Ana Andrade and Vanesa M. Chiappe – Lights, Camera and Antiscia!


Vanesa passed away unexpectedly in 2020 at an early age and this article is a tribute to her career and her contribution to the international astrological community.

This article was originally published in English in the ISAR International Astrologer Magazine, August 2013 issue.

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The cinema industry has provided a myriad of re-creation of histories of real persons that lived in different years, centuries, and with different walks of life. As the actor penetrates in the character´s mindset when playing a role, this article is about the synastry between the actor and the representation of a real person, not only using the typical comparison of tropical charts. It goes further when adding two asteroids related with the cinema activity such Fama (fame) and Actor. And also, the use of Antiscia as it fully reflects the interaction of planets and asteroids, in a subtle way, which cannot be seen at first sight when comparing tropical charts. At the hand of examples, of the following actor and character of a) Robin Williams – Patch Adams; b) Marion Cotillard – Edith Piaf; c) Sean Penn – Harvey Milk; and d) Milla Jovovich – Joan of Arc.

The article argues that this area could be fruitful for future research.


An Antiscion is a “mirror” in which one degree has its equivalent to another by re-expressing the chart from the Axis 0Ò Cancer – 0Ò Capricorn. In that sense, an Antiscion may be affected or affects its “sister” degree and it is read as a conjunction. In this article, the charts analyzed are focused on Antiscia. Contra-Antiscia is not included this time.


Fama is the asteroid 408 located in the Main-Belt, discovered by the astronomer Max Wolf from the Heidelberg Observatory (Germany), in October 23th, 1895. In Greek mythology, Pheme, Fama in its Roman equivalent, was thepersonification of fame and renown, notability, and rumors. Daughter either of Gaia or of Elpis (Hope), was described as“she who initiates and furthers communication.” Pheme was said to have inquired closely the affairs of mortals and gods,then repeated what she saw as a whisper and repeating it louder each time, until everyone knew. Fama was also represented as having multiple tongues, eyes, ears and feathers, residing a 1000-window home so she could hear all beingsaid in the world. In this article, Fama will symbolize the popularity, as a positive breakpoint in the career of the actor.


Actor was discovered in December 17th, 1987, by E. W. Elst and G. Pizarro at the European Southern Observatory. It is a Jupiter Troyan asteroid and its mythology reports that Actor was the alleged father of Cteatos and Eurytos, two Greekwarriors who beat Nestor in the chariot race. This asteroid will be symbolizing the activity as an actor (including actressas well).


Chiron is widely known as the wounded healer, but also, as a teacher of Ares. Chiron will be included since it isunderstood that playing a role of a character is showing the real pain suffered by the person interpreted.

And somehow, it comes as no surprise, that an actor when playing a role is healing inner wounds when acting. So from thispoint of view, Chiron is incorporated in this analysis.


As in any typical synastry, it is natural to start looking for planets conjoining planets, alignment of axis or axis with planets. The analysis will be focused on Asc/Desc Axis, MC/IC Axis, Nodal Axis, Vertex – Antivertex Axis,conjunctions of planets, asteroids and Chiron with 8 degrees of orb as maximum. For illustrative purposes, the inner chartis referred to the character and the outer chart is the actor.

Then…Lights, Camera, Ansticia!


“Patch Adams” is a film based on the story of an unconventional physician, called Hunter Adams, who healed patients with laughter. Robin Williams stars as Hunter Adams, a man who commits himself to a mental institution in the late 1960s. Hisexperiences led him to become a doctor, and he enrolls in medical school.

Adams shows himself as clown in front of his patients, getting to know them personally. His efforts work well however hismethods are not totally welcome from the staff and faculty of his school. Then Adams starts his own clinic called the Gesundheit Institute, with some inconvenience and tragedy, but at the end, he succeeds.


When observing both tropical charts, Williams’ Jupiter and Fama conjoin Adam’s Mars; and Williams’ Actor conjoinsAdams’ Sun and Uranus. It is interpreted that Williams plays this role with enthusiasm adding the best of him when incarnating Adams’ idea as an innovative healing method. Williams’ Chiron conjoins Adams’ Moon and Williams’ Saturn conjoins Adams’ Chiron. This is symbolizing the healer that works with the psychological structures of his patients.Williams’ South Node conjoins Adams’ Jupiter and Williams’ Mars conjoins Adams’ North Node. It may represent the contribution of Williams by expanding Adams’ work. Finally, Williams’ Mars and Uranus over Adams’ Saturn alsoreinforce this latter idea.

When working with Antiscia, it is observed at first sight the conjunctions of Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. Theseremarkable conjunctions may be reflecting the vitality through the liberation of joy and optimism.

