Alex Trenoweth – Zeus on the Loose


Parents, teachers and authority figures worry a lot about how children learn, how they should be disciplined and how they can motivate them. What they don’t understand is that astrology can be enormously effective in eliminating the trial and error method of raising and teaching happy and content children.

The first step towards this understanding comes through appreciating the role of Saturn. Once Saturn is honored through hard work and establishing boundaries, Jupiter can be set loose to weave his magic through risk-taking and adventure.

With “modern” education in a critical state, over-worked teachers can use astrology to find simple ways of organizing their lessons to effectively stimulate the learning process in apathetic children. Parents, who are often disempowered through criticism and a lack of understanding the educational system, can use astrology to boost their child’s learning.

Understanding the cycles of child development and its impact on adult behavior can also help astrologers support clients with addiction and other forms of self abuse.


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