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Editor’s Note: According to the news source “The Telegraph” – this August, Oscar Pistorias is scheduled to be released from prison to house arrest on parole after serving 10 months in prison. His legal team reports that he is desperate to get his life back on track by working with disadvantaged children and they are working to get that kind of situation set up. Meanwhile, Pistorius has been serving his time in prison almost entirely in solitary confinement in a single cell in the hospital section by choice with only an hour a day to exercise outdoors with other inmates. This reprint contains the corrected natal chart and presents an opportunity to revisit the story with anticipated developments.



Nicknamed the “Blade Runner,” Oscar Pistorius was a national sporting hero, famous and admired. At 17, he won gold at the 2004 Paralympic games in Athens. By the 2012 London Olympics, he was the poster boy of the Paralympics movement, and made history by becoming the first double-amputee to run in the Olympic Games. Born with no fibulas (calf bones), he had both legs amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old — a traumatic experience that must have left him mentally scarred for life. (1)

The aim of this article is to examine the planetary components in the natal chart of the athlete Oscar Pistorius that triggered the unfortunate shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of February 14th 2013.

Triggers: Several recognizable distinctions indicating an unpredictable personality in this bucket chart (2) (see chart 1), is the close square between the Sun and Mars. Also, Pluto in Scorpio (dignified) closely conjoins the Midheaven, Pluto’s opposition to the IC, and its square to the Ascendant/Descendant polarity therefore denotes Pluto at the apex of an angular T-square.

Intensifying this T-square configuration is the Moon’s square to Pluto and Venus highlighting deep-set resentment and emotional upheavals. Most concerning perhaps is the Sun’s opposition to the fixed star Algol, which resides at 25 degrees of Taurus. (3) Mars also makes a square to it. Algol occupies the fourth house traditionally representing the home and family. Realistically, we are looking at a chart that exemplifies a conflicted and discordant personality.

It seems likely that this combination of convoluted natal energy has been the trigger that ignites Oscar’s volatile and notorious temper — a tumultuous personality trait that has been his misfortune for many years — possibly as a result of the trauma he endured when he was 11 years old. Oscar also succumbs to frequent bouts of jealousy; a classic Scorpio trait. However, despite these obvious imperfections, he has proven on countless occasions, via his many sporting achievements, that when he enlists determination (Mars), which he has in abundance, it is possible to transform and thus ascend from the domain of his problematic exterior ego, transformation is an additional and potiential facet that is exemplified by the Scorpio-dominant fixed angular T-square. Determination is often an enhanced personal characteristic that is apparent in irreconcilable individuals.

Oscar’s conflicted personality frequently manifests through his persistent bouts of antagonism and belligerent aggression. In addition, he finds it difficult to express himself in a composed manner; instead he is susceptible to emotional outbursts. Clearly, the main culprit for these noticeable weaknesses is the Sun/Mars square especially when under the influence of heavy transits. Mars (anger) occupies the first house of the personality and opposes the seventh house of interaction, feelings and partnerships; and the Sun (ego) in the tenth house opposes the fourth house of parental love and guidance. When personal planets occupy and form aspects from the angular houses they bring to the surface suppressed feelings and hidden fears, all of which must be dealt with and purged in the ‘here and now.’ Planets that reside in the angular houses are essentially karmic signatures.

Mars also rules the North Node from the third house and when afflicted by frictional aspects the Node could easily be transcended into a further derivation of aggressiveness thereby leading to more misunderstandings. Venus (the ruler of the South Node) also conjoins Pluto (rage) further personifying his intense personality. Essentially, Oscar could be likened to a simmering volcano ready to blow whenever his jealousy and buried anger erupt from deep within his psyche; and Pluto rules volcanoes.

Uranus ruling the first house coupled with the presence of Mars would certainly create situations in his life that have manifested from his hot-headed and hasty personality. Conversely, Mars and Aquarius and Uranus affecting the first house is a dangerous combination if not contained and channelled via constructive means and measures. As a worst-case scenario, all that first house raw energy would overload his senses causing him to lash out suddenly at anything or anyone who just happened to be in his line of sight, and with far-reaching consequences.