Williams’ Venus conjoins Adams’ Mars and Williams’ Mars conjoins Adams’ Uranus. These conjunctions may showthe action and passion of the actor interpreting this unconventional therapist. Williams’ Fama conjoins Adams’ Jupiter and Williams’ Actor conjoins Adams’ North Node and Vertex. These combinations are illustrating the integration of the actorand his role. Williams’ Chiron conjoins Adams’ Moon and Williams’ MC conjoins Adams’ Mercury. These conjunctions highlight representation of a healer that became popular. Williams’ South Node conjoins Adams’ Venus and Mars. This interaction reflects the easiness of the actor to understand the passion of Adams in his professional life. Williams’ Vertex conjoins Adams’ Saturn and South Node. These synastries show a potential karmic path between both lives, as if thisopportunity to represent Adams may not have been a typical role in his career.


“La Vie en Rose” (literally Life in Pink) is a 2007 biographical film about the life of Edith Piaf. The title La Vie en Rose comes from Piaf’s song. The film won many prizes and Cotillard won an Academy Award for her performance, and becamethe first time an Oscar had been given for a French-language role.

In the tropical chart, Cotillard’s Venus conjoins Piaf’s Mars whileCotillard’s Saturn conjoins Piaf’s Neptune. The actress represents themasculine energy of Piaf and incarnates her image as singer, victimized person and depressive personality. Cotillard’s Fama conjoins Piaf’s Mars, Cotillard’s Actor conjoins Piaf’s Pluto,Cotillard’s Neptune conjoins Piaf’s Fama, Cotillard’s MC conjoinsPiaf’s Actor, in addition, Cotillard’s Asc

aligns Piaf’s MC. To summarize these conjunctions, one of the characteristics of this film is the transformation of thephysical appearance of the actress to get a dramatic personality. Another characteristic is the fact that the actress takes thefame of Piaf to achieve her own fame, as it really happened since the actress won the Oscar prize in this interpretation.

In the antiscia analysis, it is observed the conjunction of Moons, which reflects a total identification in the emotions and inthe unconscious world, thinking that in a certain point Cotillard must have felt reflected in Piaf. Cotillard’s Sun and Plutoconjoins Piaf’s Jupiter, and Cotillard’s Neptune conjoins Piaf’s Venus. It seems that the actress has given light and shadowto symbolize the Piaf’s belief system or her feelings of optimism towards love through his iconic song “La vie en rose,”something unreal or idealistic when compared to Piaf`s life. Cotillard magnifies Piaf´s feelings and values on the screen.Cotillard’s Sun and Pluto conjoins Piaf’s Chiron and Cotillard’s Chiron conjoins Piaf’s MC. Moreover, Cotillard’s Actorconjoins

Piaf’s Pluto, Cotillard’s Jupiter conjoins Piaf’s MC, and Cotillard’s Mars conjoins Piaf’s Vertex. The actress immersed inthe deepest feelings of Piaf let both to be winners: Cottillard won her Oscar prize and Piaf was somehow re-vindicated asa woman that gave her voice to the world in her short and turbulent life. Finally it is notorious that the Nodal Axis arealigned which means that the link between both lives are meant to be for this representation.


“Milk” is a 2008 biographical film based on the life of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk, who was the firstopenly gay person to be elected to public office in California. Milk defended the rights of gay community and a citysupervisor assassinated Milk. In this film, Sean Penn won the Oscar as Best Actor in a leading role.

In the tropical charts, Sean Penn and Harvey Milk have fewconjunctions yet crucial. Their Saturns are in conjunction, whichillustrates the leadership in social roles, both leaders in thedefense of rights in their respective fields, the goal orientation oftheir respective jobs, as well. On the other hand, Penn’s Sun is the Milk’s Actor and Penn’s Moon over Milk’s Fama, theluminaries reflects the identity and emotions and it is fullyremarking the empathy to represent this character. It was sosignificant that Penn won his second Oscar prize.

It calls the attention when Penn’s North Node conjoins Milk’s Vertex, and Penn’s South Node with Milk’s Moon showthat the emotions felt by Milk, in his times, are easily connected by Penn possibly showing a destined relationshipwhose interpretation may have been familiar to Penn.

In the Antiscia analysis, it is surprisingly found that both Suns in conjunction show the clear identification with Milk’s individuality. Another point to highlight is the conjunctions of Penn´s Asc with Milk‘s Saturn, Penn’s Neptune with Milk’s Asc, Penn’s North Node with Milk’s Uranus, and Penn’s Mars and Milk’s Pluto. These combinations may show theadjustment of the Penn to interpret Milk, such as loss of weight, acting as gay, and the immersion in the revolutionarytraits as leader of the gay community.


