Neptune – The 12th House and Pisces: The Timelessness of Truth

Maurice Fernandez

Neptune – The 12th House and Pisces: The Timelessness of Truth

by Maurice Fernandez


Reviewed by: Gaye Alkan

A Book For Understanding The Divine Order and Living as a Blessing

The second and the long-awaited edition of Maurice Fernandez’s book, Neptune, The 12th House and Pisces: The Timelessness of Truth is published by River of Star Publications in 2018. This book was firstly published in 2004. In this review, you will be able to get a closer look at the book before reading it. Let’s see its components:

Structure of The Book:

The book has a preface and three chapters. In the preface, Fernandez explains why and how this book was written in 2004 and what’s the processes in writting it. According to his explanations on the preface, we know that the book was born through a kind of channeling, while he was basically working on a Neptune presentation. The words came after one another and he understood that this was more than a presentation material and it had its own consciousness.

Following the preface, the first chapter is giving us the foundation of Fernandez’s understanding of Pisces Archetype. In his understanding, we see more than the symbolism of a sign or Astrological interpretations. He connects spirituality, truth and our well being on earth and explains this connection with Pisces and its modern ruler Neptune.

In the second chapter, he gives Neptune in Pisces and houses combinations. But moreover, he is doing this with many layers by explaining each combination in seven phases. These phases are:

1. Innocence in the Miracle of Life

2. Losing Innocence

3. Strengthening Immunity

4. Public function, vocation, and potential fame: Becoming the instrument of life

5. Defying Fear

6. Humbling The Ego

7. Spiritual Innocence, Disillusionment, and Maturity

As it’s seen in the titles of the phases, there are definitions of possibilities of each configurations, how innocence is settled in the soul at first, how it collapses, how to fix it, what the function of the soul is and how it manifests itself on the earth, what the problems of the ego are, what the evolutionary lessons and solutions are, these topics are all covered.

The final chapter is based on current and previous Neptune’s transits. It contains, important events of the time and main themes with explanations. The chapters also have case studies with example charts.

The Signature Features of The Book:

The book gives new explanations and meanings to Astrological symbolism. It also serves as both a psychological and a spiritual reference text that one can read and come back for insight in need, through times. There is also a research-based feature that it gives not only one type of soul journey for each configuration but at least two. It’s obvious that Maurice Fernandez is taking the client experience into consideration in his work while categorizing each soul group. The material has a transformational and a solution-based focus, it’s not only symbolism and philosophies but it’s a touching effect to the untangled wound of the souls, in order to solve them.

Important Quotations From The Book:

“If Jupiter is associated with our belief systems, Neptune represents the timeless Truth, beyond any subjective bias.”

“Every archetype in astrology reflects a function that is essential to the nature of life. When we speak of the archetype of Pisces, which includes the sign of Pisces, its modern planetary ruler Neptune, and its natural house, the 12th house, one of its primary purposes is to bridge between our separate consciousness, the ego, and the higher forces of life, the original forces of Creation. Under Pisces’s influence, we realize that there is more to life than our personal story and acknowledge that we are part of the greater scheme underlying existence.”

“Since The Pisces archetype is about the relationship between our separate self and the greater forces of life, it reflects our meeting with existence and the way we relate to the experience of living.

“General definitions of Pisces archetype:

-The nature of our relationship with life and our existential questions.

-Questioning if life works for us. If regardless of the choice we made and the circumstances of our life, we are experiencing well-being.

-The gradual mastery of happiness.”

Conclusion: Why To Read This Book

If there is a need in you to solve your deepest issue and you could not find it with the logical mind yet, this book can open new dimensions in your understanding of your lessons of the soul through your Neptune in your chart. This book is beneficial for understanding why certain cycles or lessons are not easily breakable in people’s lives and it gives a tool to the astrologers who have client practice, because it practically offers explanations and solutions.


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