Recently, this became evident at his trial as witnesses spoke about his quick temper and his cavalier attitude to guns (Uranus), firing them indiscriminately at randomly chosen targets. It was reported at his trial that he fired a gun in a public place (Pluto) on at least two known occasions because of emotional flare-ups. Following an altercation with a police officer he later fired a gun at a traffic light. On another occasion he fired a gun into the marble-tiled floor of a restaurant shattering it as a result because of an argument with his then girlfriend.

Information about Oscar’s parents is patchy and fragmented; however what is known is that his relationship with his father is strained due to the fact that is father was absent deserting the family when Oscar was young. Pinpointing the harm is revealed through the Sun’s square to Mars and Saturn’s square to Jupiter — the Sun and Saturn denoting the father and the mostlikely culprits.

The death of his mother when he was only 15 would have been catastrophic because she had been his life’s crutch and moral example. She took ill eight years after her divorce; doctors found she had a damaged liver; however they got the precise diagnosis wrong. They thought she had hepatitis and prescribed medicine accordingly. Unfortunately, she reacted adversely to the drugs and her health declined rapidly as a result. The death of Oscar’s mother can most likely be attributed to the Moon’s square with Venus and Pluto in Scorpio (death); and its inconjunction to Neptune (drugs) in Capricorn (detrimental). The Moon denoting the mother. Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio. A further significant factor is the IC at 8 degrees 57 minutes of Taurus; which, according to William Lilly, is an “Azimene degree.” (4)

Ultimately, a deficient IC, especially when activated by lunar transits would severely heighten his feelings causing excessive internal conflict. Moreover, a lack of parental love and guidance, especially from his father, would most certainly be an additional affliction of a deficient IC.

Releasing the Triggers: Oscar has always maintained that he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder when he fired his gun through the bathroom door of his home thus killing her. Interestingly, Oscar shot his girlfriend of three months with a Taurus 9mm pistol. Was it just a coincidence I wonder that the type of gun used just happens to share the name of the polarity sign of his multiple Scorpio personality? Personally speaking, I have never believed in coincidences.

Unfortunately, Reeva Steenkamp’s time of birth is unknown so no realistic connection can be made to Pistorius’s chart.

The several possible explanations outlining this tragic occurrence could be narrowed down to the Sun’s transiting conjunction to natal Mars in Aquarius from the first house squared natal Sun and exactly squared Algol reinforcing his buried anger on that fateful morning (see chart 2). The position of Algol in the chart can be tricky and in my estimation this was most definitely an “Algol Moment.” Algol lets us rise to prominence but if we mess up this fixed star becomes the judge, jury and the executioner. In this case Oscar rose to prominence via Algol’s polarity house (the tenth); however Oscar fell from grace in his own home (Algol’s position in the fourth house). Furthermore, he may yet be incarcerated there.

The effects of the transiting conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in Aries, from his natal third house of communication squared to transiting Pluto and natal Neptune may have clouded his judgement thereby causing him to act irrationally and therefore increasing the likelihood he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. Transiting Mars to natal Jupiter in Pisces would highlight this possibility further. It should also be noted that transiting Neptune is residing in his natal first house in a separating conjunction with natal Mars in noncompliant signs, which will no doubt add to the confusion, Neptune ruling Pisces is after all the planet traditionally associated with murderers, terrorists, burglars and thieves.

Saturn at 11 degrees of Scorpio (11 degrees of Scorpio is the degree of ambiguity) was besieged between the natal MC and natal Mercury and conjunct natal Pluto from the natal tenth house; therefore his ability to think clearly in a difficult situation should have ordinarily been heightened by the timely effects of contractual Saturn. However, the transiting Sun’s influence on natal Mars may have roused his quick temper so, as far as he was concerned, his home (fourth house opposing tenth) was under threat from an intruder and had to be protected (the Scorpio stellium).

Sentencing: Oscar was convicted of culpable homicide (manslaughter) of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but despite what many would consider to be a lenient sentence he will have plenty of time to reflect upon his actions. However, Oscar may only serve 10 months of his sentence in prison, the rest, it has been suggested, he will serve under house arrest (Algol)? Nevertheless, with transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Sun and squared Mars, and transiting Neptune squared his natal Saturn during his 10 month tenure of prison will prove to be no easy affair.

Apparently, segregation from other prisoners has been strongly emphasised due to several threats being made on Oscar’s life and also known that South African prisons are not best equipped for disabled prisoners. Moreover, as sentencing was passed during a retrograde cycle of Mercury that also triggered his Nodal polarity and all that it stands for chances are that the prosecution will appeal against, what many would consider as a lenient sentence.