“The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc” is a French historical drama film about the story of St. Joan of Arc, the famous war heroine of the 15th century and religious martyr, played by Milla Jovovich. The story expresses the life ofJoan, her visions, her leadership in battle, and finally her death.

In the tropical analysis, Jovovich’s Mars and Actor conjoins Arc’s Pluto, and Jovovich’s Neptune with Arc’s Venus, which are showing the effort of the actress to represent the warrior and the heroine of France, a younger woman with amale hairstyle and appearance, and, at the same time, showing “on the screen” the values and principles of Joan of Arc.Meanwhile, both Mercuries in conjunction and Jovovich´s Mercury with Arc’s Actor clearly and literally symbolize the title of the movie “The Messenger: the Story of Joan of Arc”.

In the Ansticia analysis, it is amazingly surprising the conjunctions of the Moon which may mean that Jovovichexperience a symbiosis with the emotional world of Joan of Arc. Jovovich´s North Node and Vertex with Arc’s Uranus, Jovovich’s Fama with Arc’s MC, Jovovich’s North Node and Arc’s Mars, and Jovovich’s Sun with Arc’s Actor. All the combinations indicate the easiness and maybe, reflecting thatone side of the destiny of Jovovich, to represent the irruptivebehavior of Arc, perhaps an unexpected role in her career. One way or another, these combinations show the actress’ fame earned when brilliantly played this ancient biography. Finally, the alignment of the Nodal Axis is highlightedreflecting the “familiarity” of the representation and, probably, remembering that Joan of Arc was executed at the age of 19,coincidentally with the Arc’s first return of her Nodal Axis.



  1. Antiscia works in synastry in the relationship between actors and It was found more conjunctionsbetween antiscia chart of the actor /actress with tropical charts of the character than conjunctions between twotropical charts. The conjunctions found are between planets and asteroids.
  2. The strongest and most visible of the conjunctions are those of the Luminaries via In the case of themale partners (Williams/Adams, Penn/Milk), whose suns are in conjunction via Antiscia, it is remarkable thatboth actors represented character not known worldwide. These actors allowed the world to know public figureswith some limited fame. The roles played by the actors illuminated and expanded to the world the important role insociety that Adams and Milk played. Since both Suns are in conjunction, the strong identification comes from onepart of the identity of the actor providing light to the identity of the character. Something different happened in thecase of the female partners

(Cotillard/Piaf and Jovovich/Arc) whose moons are in conjunction via Antiscia. It is visible that both representedcharacters, Edith Piaf and Joan of Arc, were known and famous long before the actresses’ representation. It is likeboth actresses take the fame and recognition of such worldwide known icons, to become famous and to create abreakpoint in their career path. Since both Moons are in conjunction, the unconscious identification may havebeen symbiotic, at certain point.

