All The Sun Goes Round


The well-known writer and astrologer Reina James, has produced a little gem of a book, reminding us in a humorous and incisive manner, of the most salient characteristics of each sign of the zodiac. Written in the form of short fables, each tale addresses the core issues we  encounter, wherever the sign lies in our chart. With wonderful titles like “Flame Davey” for Aries and “Jack Fortune” for Sagittarius, each story can be re-read several times over, offering a new layer of meaning at each reading.

Reina’s experience as an astrologer of over 20 years is evident throughout the stories, as is her ability to write about our human foibles in an enjoyable and easily readable style. This book is easily readable and likely to be very enjoyable for both astrologers and non-astrologers of all ages making a perfect gift for all.

My thanks to all of you for sending me your wonderful books to review. I am currently based in Hawaii. Please email me for my latest address, as I am prone to moving home quite often!


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