Conclusion: This unfortunate climax is a forerunner to a long-running story that has been full of romance and drama and whose central character is an intense and complex individual. He is a person who has clearly demonstrated that determination and courage are the catalysts for overcoming adversity — necessary criteria for turning disadvantage into advantage. Hence, a worthy advocate for those who have idolised him, perhaps!

An important factor to consider is that his trial began during the initial stages of the cardinal Grand Cross, which culminated on April 22nd 2014, and comprised of the planets: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. As the Grand Cross intensified so did the cross-examination from the prosecution. Under normal circumstances this experience would have been bad enough but because of the tense effects of the Grand Cross Oscar fell apart in a spectacle of emotional drama.

So, was this slow moving configuration a harbinger of misfortune for Oscar Pistorius? The question on everyone’s lips seems to be was he really telling the truth when he said he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder? With transiting Pluto (as a crucial part of the Grand Cross) in his natal twelfth house of secrets and prisons (denoting entombed concealments), and with progressed Mars and Jupiter, using the day for a year calculation, making an exact conjunction in Pisces we may never know the truth. The only person who does is Oscar.

If, indeed, he did “intentionally” shoot Reeva Steenkamp, he will have a long time to come to terms with his actions and to evaluate his life. Maybe, too, the shooting of his girlfriend marks the climax point of a story that began with a very angry boy who, like so many, was rejected by his father. It could be argued that when under duress Oscar should have learnt, through the power of intrinsic observation, to convert that excess first house energy into practical common sense and constructive measures such as those of a more humanitarian nature (Aquarius).

Of course implementing deep-set transformation is easier said than done because it requires a profound and conscious effort. But nevertheless those simple acts of adventitious kindness coupled with the orchestration of creative endeavours all for the good of humanity all contribute and may have spared him from the preverbal noose so to speak!

His challenge in life now is to instil the power of forgiveness through the principle of transformation — the very essence and the psychological lifeblood of his chart. One thing is certain Oscar Pistorius is an extremely misunderstood and anguished individual, the inconjunction between the natal Moon and Neptune would seem to validate this.


Chart Data:

Chart 1: natal chart for Oscar Pistorius, born 22nd November 1986 at 10:30AM in Johannesburg, South Africa, Placidus system, true Node.

Chart 2: transit chart, 14th February 2013, 03:17AM in Pretoria, South Africa, Placidus system, true Node.

End Notes:

1. Information source Astrotheme.

2. The bucket represents a configuration where 9 planets appear in 6 consecutive zodiac signs in one section of the chart and with 1 singleton planet in the opposite section referred to appropriately as the ‘handle of the bucket.’ Study of the singleton planet indicates the nature of the soul purpose, and important direction, which should be developed according to the planet, house and sign.

3. Reinhold Ebertin named Algol ‘the dark greater one.’ Some believe Algol is the most evil star in the universe. Ebertin hypothesises that Algol is one of many ‘dark stars’ that occupy the Algol system. According to Ebertin Algol’s effects are personified when it receives frictional aspects from the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon); and the malefic planets (Mars and Saturn).

4. William Lilly (the Renaissance astrologer 1602-1681) ascertained that Azimene degrees are “deficient degrees”; furthermore, he discovered that Azimene degrees are important and significant facets of the natal horoscope especially when the Sun, Moon and Angles are afflicted. Christian Astrology by William Lilly (page 116) lists Azimene degrees in the following order: 6 7 8 9 and 10 degrees of Taurus, 9 10 11 12 13 14 and 15 degrees of Cancer, 18 27 and 28 degrees of Leo, 19 and 28 degrees of Scorpio, 1 7 8 18 and 19 degrees of Sagittarius, 26 27 28 and 29 degrees of Capricorn and finally 18 and 19 degrees of Aquarius.


Alan R. Wheatcroft BA, DMS.ASTROL has studied astrology since his first Saturn return; and now works primarily as a medical astrologer. Alan is often invited to speak at universities, colleges, business organizations and spiritual groups. As a successful writer Alan has presented many articles, which have been published throughout the professional and popular media. Alan is also a regular contributor to Wanda Sellar’s Astrology and Medicine Newsletter. Currently, his first book One Body Many Illnesses An Insightful Approach to Medical Astrology is being published by the American Federation of Astrologers.

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