this must certainly hurt him as an individual with a Libra Sun. The whole (Western) world showing unity and solidarity is obviously a response to Putin’s exorbitant aggression. But as a matter of fact, he has also attacked other countries in the past and inflicted the same damage, pain, and chaos on their people. Other countries who were unable to respond like Ukraine is responding at present, with such a charismatic and courageous President joining his equally brave citizens.

Would such a turnaround have been possible if the Russian dictator had previously encountered an opposition like that? I would go so far as to profess: Wolodymyr Selenskyj is pooling all the strength of the Ukrainian people’s hearts, and along with them, the hearts of the whole (Western) world as well. Selenskyj seems to be the man of the future!

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, everyone is suddenly talking about the turn of the times. As astrologers, we have known for a while that this big change was approaching, and it even has its own chart, namely the moment of the great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020, at 0° Aquarius! This conjunction marks the beginning of a new important era, also dubbed as the “New Aira”, the era of air. In the next 200 years, nearly all conjunctions during the Jupiter-Saturn cycle will take place in air signs. These so-called “Great Mutations“ of Jupiter and Saturn happen about every 20 years and are very significant both politically and socially. According to US economic and mundane astrologer Ray Merriman, a Great Mutation stands for “New Leadership“: This means the emergence of leadership personalities who are capable of touching people’s hearts and inspire them to grow and surpass themselves, thus helping the world’s development and progress. He cites former US presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan[2] as examples, whose actions and impact had been accompanied by these influential Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. As for the conjunction of 2020, it looked like Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was going to be the new figurehead. However, her triumph was prematurely stopped by Covid-19. Apparently, the President of Ukraine is the kind of Jupiter-Saturn character that the world needs right now. The fact that we would actually have to master all those mighty challenges that Greta Thunberg represents makes the situation even more explosive. However, Wolodymyr Selenskyj is the political leader of the hour, and a new world order is currently forming around him.

Delving further into the exciting constellations, I cast a chart for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020 for Kiev. I wanted to know what the horoscope of the “New Aira” looks like calculated for the very place that symbolizes the fight between good and evil, between dictatorship and democracy. For Kiev, this chart has an 8° Leo Rising, and Mars, the planet of war, is conjunct the Midheaven in Aries. We find the all-important Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0°29‘ Aquarius in the 6th house: Does this hint at the “Servant of the people”? The conjunction is close to Selenskyj’s Sun-Venus constellation at 5° Aquarius to be seen as a cosmic sign pointing to his leadership. At the same time, Jupiter/Saturn are also in exact opposition to his Mars in Leo, thus challenging him to give his all. Addressing the NATO, he almost literally spells out the words of the cosmos: We are not just fighting for Ukraine. We are also fighting for you and for freedom and democracy in the world.


Finally, let’s take a brief look at the charts of “David and Goliath”, or Selenskyj as the Jedi Knight versus Putin as the Russian Darth Vader and his empire. I’ve mentioned earlier that the lunar nodes, representative of the power of fate, play a very important role in this comparison. Not only does Putin’s North Node in Aquarius sit on his heroic opponent’s MC, but on his natal Sun as well (due to the wider orb applied to aspects with the nodes). And we can find the same connection vice versa! In Wolodymyr Selenskyj’s chart, the North Node falls in the sign of Libra, which is Vladimir Putin’s Sun sign. Another observation: Both of them have Pluto on their Nodal axis, which indicates a fate strongly connected with issues around power and control. In Selenskyj’s case, Pluto’s power potential is located on his North Node, the future path and direction, almost directly on Putin’s Sun: Can he vanquish this man after all? Putin’s chart shows Pluto conjunct the South node, meaning that his true power lies in the past. Has fate brought these two adversaries together to give the world ideas and stimuli in terms of implementing a new order? Have they been chosen by the cosmic forces as their divine instruments, to teach each other and the world a lesson?

The synastry between Putin and the “New Aira”-chart calculated for Kiev is also an eye-opener! Putin’s Mars squares the Moon in the “New Aira”-chart, and his Libra stellium forms a t-square with Mars and Pluto in the other chart: an obvious hint at his aggressive and vicious role in this evolution!

The Ukraine’s Moon in Aquarius falls on Selenskyj’s MC, and at the same time it is conjunct Putin’s North Node. This may be an explanation why Putin may actually believe that it’s his mission and soul’s destiny to “bring Ukraine home to his empire”. However, the Ukrainian people have found a better leader to follow and are out of reach for Putin. He now seems to be holding on to the position of his South Node with Pluto and Lilith (the Black Moon is actually quite strong in his chart)[3]. This depicts an old ruler (South Node in Leo) who is afraid of women and queer people (Lilith) and desperately clinging to his power (Pluto). His North Node, which shows the destination of the journey, is in Aquarius, the sign of humanitarianism, freedom, and democracy. And this is right where we find Selenskyj with his Sun, Venus, and Midheaven, as well as the Moon of Ukraine! They have already made it to where Putin will never arrive.

Regardless of how this war ends, the Western world has bonded more closely whereas Putin remains isolated, haunted by obsessive ideas of his reign, like Hades (Pluto) in the underworld. Directly opposite, Selenskyj takes on the role of a collective hero and freedom fighter, a leader who is modern, ingenious, and capable of communicating with his people and the whole world through digital networks: the embodiment of the North Node and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in future-oriented Aquarius!


Sources/recommendations: Wikipedia; Astro-databank; Raymond Merriman, Claude Weiss, Dr. Christof Niederwieser; Ian Bremmer; Selenskijs show “Servant of the people” is available on Netflix: Watch it!


[1] “We are a young country with a thousand-year history” said Selenskyj on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence Day. Urkaine is “a country that dreams ambitiously and acts decisively”.

[2] Roosevelt: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, Aug 1940 – Feb 1941; Kennedy: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, Feb 1961; Reagan: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra, Jan – Aug 1981

[3] For example, transiting Lilith was in exact opposition to Putin’s Mars when he invaded Ukraine.


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