  1. Another important conjunction found was Venus and This conjunction may lead to think of passion in termsof powerful energy flowing from the soul when enjoying doing something. In these four studied partners, it isrepeated this conjunction Venus and Mars. In three out of four (Williams, Penn, and Jovovich) the conjunctionsare done via Antiscia. This reflects the enormous passion of actors when playing the role re-living the life of thesepublic figures. Furthermore, this conjunction Venus-Mars may be seen as the Yin-Yang balance, where actress/actor assumes the counterpart of the energy when playing the role: Williams and Penn representing male characters with a predominant feminine values (receptivity, sense of community, inclusion, etc.) while Cotillard and Jovovich representing female characters with a predominant masculine values (fighting, conquering, goalorientation).
  2. The third conjunction that appears relevant is Chiron conjunction with some Chiron has a two-sidemeaning: wounding and healing, and it is included the relationship with Arts. In the studied cases, Chironparticipates in different ways. In the Williams/Adams partner, there is an interaction between Chiron, Moon, andSaturn in tropical charts, and Chiron, Moon via Antiscia. It shows the emotional burden in the interpretation of Patch Adams’ wounds: being rejected, pointed by faculty, lived the death of his colleague, and healing throughlaughter. In the Cotillard/Piaf partner, Piaf’s Chiron conjoins Cotillard’s Sun and Pluto and Cotillard’s Chironconjoins Piaf’s MC. These conjunctions reflect Piaf’s wounds in her life: depression, poverty, loss her daughter,addiction to morphine, and her process of healing through singing. In the case Penn/Milk partner, Penn’s Mercuryconjoins Milk’s Chiron and Penn´s Chiron conjoins Milk’s South Node, which show the defense of Milk’s ideas about homosexual rights whose wounds were: not to be recognized, not to be included, and at the end, beingassassinated at 48 years old, very close to the Milk’s Chiron return, but healing his life through the leadership anddefense of gay’s rights. The last partner, Jovovich/Arc, it was found Jovovich’s Uranus and Venus conjoins Arc’s Chiron, in tropical charts. The wound of Arc would be found in: the aesthetic of her appearance considering thesocial and political context of her life, Arc’s healing process through her visions and the ideal of freedom. Jovovich provides a smooth feminine aspect of Joan of Arc, even if she is interpreting Arc with masculineclothing.
  3. Asteroid Fama and Asteroid Actor work in tropical and antiscia charts. In the case of Williams/ Adams, Williams’ Fama conjoins Adams’ Mars and Jupiter; Williams’ Actor conjoins Adams’ Sun, Uranus, North Node and Williams chart takes most of the planet and sensitive points of Adam’s chart and both became famous.Cotillard/Piaf, Fama’s Cotillard conjoins Piaf’s Mars, Cotillard’s Neptune conjoins Piaf’s Fama, Cotillard’s Actorconjoins Piaf’s Pluto, Cotillard’s MC conjoins Piaf’s Actor. It can be seen that the Cotillard’s performance was done from the very bottom of her soul, giving her best to represent such turbulent Piaf’s life. Cotillard obtained abreakpoint in her career becoming famous and winner of the Oscar. Somehow Cotillard helped to re-vindicate Piafwhen showing her life to the world. Penn/Milk, in the tropical charts were found Penn’s Moon conjoins Milk’s Fama, and Penn’s Sun conjoins Milk’s Actor. Such amazing couples of conjunctions, where both luminariesinteract, represent that Penn that takes the fame of Milk to a next level and simultaneously Penn wins his secondOscar. The last pair, Jovovich/Arc, it was found Jovovich’s Actor conjoins Arc’s Pluto, Jovovich’s Desc conjoins Arc’s Actor, Jovovich’s Mercury conjoins Arc’s Actor, Jovovich’s Fama conjoins Arc’s MC, Jovovich Sun conjoins Arc’s Actor, Jovovich’s Jupiter conjoins Arc’s Fama, Jovovich’s Fama conjoins Arc’s Jupiter. These conjunctions reflect the transformation of the actress when interpreting such famous icon in the history, someone from several centuries ago and someone younger, not to mention the change of the physical appearance and male attitude. There is a double-way, Joan of Arc is re-lived in the collective conscious in a much more feminine look to recall her destiny and hermission in the history.
  1. Finally, the use of Antiscia may be a good pathfinder of subtle and dynamic interactions between charts compared to the typical synastry between tropical charts. Working with Antiscia is much more compact and powerful, that itcannot be so clearly or totally seen when exploring tropical

Endnotes and References Birth Charts


Robin Williams, July 21th, 1951, Chicago, Illinois, 41N51 087W39’, 1:34 pm CDT + 5:00 Patch Adams, May 28th, 1945, Washington, 38N53 42 077W02’12” 8:15 pm EWT +4:00 Marion Cotillard, September30th, 1975, Paris France, 48N52 2E20, 4:50 am, MET h1e Edith Piaf, December 19th, 1915, Paris,France, 48N52 2E20 5:00 am GMT

Sean Penn, August 17th, 1960, Burbank, California, 34N10‘51” 118W18’29”, 3:17 pm PDT + 7 Harvey Milk, May22nd, 1930, Woodmere, New York, 40N37 55” 073W42‘47” 1:30 am EDT +4:00 Milla Jovovich, December 17th,1975, Kiev, Ukraine, 50N26 30E31, MSK h3e 5:15 pm

Joan of Arc, Jan 15, 1413, Domrémy La Pucelle, 50N26, 30E31, LMT m5e41, 5:00 pm







Ana Andrada, CAP-ISAR

Ana is Peruvian residing in Argentina. She is Master of Science in Organization Development, Pepperdine University. Ana is astrologer from the Fundación Centro Astrológico de Buenos Aires (CABA, 2009), and graduated from the Posgrade Programme (2010), member of its Committee, and leads the Seminar Intuition and Astrology. Ana is professor of Mundane and Business Astrology in ISAA. Ana leads workshops, provides consultation, and prepares candidates for theISAR Competency Exam. Her contact info is Website under construction.

Vanesa M. Chiappe, CAP-ISAR

Vanesa is from Argentina. She is pursuing her career in Sociology in Universidad de Buenos Aires. As astrologer, she is graduated from Fundación Centro Astrológico de Buenos Aires (CABA) in 2009 and she is enrolled in the Posgrade Programme in CABA, expected in 2013. Vanesa leads workshops with special emphasis on Horary Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Astronomy, and Rectification; provides consultation; and prepares candidates for the ISAR Competency Exam.


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